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hexfix93 (velvet acid christ)
« on: August 24, 2016, 06:29:22 AM »

3. Can you list out what synths you used for each album over time? If not all, what you remember and/or what stood out for certain periods of time. I'm curious how the synth setup evolved over time based on what you were recording.


from 1990 to 1993
all music with grigory bilham and me oblivion interface and demos:
Roland w-30, Yamaha TX81Z. atari st with cubase.

from 1993 to 1994
gary slaughter and me demos beyond the leaves, dimension 8, 27 mips etc:
Roland juno 6, Roland juno 106, Roland mks-50, dr 660 drum machine, Peavey dpm 3 workstation. atari st with cubase.

from 1995 to 1996
fate, pestilence, Neuralblastoma, Between The Eyes Series of releases, Church of Acid:
Roland JUNO 106, MKS-50, Peavy DPM3, BOSS DR660, Ensoniq ASR10, Roland JD-800. atari st with cubase.


gary slaughter, chris workman, and me, Calling ov the Dead:
Roland juno 106, Roland mks-50, Peavy dpm3, dr 660, Ensoniq asr 10 sampler, Roland jd-800. atari st with cubase. With the addition of a nord lead 1 expanded, korg trinity, korg prophecy, ensoniq asr-x. PC with cubase 2.8.

chris workman and me, Fun With Knives (our biggest seller), remix wars strike 4:
nord lead 1 expanded, korg trinity, korg prophecy, ensoniq asr-x, Virus A, Waldorf Pulse +, yamaha fs1r, Roland jp8080, Roland xp-50, emu e6400 sampler, waldorf microwave 2. PC with cubase 2.8.

1999 to 2000:
Me, Twisted Thought Generator(2nd best selling):
Roland sh09, Roland sh-101, Roland mks-30, Roland Juno 106, Novation Supernova, Yahmana fs1r, Korg ms2000, Emu e6400 sampler, Roland Jd-990, Roland Jupiter 6. PC cubase 2.8.

MODERN 2000s DAYS (cubase sx2?)

2000 to 2003:
Me, Hex Angel:
Roland sh2, Moog Micromoog modified, Alesis Andromeda a6 (I hated this thing, big let down), Waldorf Micro q, Akai s5000 sampler, Software absynth, reaktor, kontakt, and battery, cubase sx 2(awful midi timing).

2003 to 2006:
todd loomis and me:
Roland jupiter 8, Roland sh2, Moog Micromoog modified, Roland juno 106, Roland mks-50, Roland Jp8080, Software: battery, kontakt, atmosphere, trilogy. Cubase sx 2 and 3 still awful midi timing with my hardware.

2006 and 2007 now
Me, Future Retro revolution,
jomox xbase 09, dr 880 drum machine, Roland SH2, moog little phatty, custom doepfer eurorack with plan b and live wire modules, Roland jp8080, Roland jd-990.
will not use software (i hate it). plan on buying a hardware sampler again."