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Author Topic: Steinberg SoundWorks (Feb 1987) MIDI Editor for S900 / Atari ST  (Read 1543 times)

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in this article its spelled "Soundworks" all one word, rather than "Sound Works"

steinberg had a similar product called "synth works"  which seems to be the equal counterpart to "sound works"
"sound works" being for the sampler editors + "synth works" being for the synthesizer editors

(photo credit from User:djkaoz)

there was also one for the Ensoniq Mirage + Possibly other samplers of the late 80s
and the casio FZ-1 http://manuals.fdiskc.com/flat/Casio%20FZ-1%20Owners%20Manual.pdf

some more info here on the different sampler products that were supported by the soundworks product

Soundworks Mirage    Ensoniq Mirage    8 bits    32 kHz
Soundworks S900    Akai S900    12 bits    40 kHz
Soundworks Prophet 2000    Prophet 2000    12 bits    42 kHz
Soundworks Emax    Emu Emax    12 bits    42 kHz
Soundworks FZ-1    Casio FZ-1    16 bits    36 kHz
Soundworks ADS    Dynacord ADS    16 bits    44.1 kHz

looks like the soundworks editor was an addon for existing STEINBERG PRO-24 users on the ATARI ST platform
prior to cubase being released who were using the SMP-24 midi interface

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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
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article from dec 1986
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2018, 07:05:16 PM »

News about the re-shaping of Steinberg Research's UK operation can be found in this month's Edits pages, but product news is what this page is all about, so here we go!

Towards the end of the year Steinberg will release a SMPTE Generator/Reader which will connect to the Atari ST computer via the RS232 communications port. This will be fully integrated with their Pro-24 sequencer program and will allow accurate sync-to-tape operation of the Pro-24. The unit will be available separately for existing users and as a total package for new customers.

On the software front, Steinberg will soon release a music notation/scorewriter program and a visual editor for the popular Akai S900 sampler. This will include the facility to download and transfer S900 sample data for use with the Sequential Prophet 2000 and 2002 samplers. Sounds very promising.

For Commodore owners, repackaged versions of the popular Pro-16 sequencer now include a sync-to-tape and graphic editing capability and they have been re-named the Pro-16 Plus, which includes a scorewriter, and the Pro-16 S. Additional disk-based software including visual editors and sound librarians (sshh please) are also to be released for the Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2 as well as the Korg DW8000 synthesizers.

Prices: SMPTE Generator provisionally around £600; Pro-16 Plus £299 inc VAT; Pro-16 5 £239 inc VAT. Other prices not available at present. Details from Steinberg Research, The Spendlove Centre, Charlbury, Oxford OX7 3PQ. Tel. (0608)811325. Telex 837883.