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Author Topic: Steinberg SoundWorks (Nov 1988) MIDI Editor for S900 / Atari ST  (Read 1263 times)

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in this article its spelled "Soundworks" all one word, rather than "Sound Works"

steinberg had a similar product called "synth works"  which seems to be the equal counterpart to "sound works"
"sound works" being for the sampler editors + "synth works" being for the synthesizer editors

(photo credit from User:djkaoz)

there was also one for the Ensoniq Mirage + Possibly other samplers of the late 80s
and the casio FZ-1

some more info here on the different sampler products that were supported by the soundworks product

Soundworks Mirage    Ensoniq Mirage    8 bits    32 kHz
Soundworks S900    Akai S900    12 bits    40 kHz
Soundworks Prophet 2000    Prophet 2000    12 bits    42 kHz
Soundworks Emax    Emu Emax    12 bits    42 kHz
Soundworks FZ-1    Casio FZ-1    16 bits    36 kHz
Soundworks ADS    Dynacord ADS    16 bits    44.1 kHz

looks like the soundworks editor was an addon for existing STEINBERG PRO-24 users on the ATARI ST platform
prior to cubase being released who were using the SMP-24 midi interface