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Midiman Dman ISA Audio Interface (1997?)
« on: October 25, 2016, 10:56:34 PM »
this is about the ISA DMAN card.. for the PCI version click here:

About the DMAN
The DMAN is a full-featured, yet low-cost digital audio card with
a built-in MPU401 interface and a header for an optional
wavetable synthesis daughterboard. The DMAN features 16-bit
stereo sampling at various frequencies from 5.53 to 48 kHz, fullduplex
digital audio, 64 times oversampled D/A and A/D
converters, and an onboard analog mixer.
The DMAN uses the world’s first Plug-and-Play chip set for
digital audio and includes a subset of the Windows Sound
System 2.0 architecture. Also, the Windows ’95 driver software
fully supports DirectSound.

the windows 3.11 drivers are h ere + dated as january 3rd 1997
and a 3rd file for windows95 dated september 1997

but of course the files dotn work

correction these files are for the original DMAN ISA card

which was not a PCI card, looks like it had built in MIDI port 1x1 ?


16 bit ISA card. 6 Available IRQs.
High quality digital specs: better than 80 dB S/N.
Stereo line level inputs and outputs.
Full-duplex for simultaneous stereo record and playback.
Full Windows 95 Plug-and-Play compatibility. Windows 3.1 drivers also included.
Auxiliary stereo input is mixed with main stereo inputs.
High impedance microphone input. Internal 20 dB gain block can be switched on from included software to support mics with smaller signal amplitudes.
Built-in, standard wave table header for addition of any wave table daughter board (optional).
MIDI interface and cable included -- No expensive Sound Card Cable needed! Built -in MPU-401 (UART mode) interface provides 1 MIDI In and 1 MIDI Out (16 MIDI channels).
The MIDI out can be used to drive either an optional on-board wave table daughter board or an external MIDI module.

16-bit A/D and D/A converters.
Sample rates of 11.025 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.
Total Dynamic Range: 95 dB.
Instantaneous Dynamic Range: 85 dB.
Signal-to-Noise: 80 dB.
Total Harmonic Distortion: .02%.
Inter-channel Isolation: 95 dB.
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Line Level Impedance: 13.6 k Ohms.
Line Level Amplitude Acceptance: 2 volts rms or less.
16 channel, UART mode MPU-401 MIDI interface.

MidiMan Dman audio card, ISA slot, 16 bit, sample from 5.3 Khz to 48Khz, full
duplex, software selectable input source with individual mutes and volume
controls, master volume with 64dB of attenuation in 11 dB steps.
Stereo, left and right input and left and right output.
Has Midi in and out, but sounds are not on card (optional add on).   
Very quiet and clean A/D and D/A converter.   
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