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Author Topic: midiman oxygen 8 (2002?)  (Read 941 times)

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midiman oxygen 8 (2002?)
« on: November 05, 2016, 07:20:20 PM »


The Portable Soft Synth Controller.
Oxygen 8 is a new breed of controller. Designed to meet the needs of today¹s electronic musicians, Oxygen 8 puts you in control of any 8 MIDI-assignable parameters within your favorite software programs. Oxygen 8 is also a USB MIDI interface that speaks directly with your computer without any extra devices. You don¹t need a MIDI interface for this keyboard interface.

Soft Synths
The software synth is here to stay, and along with it comes dozens of parameters begging to be tweeked. Until now you¹ve been trapped with only a single mouse to do everything. Oxygen 8 puts your hands on any 8 parameters of your choice in real time.

Getting Deeper
Oxygen 8 makes it possible for you to get deeper into your software programs, to get more out of them, to experiment and push them to their limits.

Live Performance
Oxygen 8 will give you more freedom on the stage than you¹ve ever had before, dynamically increasing the possibilities available to you.

Programming Drums
Instead of taking hours to program drums with a mouse, use Oxygen 8 to play grooves into your program in real time. Use the 8 knobs to manipulate the dynamics, feel, and FX.

Hardware Access
Synthesists can use Oxygen 8 to gain access to, and to automate parameters that exist deep within their hardware, making it easier to get more out of them without having to navigate through dozens of menus.

Oxygen 8 Features:
• 8 MIDI assignable knobs, one assignable slider.
• Inputs and outputs 16 channels of MIDI to and from your computer using
the power and convenience of your USB port.
• Fully functional, velocity sensitive 25 key MIDI controller keyboard. Capable of sending
all MIDI messages, such as modulation, pitch-bend, MIDI volume, and more.
• Power the Oxygen 8 with the USB port or 6 "AA" batteries for complete
portability, or with included power supply.

On the front panel:
Pitch Bend Wheel: The Pitch Bend wheel is used for raising or lowering the
pitch of a voice during performance.
Modulation Wheel: The Modulation wheel produces a vibrato effect shortly
after the sound is generated.
Data Entry Slide: This slide controller allows you to adjust Volume,
Velocity, Chorus, Reverb, and Pan pot, directly from your keyboard.
MIDI/SELECT button: Use this button to select different MIDI commands on
certain keys from your KEYSTATION keyboard.
MIDI/SELECT Button and the MCH (MIDI Channel) Key: Allows you to select the
transmitting channel for your keyboard.
MIDI/SELECT, Function Key and Data Entry Slider: Allows you to select the
transmitting value of the velocity, reverb depth, chorus depth, pan pot,
volume, or CC data.
MIDI/SELECT Button and the Octave Key: Allow you to shift the active
keyboard range one octave higher, or lower.
MIDI/SELECT button and the Reset key: Sends out a message to return all
external MIDI instruments to their default setting.
Control Change by Numeric Keypad: Oxygen 8 allows you to use the numeric
keys to specify your Control Change DATA parameter instead of data entry
Program Change: The Oxygen 8 allows you use the Program key & numeric keys
to select any patch number between 1 and 128.

16.5 x 9.35 x 3 inches