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Author Topic: Digital Performer 4 (2003) TweakHeadz review  (Read 1600 times)

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Digital Performer 4 (2003) TweakHeadz review
« on: September 13, 2014, 04:20:00 AM »


Performer goes back to the early days of MIDI.  It has been on the Mac platform longer than any other contemporary Mac sequencer application. I had to look through my archive of magazines to find out how long, and finally found an early review in the September 1986 issue of Electronic Musician, which has a great pic of Frank Zappa & studio on the cover.   Way before Emagic's Logic left the Atari platform for Mac and PC land "Performer" was already well established on the Mac Plus and SE and had a large following of audio professionals. These guys would tell me "Dump the Atari, man.  Performer is where it is at!"  Perhaps I should have listened...

In the early nineties, when audio recording and editing was added, the application was renamed Digital Performer.  Fast forward another 11 or so years. Digital Performer is not only still here, it's thriving.  Like Digidesign (ProTools LE) and Steinberg (Nuendo), MOTU has its own professional grade audio interfaces which, as you would expect, work great with DP4.   Feature wise, DP more fully embraces Apple's Core MIDI than Apple's own Logic does, and has all the newer features sequencers have today like freeze tracks, offline bounce, ReWire2, automation and extensive controller and note editing.  (See the sidebar one the left for more new features in DP4)

Some New Features in DP4

    Rewire 2
    Core MIDI
    Core Audio
    Unlimited Undo/Redo
    Track Grouping
    ProTools import/export
    Mackie Control Support
    Rex/Acid file import
    MultiProcessor Support
    More Keyboard Shortcuts
    New Look and Feel
    Solo exempt tracks in Mixer
    Many more