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Author Topic: tascam aquires nemesys gigasampler! (Jul 2001)  (Read 6763 times)

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tascam aquires nemesys gigasampler! (Jul 2001)
« on: September 13, 2014, 05:59:19 AM »

TASCAM Aquires NemeSys
Expands line with GigaSampler, GigaStudio and more! By DMN Staff Writer On July 18, TASCAM acquired NemeSys Music Technologies, makers of the revolutionary GigaSampler and GigaStudio software sampling and music production software. Announced to the world at a press conference at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, this historic occasion marks TASCAM's first foray into software-based audio. GigaSampler and GigaStudio are revolutionary tools that offer features and capabilities that go far beyond any other sampling tool.

GigaStudio 160/GigaStudio 96


    Expandable Sampling Workstation
    Up to 160 streaming, disk-based voices (96 voices on GigaStudio 96)
    64 MIDI channels (32 channels on GigaStudio 96)
    Supports GSIF-compatible hardware with up to 32 audio channels (GSIF compatible soundcard required)
    NFXT professional effects processors: NFX1 Reverb/Multi-effects, NFX2 Chorus/Flanger, NFX3 Tap Delay/Auto-Pan (GigaStudio 96 only includes NFX1)
    32-bit audio signal processing
    Mixing Console with level, pan and effects controls
    Support for 24-bit/96kHz Hardware 0
    Enhanced sample format conversion utilities: Akai S1000/S3000, GigaSampler, SoundFont, WAVE. (Additional conversion tools will be provided by third party developers)
    Ultra-low latency (3-10 millisecond) performance via GSIF interface
    Network streaming capability
    QuickSoundT real-time interactive sound database
    Patented EndlessWaveT technology
    Instrument Editor with multi-mode resonant filters (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, notch)
    Behavioral Sampling and Dimensions performance sampling technologies
    Release triggered sampling for natural instrument resonances
    Embedded Help System
    Enhanced support for GigaSampler file formats: intelligent auditioning, up-to-500% faster lead-times, extended instrument information
    DirectSoundT compatible
    Bundled Sounds Include: GigaPiano 1GB sampled grand piano, RetroDrums Analog/Digital Percussion Set, NemeSys Soundware Demo #1

GigaSampler64 Full Edition/GigaSampler LE

    Hard drive-based sampler
    Enables you to use gigabyte-size sample sets - go beyond kilobyte and megabyte sample sets
    Loads samples in seconds, not minutes
    Save and Load entire performances
    Utilize multiple instrument layers via Dimensions technology
    Sample instruments with full natural decay
    Full looping implementation (it's still there if you want it!)
    More powerful than hardward-based rackmount systems
    32-bit audio signal processing
    Reads GigaSampler, .WAV, and Akai Sample Libraries
    Phase locked, multi-gigabyte stereo sampling
    Resonant LP/BP/HP/BR filters with dynamic resonance
    Modulation tools include: Envelopes, Ramp Generator and LFO
    High-precision pitch interpolation
    Ultra-low latency allows fast, tight, real-time note-on responsiveness
    Behavioral Sampling capability with each Dimension mappable to real time controllers
    Multilayering, dynamic, release-triggered sampling for soundboard resonance, staccato modeling
    Additional professional features included in GigaSampler64 Full Edition:

        Direct Digital Output Capture
        64 Voice Polyphony (48 in LE version)
        48 kHz Sampler Output
        16 hardware outputs supported via GSIF (2 in LE version)
        One Gigabyte Sampled Grand Piano
        Sample Wrench XE Sample Editing