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ben liebrand - studio ergonomics
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:19:52 PM »
ben liebrand - dutch remixer
pay close attn to the physical orientation of his gear  / heights / racks / tables / desks
Liebrand moved from The Netherlands to Canada in 2010! (welcome to canada ;)

Equipment list:
(Top shelve from left to right and top to bottom)
 Ror(speaker)  Sony PCM F1 Digital Audio Recorder on betamax  Sony Video Deck 2channels digital Audio + 2 channels HiFi for timecode etc. Philips 650 CD player  2x TC2290 stereo sampler delay 32sec at 1MHz sample rate  Pitch control for Philips CD
(Rack 1 top to bottom)
 DBX custom compressor/limiter  Urei L1178 Compressor limiter  Teac 4channel parametric eq  2 x Yamaha MV802 Line mixers for fx returns
(Rack 2 top to bottom)
 Ada analog delay  Yamaha Rev7 Reverb  Yamaha SPX90 Reverb  Yamaha TX802 Sound Module for Bass sounds  Akai S900 sampler 
(Rack 3 top to bottom)
 on top: Roland TR808 drumcomputer  Lexicon PCM70 reverb  Roland D550 Sound Module  Akai S900 Sampler
(bottom Row)
 Revox PR99 tape recorder  2 x TEAC mixer  Patchbay for mixer  2 x Yamaha TX7 Soundmodule  Roland PG1000 controller for D550  Roland MC505 sequencer  Roland SBX80 synchroniser  below: Roland alpha Juno 2 keyboard
(out of view on left and right)
 2 x Technics SL1200  Fostex B16 16 channel multitrack recorder  Korg MS10 synthesizer  TEAC A3440 4 track tape recorder

Mixes made here include Phil Collins, Hot Chocolate
Holiday Rap, Fun Fun, and many more. The speakers
used on these mixes are the small ones on the upper
shelve, called ROR's. They are a kind of "Auratones,
but with a passive filter to attenuate the mid frequencies.

After being complimented on several mixes by engineers
at the abbey road studios in London, I decided to stick with
this apparently successful way of mixing and monitoring
for quite some time. Unfortunately ROR's are no longer made.

My parents where my biggest fans....They had to be, to avoid
going nuts with music 14 hours a day and musicians, rappers
and the occasional camera crew joining for dinner..................

LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.

Equipment List

Recording and mastering:

 Ensemble audio interface by Apogee / Mac Pro
 Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 mixer
 Alesis Masterlink
 3 x Sony PCM F2 Digital Audio Recorder on betamax
 2 x Tascam DA30 DAT recorder
 Pioneer D-9601 DAT recorder
 2 x Akai DR1200 digital multitrack recorder
 2 x Akai DD1000 digital optical disk recorder
 Studer A80 Analog 2track recorder
 Teac A3440 4 track tape recorder
 Revox PR99 2 track recorder

Effect processors:

 2x TC2290 stereo sampler delay 32sec at 1MHz sample rate  Ada analog delay
Lexicon PCM70 reverb
 Lexicon LXP1 reverb
 Lexicon LXP5 effects processor
 2 x Yamaha Rev 7 Reverb
 Teac 4 channel parametric EQ
 Yamaha SPX90II Reverb
 Yamaha SPX1000 reverb
 2 x Urei L1178 compressor/limiter
 DBX custom compressor limiter
 Sennheiser Vocoder
 3 x LA audio 16-channel noise gate
 Eventide Instant Flanger
Sound Generators:

 Yamaha TX802 Sound Module
 Roland D550 Sound Module
 Korg M1Rx Sound Module
 Roland JD800 keyboard
 Roland JD990 Sound Module
 Minimoog Synthesizer
 Roland SH2 synthesizer
 2 x Roland SH101 synthesizer


 2 x Akai S3000 Sampler


 Ableton Live
 Logic Pro X on Mac
 Akai MPC60 Drumcomputer/sequencer
 Roland MC505 sequencer


 3 x Mac Pro
 Mac G5
 Macbook Pro
 Silicon Graphics O2


 2 x Technics SL1200 Turntables
 3 x Pioneer CDJ1000
 2 x Pioneer DVJ1000
 Akai CS-34D (everything started with this)

 2 x Qirra Sound Thor
 4 x Ror Speakers
 4 x Tannoy Eclipse speakers
 2 x Monitor Technology MT1 speakers
 2 x Kef Cantor III
 Wide selection of early 80's Speakers (Sony, Technics, B&W, Pioneer)

Additional Gear:

 Roland SBX80 synchroniser
 Roland Midi Display
 2 x Quad 405 Main Amplifier
 Studer double turntable pre-amp
 Roland MPU101 midi to CV converter
 RTW 1206 Peak meter