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MIDI Edge 1x1 - compatible with windows 3.1, win95
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:18:54 PM »
MIDI Edge 1x1

The MIDI Edge 1x1 is the affordable MIDI interface solution for the serious PC musician. The card has a standard Waveblaster Compatible daughter board connector so it is Perfect for getting the most out of Yamaha's award winning DB50XG or any waveblaster compatible daughter board. The MIDIEdge 1x1 has 1 MIDI in port for 16 channels inputs and 1 separate output for 16 MIDI out channels.

16 MIDI playback channels through 1 port
16 MIDI record channels
Selectable ports and IRQ settings (IRQ ,2,5 or 7; port 330,332,334 or 336)
26 pin Waveblaster compatible connector to connect any waveblaster compatible daughter board
Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 compatible