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the Jammer for windows (?)
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:33:08 PM »

"The Best Kept Secret in the Music Business"

"Jammer Professional is perfect for producing sound tracks and backing tracks for films or multimedia presentations, what's amazing is that it does it all for you"

"As the Best Backing Band and composition software in the Business, JAMMER Pro can literally create millions of different drum beats, bass lines, rhythms, melodies, progressions, sound tracks and even complete songs for you, all at the click of a mouse button." (amazed ? read on)

Whether you're a professional musician, a recreational musician or just a music lover, you can create professional songs with the JAMMER Pro.

You choose the musician styles, select the measures to be composed and the JAMMER Pro lays down the tracks. Easy as that !

You're the Producer and your next hit is just minutes away, so crank up the JAMMER Pro and let the music begin. If you want to produce hit after hit Jammer's for you.

Jammer can import standard MIDI files so you can make your own arrangement of you favourite song, or use it as a basis for your own compositions.

Creating music with Jammer Professional is a four step process

Choose the number of measure/bars and the key of the song. Jammer offers default settings so you can follow Jammers suggestions
Pick a style, there are lots to choose from
Enter your chord progression or sit back and let Jammer create one for you.
Press the compose button,
The music that Jammer composes should not to be confused with automatic accompaniment which play "canned and monotonous" music, the "JAMMER Pro" combines advanced musical theory with artificial intelligence and randomness to create new high quality musical parts each time you press the compose button.

The JAMMER Pro software turns your PC into the ultimate recording studio. Hearing is believing...With the JAMMER Pro's 256 track MIDI sequencer and built in Studio Musicians, creating music is easy, fast and fun.
Now you can create original royalty free hit singles, MIDI files, backing tracks, sound tracks, jingles, movie scores and remakes of popular songs, without spending a fortune.

Features and Specifications

256 Built in Professional Studio Musicians to create Drums, Drum Fills, Drum Solos, Bass Parts, Rhythm Guitars and Keyboards, Melodies, Lead Breaks and Chord Progressions.
256 Tracks of Composing, Live Recording, Mixing, Sequencing and Producing
125 Band Style Files include Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, Ballads, Classical, Bluegrass, Latin, Reggae and many more.

Load Standard MIDI Files... Print Chords and Lyrics....
Over 200 New Styles Including Intro., Grooves, Breaks, Stops, Pre-Endings and Endings
Six Part Harmony and Duplicator Composers
100's of Other New Features That Will Keep You JAMMIN' Night and Day:
Drum, Drum Fill, Bass, Rhythm and Melody Fundamental Styles
MIDI Clipboard Support
Automatic Fades and Crescendos
Drag and Drop Editing in the Measures Windows
Undo: Editing, Composing, Recording...
Expanded Style Descriptions
MIDI Digital Delay
Chord Types
Chord Entry and Chord Previewing
Load and Save Individual Drum Styles
Now Composes Pitch Bends and Mod Wheels
Selectable Fonts and Colours
Designated Notes in Custom Patterns
Compose Over Multiple Key Signatures
Patch Caching Support
Song Information and Comments
Transpose Chords
High Resolution Bank Changes
Panic Feature
Insert New Measures Anywhere
Plus Many More Features !
System Req.:

386+, 4Mb of RAM,
7Mb Hard Disk space,
Windows 3.1+
Windows compatible sound card or MIDI interface.
Add-ons For Jammer Professional

Please note : These Band and Drum styles are all new and different than the ones that come with the Jammer music software.

Band and Drum Styles Volume 1 for Jammer 2.0

Here's over 70 assorted Band styles and 100 solid drum styles from the Soundtrek studios : Professional intros, grooves, breaks, stops and endings for Ballades, Jazz swing, rock, Slow Guitar Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Reggae and Hip Hop, plus over 100 new Drum styles including Jazz, Rock, Blues and country beats.

Band Styles Vol 1 £25.00

Drum Styles Vol 1 £25.00
Band and Drum Styles Volume 2 for Jammer 2.0

Here's over 65 new band styles and 100 Drum styles from the Soundtrek Studios : assorted intros, Grooves, breaks, stops, endings for Pop/Rock, Bossa Nova, Boogie Woogie, Jazz Fusion, New Age, up Beat Soul, Slow Country Swing, Fast Funk Swing and Easy Listening, plus 100 new Drum Styles including latin, Jazz and Rock Beats.

Band Styles Vol 2 £25.00

Drum Styles Vol 2 £25.00