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Author Topic: Reason 3.0.5 first version to support Mac Intel CPUs (May 2006)  (Read 3470 times)

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Reason 3.0.5 first version to support Mac Intel CPUs (May 2006)
« on: September 14, 2014, 11:34:35 PM » (Fri May 19, 2006)

New in Reason 3.0.5

Reason 3.0.5 is now available for download. Although this version is mainly about adding support for Apple's new range of Intel equipped Macs, a number of issues in previous versions have been addressed.

Fixes in Reason 3.0.5
These are the issues that were fixed in the 3.0.5 update:

Supports horizontal scrolling
Reason now supports horizontal scrolling and can be used with Apples Mighty Mouse.

Installs ReWire 1.7
Reason install the new version of ReWire which increases performance. Reason can now be ReWired to the current versions of:

    Ableton Live
    Apple Garageband
    Apple Logic

We've fixed a minor issue with crossbrowsing that could result in a crash.

We've fixed an issue where Reason could crash when copy and pasting controller lanes in the editor.

Fixed an issue with transposing beyond the limits of the sequencer (Above G8 and below C-2)
Reason 3.0.4

Reason 3.0.4 is available for download. This is a maintenance update for Reason 3.0 users that resolves a few minor issues. Enjoy!

Fixes in Reason 3.0.4
These are the issues that were fixed in the 3.0.4 update:

Export as audio file
There was an issue in Reason 3.0.3 (on Windows) that could cause weird sounds when exporting a song or loop to an audio file. This was most likely to appear when using certain Scream settings. This happened only when exporting audio as everything sounded fine when listening to Reason directly or running Reason in a ReWire host. This has now been fixed.

MIDI import
The MIDI import functionality in Reason 2.5 accepted some MIDI file data that the Reason sequencer could not handle. This could for example be bad controller data outside the sequencer timeline. Saving this bad data to a song made that song unloadable, causing a "Bad Format" alert. In Reason 3.0 we made MIDI import stricter and also changed song loading so that bad data was skipped instead of showing the alert. Unfortunately there were some problems with this handling, which we have now taken care of.

Loading old songs
Some songs produced in Reason 2.5 could not be loaded in Reason 3.0 or 3.0.3. We have addressed some issues regarding NNXT patch data created by some patch conversion utilities, where Reason 3.0 is stricter than Reason 2.5 was.

There were some situations with cross-browsing (replacing a device by loading a patch of a different device type) that caused "Unknown Exception" alerts in Reason 3.0 and 3.0.3. This has now been fixed.

Combined note handling
Sending overlapping notes from the sequencer to a Combinator that contained a Malström in Legato mode could cause hanging notes in Reason 3.0 and 3.0.3. For example, drawing two C4 notes where the second note starts before the first ends, and setting the track target to the Combinator produced different results than setting the track target to the Malström. This has now been fixed.

Missing icons in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
After installing Reason 3.0.3 in Mac OS X 10.4 refills icons could change appearance and turn blank. Also all wave and aiff files were wrongly associated to Reason. Both of these issues were a result of new handling of file types in Mac OS X 10.4. This has now been fixed.

The Orkester refill as it appears on the CD will still be wrong as this error exist on the physical CD. This will be fixed in the next batch of printed CDs.
Reason 3.0.3

In addition to the things listed above, Reason 3.0.4 naturally also contains the features and fixes introduced in Reason 3.0.3. The following things were new in Reason 3.0.3.

Additions in Reason 3.0.3

    Added Remote support for the Frontier Design Group TranzPort wireless controller
    Added Remote support for the M-Audio Ozonic
    Track mute and solo for selected track now controllable from Remote

Reason 3.0.2
We initially released a version called 3.0.2 that was replaced by 3.0.3 only hours later. Version 3.0.2 had an anomaly that would cause problem when browsing very long file lists with the browser. The problem only affected the Mac platform. If you have version 3.0.2, we recommend that you download and install Reason 3.0.3 from the download section.

Fixes in Reason 3.0.3

This is a list of issues in Reason 3.0 that were fixed in the 3.0.3 update:

Keyboard Control
There was a problem with Keyboard Control in 3.0 that could get Reason to crash, now fixed. Therefore, loading songs produced in 3.0 in version 3.0.3 will clear any Keyboard Control mappings.

Pattern Change Automation
There were some issues with automating pattern changes in 3.0 that made some songs play back differently than in Reason 2.5. Since we now have fixed this, some songs produced in Reason 3.0 will now play back differently in 3.0.3.

Triggering the RV7000 Gate
The function that triggers the RV7000 Gate via MIDI didn't work at all.

"Bad Format" when opening NN-XT patches or songs
If an NN-XT patch references samples with names (or folder names) that include exotic characters, the patch may not load properly in Reason 3.0. This is fixed in 3.0.3.

Remote Override of Dr.REX Preview
Remote Override mappings for the Dr.REX Preview button were lost when opening a song. This is fixed in 3.0.3.

Replace mode recording
Recording in Replace mode played back the notes being overwritten. This is now fixed. Note that replace recording is only activated for automation data after the automated controller is modified.

Loud noise when playing back in Loop mode
When playing back an NN-XT patch with Loop activated on the transport bar, the NN-XT could in Reason 3.0 produce a loud transient noise at the loop end position. Fixed.

"Unknown Exception" on startup (Windows only)
A few Reason and Reason Adapted users got an "Unknown Exception" alert when trying to launch Reason 3.0. This was caused by incorrect handling of ReWire and/or REX dll files already installed with missing or corrupt version information. Fixed.

"Internal Error" when opening a Reason song in ReWire mode (Windows only)
When using Reason with a ReWire host and attempting to load songs or patches with a very large number of samples (e.g. Reason Drum Kits patches), some users got an "Internal Error" alert in Reason 3.0. Fixed.

No hard drives shown in the Browser (Windows only)
Under some circumstances, the browser in Reason 3.0 would not show hard drives under My Computer. Fixed.

New files not shown in the Browser (Windows only)
Some users found that newly created files were not shown in the Reason 3.0 browser. Fixed.

Wrong file dates and times shown in the Browser (Windows only)
The Reason 3.0 browser showed all file dates using GMT time, instead of local time. Fixed.

Automation of Combinator controls
When you automated a Combinator control (button or rotary) and played back the automation in Reason 3.0, there was a tiny delay before the Combinator passed on the information to the devices within it. Fixed.

Pattern device Resolution can no longer be remoted
The Resolution parameter on the Redrum and Matrix could not be controlled remotely. Fixed.

Hard to edit sequencer data during playback
In Reason 2.5, "Follow Song" was temporarily disabled when you pressed the mouse button. This feature did not work properly in Reason 3.0, but is now fixed.

Program continues to draw or move data just after I release the mouse button (Mac only)
The program was slow to react when the user released the mouse button. This has been addressed and is much better in 3.0.3. This can unfortunately still be noticeable on lower performing computers.

Remote issues
For some users with M-Audio Radium keyboards, the Remote implementation doesn't work properly in Reason 3.0. It turns out there are two different Radium models, with different settings in factory preset 1 (just like Oxygen 8). Reason 3.0.3 includes support for both the old and the new Radium models.

Performance problems
Several performance and CPU usage issues with Reason 3.0 have been found. There were for example problems with certain settings on the MClass Equalizer, the DLL-1 delay and the Subtractor's noise generator, which could all cause occasional high loads on the CPU. All these issues and many more have been isolated and fixed in 3.0.3.

Overall performance optimizations
All components of the audio engine and the user interface have gone through extensive profiling which has significantly increased performance of Reason 3.0.3 compared to 3.0.
We have also been able to optimize sample loading performance so that loading times for samples have decreased further in Reason 3.0.3.

All in all we are extremely thankful for all the help from our dedicated beta testers. We're happy and proud to release the best version of the best music software product in the known universe. Thank you all!