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benji candelario (1991+) (MPC)
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:05:15 PM »

Hi I get that allot as I made so many tracks under different pseudonyms... Not sure if that hurt me or kept me fresh :) ... In the 90's the brains of all my productions was the Akai MPC 3000 .... I did my drums arranged keyboards and sometimes even arranged vocals on it... Later on (**1994-1995) I worked allot with a keyboard player (James Preston?) that use to do everything on an ATARI ST computer using cubase ....

then after that with the Swing 52 stuff I teamed up with another person who used a mac and we started arranging our keyboards on a software called turtle vision which then became Vision.... but the main piece of a equipment was the MPC 3000 and we would slave the mac off it and track everything to 24trk tape....

turtle vision ?? was this a slip re: using the s950 with SAMPLEVISION?

entire track was the S-950.... from drums to chords...... triggered from DAW program called Vision

I believe we all were using vision then a few of us went to performer...... I ventured into the mpc 60 and then my main sequencer... Stayed with that for a few years... I was very anti computers but then eventually moved onto Logic....

Believe it or not I didnt start using Logic till v.7.... Before that I was all MPC ... did all my arrangement on that little screen and all my vocals were triggered on 3 Akia S-1100 each maxed out

Not so much Todd he pretty much stayed on the SP-1200 for as long as he could and recorded to 2" tape and now is on Logic.... but the rest of us yes.... then Louie and Kenny moved to performer for their keyboard arrangements and now Protools....

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