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Mostly MIDI Mailing List (MMML)
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In the late 1980's and early 1990's, the Mostly MIDI Mailing List (MMML) put togther a series of five cassette tapes with compositions by members of the mailing list. Duane Bowker compiled the first four tapes, Bill Fox compiled the last one, and Neil Weinstock, Topher Gayle, and Greg Youngdahl made significant contributions along the way. The music, although leaning heavily to the electronic side, contains a wide variety of styles and techniques. Everyone wanted to show their 'best stuff', so the quality of the music and recordings is quite high.

Click on each composition's title or the M3U link to "stream" the MP3 file, or click on the MP3 link to download the entire MP3 file. All compositions are copyrighted, all rights reserved, by the individual artists.