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Author Topic: Total Music by SouthWorth Music Systems Inc (July 1986 Article)  (Read 3698 times)

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(this predates System 7, as well as System 6, and even System 5!!!!!!)
the connector types on the southworth music systems inc box here shown match only that of the first
few compact macs (up to the mac plus, before the macII + SE) with their 9 pin serial connector prior to the adoption of RS232
(seen here:

later they produced the jamBox/4 interfaces

The price of the Southworth Total Musicsystem is £395 excluding VAT which includes the software disk, manual, MIDI interface and all future software updates. Also included with mine were comprehensive errata sheets detailing reported bugs and outlines of solutions, as well as hints of future facilities - so overall, it looks like very professional and visible user-support from the UK distributors, Audio FX.

To sum up, Total Music is an outstanding sequencer program offering instantly usable and extremely musician-friendly recording, editing and printing facilities, without recourse to superfluous graphics or unwieldy controls. I had no problems in getting it running or in using it - almost everything worked exactly as I expected, and when it didn't, the manual quickly pointed me in the right direction.

In use, it behaved as an idealised 99-track tape recorder, only better. And in the limited time I used it, I feel sure that I only scratched the surface of the creative potential of Total Music's sequencing and editing facilities. Bill Southworth is to be congratulated on such a magnificent achievement. If only all MIDI software were this good!