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Author Topic: sound diver version HISTORY prior to v3.0  (Read 5448 times)

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sound diver version HISTORY prior to v3.0
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:44:49 AM »


07/01/1995  EMAGIC SoundDiver 1.5 (Mac)
Sound Diver version 2.0 released in (May 1997)

some updates here:

SoundDiver 1.5.0.img
SoundDiver 1.5.7 Demo.img
SoundDiver 1.5.7.img
SoundDiver 1.5.8 Demo.img
SoundDiver 2.0.0 Demo.img
SoundDiver 2.0.0.img
SoundDiver 2.0.1.img
SoundDiver 2.0.2 Demo.img
SoundDiver 2.0.3 Demo.img
SoundDiver 2.0.3.img
SoundDiver 2.0.4.img
SoundDiver 2.0.5.img
SoundDiver 2.0.6.img
SoundDiver 2.0.7.img
SoundDiver 2.0.8.img
SoundDiver 2.0.9 Demo.img
SoundDiver 2.0.9.img
SoundDiver 2.1.0.img
SoundDiver 2.1.2 CD.img
SoundDiver 2.1.2 Libraries.img
SoundDiver 2.1.2 Update.img
SoundDiver 2.1.2.img
SoundDiver 2.1.3 Update.img
SoundDiver 2.1.3.img
SoundDiver 3.0.0 CD.img
SoundDiver 3.0.0 Manuals.dmg
SoundDiver 3.0.2 Demo.img
SoundDiver 3.0.3.img
SoundDiver 3.0.4 Update.img
SoundDiver 3.0.4.img
SoundDiver 3.0.5 Beta.img
SoundDiver 3.1.0 Beta 1.dmg
SoundDiver 3.1.0 Beta 2.dmg
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Re: sound diver version HISTORY prior to v3.0
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 09:51:29 AM »
+ fixed
- not yet fixed

B Bugfix
I Improvement
W Wish or suggestion
F New feature
Q Question
A Answer
AB About window
AD Adaptation
AE Universal Module Adaptation Editor
AL AutoLink
AS Auto-Store
DM Dependency Management
ED Editor
FI Find
FO File operations
HE Online Help
IN Install
LI Library
MI MIDI processing
MM Memory Manager
MO Module
OE Universal Module Object Editor
PR Preferences
SC Scan
SE Setup
SL SoftLink
UM Universal Module
GL Globals, others and the rest of the universe
Platform indicator:
/Mac Mac version
/Win Windows version
/At Atari version
(no indicator: affects all platforms)

October 28 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.10 Release

October 27 1999
+I MI/Mac. Improved startup speed (now skips check for Unitor8 on USB although no USB interfaces were found).
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. On Mac OS 9, OEM versions did not find Unitor8/AMT8 on serial ports if sound effects are enabled. Removed sound effects from OEM versions.

October 25 1999
+BUGFIX:GL. If a Module does no more support a model (e.g. PRO2000: Audity 2000), there was a crash when accessing the device. Now you get a warning message.

October 21 1999
+BUGFIX:PR. When loading old Preferences which contain device entry data which is too short (e.g. MW Microwave Waves: old version used only 32 instead of 64 FFT values), the entry data was allocated with the wrong (old) size. This could cause very strange crashes later. Now the allocated size is the maximum of what the Module expects and what is stored in the prefs file.
+I GL/Win. Removed MIDI port name checking in demo version which only disturbs the experience of the tutorials.
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Two-digit screensets and locked screensets were displayed as "..." in Mac OS 8.5 and higher.

October 20 1999
+BUGFIX:AL/Mac. "Save Library for Logic Song" did not work in AutoLink/OMS mode. Note: you also need Logic Audio 4.0.5 or higher.
+I MI/Mac. Startup speed improved. This was caused by an additional timeout of 1 second in all calls of midiin() which is actually only required if the provided timeout is 0)
+I AB. Smoother display of About window animation
+I MI/Mac. Progress bar is displayed while searching for MIDI interfaces.

October 19 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.9 Release

October 18 1999
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. In AutoLink mode, MIDI output for Patchbay Prg and Standard Prg could not be set.
+BUGFIX:AL/Mac. In AutoLink mode, port names were always shown in brackets. Bug was introduced in version 2.0.7 and was intended for stand-alone mode only.

October 12 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.9b3
+BUGFIX:MI. Additional timeout for receiving data within a dump was 1 ms, not 1 second. This caused problems with Modules which received MIDI data with timeout 0 ms (DMPro, DP4, M1, M3R, PRO, QS, Synapse, T1, Ultrapro, TS, VFX, PRO2000, ).
+I MI. When receiving data within a dump, now the "Additional Timeout" preferences parameter is added to the timeout. This might help in rare cases where the MIDI driver takes longer than 1 second to transfer incoming MIDI bytes to the input buffer (additional internal buffering, e.g. for merging)

October 11 1999
+BUGFIX:PR. "Synchronize Screensets" overlapped OMS buttons.
+BUGFIX:MI. Window link function did not work when receiving entries of multiple devices. Bug was introduced in 2.0.9b1

October 8 1999
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If an alert is open, it was possible to activate a property sheet (Preferences, Find) below and edit settings there.
+I GL. Updated copyright notices in program and Modules.
+I AB. Updated list of Module authors in About window.
+I PR. Sound effects are now disabled in default preferences.

October 7 1999
+I GL. Demo version now has MIDI Out enabled for the first five minutes.
+I GL. Demo version now has better error dialogues concerning its limitations in comparison to the full version.

October 6 1999
+I GL/Win. Setting of "Basics > Button Selection > Right or upper" in Mouse control panel is now taken into account
+I MI/Mac. When quitting in stand-alone mode (not in AutoLink!), all Unitor8 and AMT8 are now reset to Patch Mode.

September 29 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.9b2
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Name fields in editors: entering characters with modifiers did not work, except uppercase characters.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Key Command Ctrl-Shift-I (Set Logic Instrument) did not work.
+I SC/Mac. If MIDI interfaces are connected to multiple computer ports, there is no more MIDI output done on non-existent MIDI ports while scanning. This should improve scanning speed significantly in large setups.

September 28 1999
+BUGFIX:MI. Modules who make MIDI output in idle (e.g. Unitor8): MIDI output could go to the wrong MIDI out port, resulting in SysEx communication error messages, e.g. if you have Unitor8/AMT8 connected to different computer ports.

September 27 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.9b1

September 23 1999
+BUGFIX:AL. At startup in AutoLink mode, Logic reported in certain cases "Negative textindex or empty in IndexGetTextSeq", then the Song was corrupt.
(SoundDiver tried to create a Thru Instrument while Logic was requesting for a Patch Name)

September 8 1999
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Saving libraries with "Save" which have been loaded using a relative path (i.e. are placed in the SoundDiver folder or one of its sub-folders) did not work
+BUGFIX:LI. If files could not be opened twice (in the error alert, Cancel button was pressed), crash after second error alert.

September 7 1999
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. When "Flicker-free redraw" is enabled, column titles often had wrong font size.

September 2 1999
+BUGFIX:GL. When a Module was not found in the Diver folder, and the user clicks "Skip" in the alert box, the model names of all Modules following alphabetically were missing in the Install window.

August 23 1999
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. OMS: SoundDiver opened all non-virtual OMS MIDI In Devices which cause problems with OMS drivers which receive incoming MIDI data both on the root device and the sub-port device, e.g. Roland Super MPU64 (SysEx is not merged correctly).
Now, SoundDiver opens multi-port interfaces' root devices only if they have no sub-port devices.

August 20 1999
+BUGFIX:PR/Mac. In AutoLink/OMS mode, switch "Synchronize screensets" was covered by the OMS buttons.
+BUGFIX:FI/Mac. Click on "More Options": crash. Bug introduced in 2.0.7

August 16 1999
+BUGFIX:PR/Win. AutoLink mode: message "Undefined EndOb Fix ID" when clicking "Synchronize Screensets"; switches "Process incoming MIDI..." and "Check Device connections..." missing

August 13 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.8r1

August 12 1999
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. MIDI Thru'ing data and starting the internal sequencer caused a crash on systems with MacOs without USB support. Bug was introduced in 2.0.8

July 23 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.8

July 22 1999
+BUGFIX:MI. When requesting a bank, device does not react with the appropriate bank dump, but does react at the scan request, SoundDiver hung until ESC is pressed
+BUGFIX:FO/Win. In some cases, message "The system could not find the specified file." when trying to re-load a Library while loading preferences.
+BUGFIX:MI/Win. When trying to abort the request of several entries with ESC, often the message "Incoming buffer pending, but not returned." was displayed, and aborting did not work. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b3
+I GL. During lengthy operations, redraws (e.g. names of just received entries) are now done more often (not at most once per second, but taking up at most 10% of CPU power); especially useful when receiving bank dumps
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac/At. Corrupt data and/or crashes possible with certain Modules (e.g. DP4) while receiving MIDI data in low memory situation.

July 21 1999
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. AutoLink MIDI communication was not done via Logic, so Logic could not record SoundDiver's output. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7
+BUGFIX:AL/PR/Win. Switch "Synchronize Screensets" was missing in preferences in AutoLink mode.

July 19 1999
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. MIDI Thru and sequencer did not work. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7
+F MO. K2000: KDFX objects can be switched on or off by switch in special parameters box (in case the K2500 was installed manually, not by scanning, and SoundDiver therefore doesn't know the KOS version.

July 12 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.7, Unitor8 Control 1.1

July 9 1999
Q AL. "Set LOGIC Track Instrument" does not work.
A This was a bug in Logic. Fixed in 4.0.1b4.
+I MI/Win. Renaming the "Unitor8 (all)" port (possible with driver version 1.31 or higher) does no more confuse SoundDiver when scanning
+I MI/Win. If Unitor8 port "(all)" is enabled, scanning is faster.
+I AL/Win. MIDI port info is now also scanned in AutoLink mode, so scanning a Unitor8 with "(all)" port enabled won't create duplicate devices, and the setup window connections look the same.
+W LI. There are now 3 sort levels (which are also memorized in the library file). If you e.g. first sort by name, then by model, all entries of the same model are listed sorted by name.
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. Crash when receiving MIDI from an AutoLink environment object
+BUGFIX:GL. Changed shortcut for "Insert Title" from Cmd-Opt-I (Ctrl-Shift-I) to Cmd-I (Ctrl-I) to prevent collision with global menu item "Set LOGIC Instrument".

July 7 1999
+I MI/Mac. Hot-pluggin support: If Unitor8/AMT8 connected to USB is switched off or unplugged, an alert is shown, and the USB ports are no more available. If the USB interface is switched on again, the ports are available again.

July 6 1999
+I GL. Unitor8 Control: new splash screen
+I MI/Mac. MIDI ports which are currently unavailable are now displayed in brackets.
+I GL/Win. New file and window class icons.
+F MI/Mac. USB support now also in 68k code.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Hang possible when trying to open an alert which contains one very long word (e.g. long path/file name) and which has a line break following this word.
+I FO/Win. File operation error messages now also show the reason of the error.

July 5 1999
+BUGFIX:ED. Paste and Initialize work again. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b3.
+BUGFIX:ED. Randomize did not work always or only partially. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b3.

July 2 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.7b3
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. "Auto-Store" dialog: several space characters were missing in the title texts.
+I GL/Win. "Overwrite edit buffer" message: revised the text.
+BUGFIX:ED. No more crashes in Randomize (could occur in Modules which might change the size of the entry data during randomize)
-B ED. Paste and Initialize currently don't work. Will be fixed in 2.0.7b4

July 1 1999
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Hang possible when trying to open an alert which contains one very long word (e.g. long path/file name)
+I MI/Win. All lenghty processes which can be aborted with ESC can now only be aborted if SoundDiver is in foreground.

June 28 1999
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. MIDI Monitor did not always show the MIDI output correctly.
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. Sometimes only the first 2 Unitor8 units at a port were recognized. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b1
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. After enabling/disabling a MIDI port in the Preferences, changing a MIDI port in the Device Parameter Box did not work in certain cases.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Crash was possible after error message "File not found" (when trying to reopen a Library) at startup

June 25 1999
+I MI/Win. With very large incoming dumps (> 10 KB), SoundDiver waited for pending input buffers to be returned by the driver only for the time it takes to transmit the buffer size plus 500 ms. However some MIDI drivers can delay delivery significantly due to multithreading. Now, SoundDiver waits indefinitely, and after 1 second, a progress bar is displayed, together with the text "MIDI data is currently being received. Press ESC to abort."
+BUGFIX:MI. Clock display in Sequencer window flicked. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b2.
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. Sometimes very long delay (about 30 seconds) at startup and when receiving dumps
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. Receiving long dumps did not work in AutoLink mode.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Position of progress bar calculated incorrectly if frame window is not maximized.
+BUGFIX:AL. Checkmark of menu item "Set LOGIC Instrument" did display MIDI Thru status, not this flag
+I GL. If the last character of the text in a button or box does not fit entirely, the text is no more displayed with "...", but the last character is drawn partially

June 22 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.7b2
+I LI. Surfing several Library entries stopped at the first title entry.
+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Fixed clock display in sequencer window
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. Multiple Program Change Channel: channels 1..8 were swapped with channels 9..16, i.e. if you wanted to define channel 1, you had to enable channel 9. This resulted in "Sorry, no Program Names..." in Logic
+I MI/Win. Input buffers for Unitor8/AMT8 ports are now always 2 buffers with 1KB each, no matter what is set in the Preferences. These interfaces work perfectly with this setting. You can bypass this functionality by holding the Shift key when the buffers are allocated (i.e. at startup or while editing the buffer size in the Preferences)
+I MI. Increased MIDI Monitor buffer size from 32 to 256 KB.
+I MI/Win. No more hangs if pending input buffers are never returned by a MIDI driver (due to a bug in the driver). Instead, an error message is shown, and all input buffers are cleared.

June 21 1999
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. Printer Port did not work at all. Wrong display in Comm Preferences. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b1
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac 68k. Crash when a window scrolls for the second time. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b1
+BUGFIX:AL. As soon as a running status event is received with first data byte = 0 (e.g. Pitch Bend center), no more MIDI data was received via AutoLink. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b1.
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Online help for Adaptations was no more available. Bug was introduced in 2.0.7b1.
+F PR. New switch "Select Objects by entering name" (default: enabled). By disabling it, entering characters without modifiers no more select objects. In AutoLink mode, the keystrokes are then redirected to Logic.

June 15 1999 ### SoundDiver 2.0.7b1
+I MI/Mac. Detection if Printer Port is in use by LocalTalk or ARA now works.

June 14 1999
+F AL. Replaced preferences option "Protect Logic Instruments" by global menu item
"Set Logic Instrument". This item is unchecked every time SoundDiver gets into the foreground.
If you want to replace a track's instrument, check it by choosing it from the menu or hitting Cmd-Opt-I
(Windows: Ctrl-Shift-I). Now, everytime the current device changes, the selected Track's instrument
will change accordingly.

June 8 1999
+I MI/Mac. Additional Timeout was set to a minimum of 100 ms if there are more than 8 MIDI cables
on one port. This is now only the case if the interface daisy-chain is not Unitor8/AMT8.
+I MI. Scanning is faster, as flushing the input buffers now waits for remaining MIDI bytes only if required.

June 4 1999
+F MI/Mac. Direct support for Unitor8 Mk. 2 and AMT8 connected via USB.
* Automatic recognition.
* The Preferences window displays the number of recognized units.
+F MI/Mac. If a Mac model does not have a Modem or Printer Port, this is now displayed in the Preferences window, and the port is disabled.
+I MI/Mac. Computer's MIDI Port name is now displayed in clear text instead of 'M' and 'P'.
+F GL/Mac. Unitor8 Control now recognizes and supports all units, even if they are connected to several computer ports (Modem, Printer, USB). If you used version 1.0.6 or before, delete the file "Unitor8 Control Preferences" and restart. Make sure you have enabled the ports which are used at startup.

May 27 1999
+BUGFIX:SSHC. C source mode: if all text resources are for SoundDiver only (not for SoundSurfer), the generated source files had an illegal format.

May 25 1999
+I GL/Mac. New file icons.
+I GL/Mac. Changed file name conventions:
* Adaptation files now must have the ending ".ADA". This improved compatibility with Windows and Atari.
* On all platforms, file names which are calculated out of a string now also get characters which are not allowed in Windows file names replaced by '_'.
Before, not allowed characters were removed on Windows. On the Mac, only the colon (':') was replaced by '_'.
* E.g.: Adaptation "DX21/27/100" is now "DX21_27_100.ADA", both on Mac and Windows. On Atari, it is "DX21_27_.ADA"
* Note: there are still conflicts on Atari with Adaptations which are not different in pairs in the first 8 characters of the file name.

March 9 1999
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If Taskbar is at the top of the screen, opening a long flip menu caused
a hang.

January 29 1999
+W MI. Autoplay of a single note (in Drum editors) and Stop no more sends All Notes Off
followed by a single Active Sense byte. The latter causes "Communication error"
messages on some devices' displays.
+I MI/Win. When a MIDI in or out port could not be opened, the error message is now
more narrative, and you can disable the warnings for the rest of the session.
Additionally, there is now only one warning for all Unitor8/AMT8 ports.

January 11 1999
+BUGFIX:PR/Win. In AutoLink mode, objects overlapping in page "Communication".
+BUGFIX:MO. JV1080: Edit Setup: SYSTEM TEMPO. SoundDiver doesn't output LSB 4bits.

January 7 1999
+W FO. *.RMI file are now recognized as Standard MIDI Files (identical to *.MID).

January 5 1999
+BUGFIX:PR/Win. Preferences dialog could not be opened on Windows 95 without Internet Explorer 4.0 installed.
a) install Internet Explorer 4.0
b) install Audiowerk8 MME driver

December 11 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.6; SoundDiver Alesis 2.0.6
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Moving the horizontal scrollbar in huge flip menus didn't work anymore. Bug introduced in 2.0.6b2
+BUGFIX:ED. Double-clicking high objects (higher than one text line): edit field could
note be closed with Return, only with Enter. Now the edit field is always one
text line high.
+BUGFIX:LI. Undoing "Insert File" was not possible without undoing the previous operation.
+BUGFIX:ED/Win. Automatically opening an existing Snapshots library when adding a snapshot did not work.
+BUGFIX:FO. File > Revert showed "1" in dialog instead of Library name. Bug introduced in 2.0.6b2
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Some key commands did not work. Bug introduced in 2.0.6b2
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Delete key did not work.

December 10 1998
+I ED. Clicking the Edit button for an Entry which is currently disabled in
the configuration (e.g. "Show ROM items" switch in Special Parameter disabled)
now displays a message instead of doing nothing.

December 2 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.6b4

November 26 1998
+BUGFIX:AL/Win. If Logic is running, using AudioWerk, SoundDiver hangs at startup (frame of
About window is visible). The same bug could also crash Windows Explorer on Windows 98
when starting SoundDiver.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If an alert appears on another screen than the main screen, it was not centered
correctly or even did not appear at all.

November 25 1998
+W MM/LI. Entries in link list now use smaller font.

November 20 1998
+BUGFIX:AL. Displaying a Patch name or choosing "Open SoundDiver for Instrument" in Logic could cause a crash
if a device in the setup does not contain any entry data and thus has not yet been initialized.
It does not crash always in this case, but at least no or the wrong Memory Manager is opened.
Workaround: make sure that every device in the setup has at least one entry known.
+F PR/ED. New option "Hide values of linear parameters". This option makes editor views smoother,
as many numbers and separation lines are hidden:
* slider and knob graphics are displayed larger, as the value is no more shown.
* numerical values are displayed as a knob instead, but only if they are not edited as a flip menu
and if they have at least 3 possible values.
Note that this is still an experiment. Some Modules have problems with this option,
and some objects still show the value.
Later versions of SoundDiver will show the value in the info line when the object is clicked or edited.
+BUGFIX:GL. Reduced the likeliness of getting message "Undefined End-ID Fixob".
Module programmers: plocinmutt() (called by draw_dep()) now allows any sub-trees, not only two special cases.

November 17 1998
+F MM. Drawing of entry names improved:
* Unprintable characters (ASCII code 0..31) are displayed as '?'

November 13 1998
+BUGFIX:ED. Horizontal sliders whose displayed maximum is <= 0 were shown incorrectly in 3D look.

November 12 1998
+BUGFIX:PR. Preferences files are now again compatible with 2.0.5 or older prefs files.
2.0.6b1..b3 wrote an incompatible format.
+BUGFIX:MM. Wrong redraw when clicking selection bar of bank with one entry.
Bug introduced Oct 9 (2.0.6b2)
+I GL. Menu Item "Open Editor" is now also available if no entry is selected in the Memory
manager, but there is an edit entry (marked with the small inverted "E").
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Ctrl-NumLock (Toggle Lock ScreenSet) did not work.

November 6 1998
+I DM. SoundDiver does no more implicitely copy ROM "children". This allows
Module programmers to state links to ROM banks, which will be now shown
in the Dependency list in the Memory manager.
+I ED/DM. The standard "Edit" button is now also enabled if the link goes
to a ROM entry.
+I ED/DM. If the Module provides link information for multi-timbral
edit buffers (D70, DMPro, DX7, JV, JV1080, K2000, MC505, MW, MWII, U20),
clicking it will open the appropriate edit buffer. The Module need no more
define a custom edit button object.

October 28 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.6b2
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Unitor8 Control: menu item "File > Save as..." did nothing.
Bug introduced with U8C 1.0.6b2
+I PR. If a Module or Adaptation could not be loaded while loading
a preferences file, the remaining devices are now loaded.
+BUGFIX:SE. Open Setup window with a device connected to a Patchbay, but
loading Preferences failed inbetween: crash.
+I GL. Window placement (when opening a new window or recalling a screenset)
is now more intelligent in multi-monitor environments: windows are now
always entirely visible if the "screen real estate" has not a rectangular shape.

October 27 1998
+I GL/Win. SoundDiver is now multi-monitor aware on Windows 98 / NT 5.0

October 20 1998
+I GL/Win. now compiled with Visual C++ 6.0, results in faster and smaller code.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. On Windows 98, moving the IntelliMouse mouse wheel did not work correctly
(scrolling distance was way too high)

October 12 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. With MacOS 8.5, activating SoundDiver left a busybee mouse pointer.
+F AL. "Save Library for Logic Song":
this feature is now also available with the options known from "Build Library..."
and "Save as..."
This allows users to build a Library for the current Logic Song although they don't
use Program Changes in the song.
The previous default action is now located at the bottom of the new sub-menu and
named "Entries used by Logic Instruments".

October 9 1998
+F MM. Clicking the selection bar of a bank with only one entry now is handled as if
clicking the item itself:
* double-clicking the selection bar opens the entry
* dragging the selection bar drags the entry
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. With MacOS 8.5, busybee mouse pointer remains when SoundDiver is activated.

October 7 1998
+BUGFIX:SC. Scanning a device which supports the Universal Device Inquiry and has a 3-byte manufacturer code
did not work when scanning several models.

September 23 1998 ### 2.0.6b1 Windows
+F AL/Win. AutoLink is now available on Windows. All documented AutoLink features are identical to those of the Mac version.

September 17 1998 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0.6b2
+I GL/Mac. Now using Mercutio MDEF 1.5.2. Better compatibility to Kaleidoscope and Appearance Manager

September 11 1998
+BUGFIX:GL. Screenset was saved although it is locked when SoundDiver quits
+BUGFIX:GL. Copying a locked Screenset saved it to the previous number, but not to the new one
+BUGFIX:GL. Recalling a locked Screenset did nothing. Now it recalls the locked state

September 7 1998 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0.6b1
+I GL/Mac. As the language can now be switched, it would be confusing to have different default preferences files for different languages - and SoundDiver wouldn't even know which file to open. So the default Preferences file is now:
* "<Product name> Voreinstellungen" if this file exists (and this name is <= 31 characters), otherwise
* "<Product name> Voreinst." if this file exists, otherwise
* "<Product name> Preferences" if this name is <= 31 characters, otherwise
* "<Product name> Prefs".
This way, existing Preferences are still used, but new users will now always create the English file name.
Note: on Windows, the default preferences file has always been "<Product name> Preferences". However, for compatibility with an early beta version of SD 2.0, the file "<Product name> Voreinstellungen" has priority if such a file exists.

September 2 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Ctrl-Numlock did not work (Lock Screenset)
+F GL/Win. Flip menus can now also be operated by click-holding and releasing the mouse button over the desired value.
+F GL/Win. Added a zoom gadget above window size gadget.
+BUGFIX:SE/MM/Win. Changing the MIDI out to an out with a long name lead to graphic garbage after the flip menu is closed.

July 31 1998
+F GL/Mac/Win. The language can now be chosen by the user.
* At the first start, the user is asked which language to use.
"Auto": this is the old behavior (language depends on keyboard
* Later, the language can be changed in Preferences/Global settings.
This however requires to restart SoundDiver.
Mac: the language selection is saved in the default preferences file
"SoundDiver Preferences".
Language selection in other preferences files is ignored.
This is for technical reason.
Win: the language selection is stored in the Registry
This feature also fixes a bug on the Windows platform: in some versions,
German text resources were missing, so that alerts etc. were shown in
+F GL/Mac/Win. All localized text is now in the TEXT resources. This
makes localization easier.
Note: as the ID offset for German resources is now 1000 (used to be 2000),
Modules and Adaptations older than July 31 will always show English text
(applies to help only on Mac).
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. German Page Setup dialog: text "Seitennumerierung" was
only partially visible.

July 30 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. If there are more than 9 windows with the same title,
the newly opened windows don't got "#<number>", but "#:", "#;" etc.
appended. Now up to 99 windows with the same name are possible.

May 11 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.5r1
+BUGFIX:MI. Changing MIDI Thru from global MIDI menu did not work if a device with "Preserve Thru out/ch" is active.
+I MI/Mac. OMS and MIDI Manager mode: no more "burps" when SD is activated and MIDI Thru is enabled (it sent all events
in the Thru buffer when coming in foreground - now the Thru buffer is cleared).
Thanks to Neil Russell.

May 7 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.5, Unitor8 Control 1.0.5r3
+BUGFIX:SC. "Check Device connections at startup" did not work on multiple outputs (Mac: without OMS).
Bug introduced in 2.0.5b2.

May 4 1998
+I GL/Mac. Floating windows are now shown using the Appearance Manager if present ("Appearance" control panel).

April 30 1998
+BUGFIX:GL. Redoing an Undo which cleared an entry in the Memory Manager did not recreate the entry.
Bug introduced in 2.0.3

April 29 1998
+BUGFIX:DM. If dependency management is switched off, swapping an entry with another in the MM still
updated the links to them.

April 27 1998
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Printing Libraries resulted in much too small printout, and lines were inverted
as soon a selected line occured.

April 25 1998
+I MI. If channel data is incoming, Sequencer is now only stopped if Thru is enabled.

April 23 1998
+BUGFIX:AL/Mac. Start Logic without OMS, start SoundDiver with "Use OMS if available = Never" ->
SoundDiver still tried to open OMS. Reason: AutoLink event forced a MIDI Initialization before
the Preferences are loaded -> the default Prefs are used which have "Use OMS..." set to "Ask".
Thanks to Mark Ayres.
+BUGFIX:MM/Mac: Banks with default names which are editable: when an entry of the bank becomes the
current edit buffer (i.e. the small inverted capital E appears), all subsequent entries
where shown in black instead of grey if they are unknown (i.e. the default names are shown).
Example: DSM-1 Programs.
+I MM. Redraw is much faster when selecting or deselecting entries (but not toggling their selection),
especially if there are lots of entries known or have default names.
Especially important when moving "cursor" with cursor keys.
Extreme example: K2000/K2500.
+BUGFIX:MM. Trying to edit an item in a non-editable bank which cannot be requested nor transmitted simply
initialized it and opened the editor. Now, an error message is displayed.
This does not affect "Remote Control" edit buffers, as they are always editable.
Thanks to Pit Löw.

April 22 1998
+I GL. Message
"Data has been received for bank �^0� which is currently hidden. Please activate this bank
in the Special Parameters box and try again."
now has two buttons:
Continue: continues importing the file
Abort: aborts importing the file

April 21 1998 ### 2.0.5b4
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Finishing a rename text input in a Library window did not work with Return,
only with Enter or a mouse click.

April 20 1998
+I GL/Win. Added support for showing Key Commands in brackets (common in Japan)
and '&' in local menus

April 9 1998 ### 2.0.5b3
+BUGFIX:HE/Win. Recompiled all help files, as some did not contains the icon images
(instead, an ugly error message).

April 8 1998
+BUGFIX:SC. Copy in Install window worked only if all models are selected

April 6 1998 ### 2.0.5b2

April 3 1998
+BUGFIX:SC. "Check Device connections at startup" sometimes claimed a device as present
if a non-OMS setup is used with OMS for the first time -> Unitor8 Control
reports "SysEx Communication Error".

April 2 1998
+BUGFIX:GL. Multi-character input timeout was related to computer performance.
E.g. selecting model names in the Install window by entering the first characters
was possible on fast computers only by entering the characters very quickly.

March 27 1998
+I HE/Win. If a German help file does not exist in folder DIVER\GERMAN, the
English help file in DIVER is opened instead. Currently relevant for SoundDiver EOS.

March 26 1998
+BUGFIX:GL. Warning alert introducedMarch 24 now only appears when importing data,
not when receiving MIDI dumps.
+BUGFIX:AL. Name Providing did not work in OMS mode (used magicID instead of OMSrefNum).

March 25 1998 ### 2.0.5b1
+BUGFIX:DM. Dependencies from Edit Performance to Temporary Patches (or similar
constellations) did not work -> copying the Edit Performance to a Library
did not copy the Temporary Patches used by the Performance.
Bug introduced with 2.0.4.

March 24 1998
+I GL. Receiving (or importing) a dump for a bank which is currently invisible
(because of settings in Special Parameters area)
now issues a warning message, and the dump is not processed.
Example: import a Wavestation SYX file containing a Card Performance bank,
but Card is disabled in the Wavestation's Special Parameters.

March 5 1998
+BUGFIX:MI. MIDI Monitor window: if SoundDiver sends data while receiving a SysEx message,
the remaining incoming data bytes were appended to the last "Output" section, instead of
creating a new "Input" section. Columns did not match the actual offsets within the dump.
+I MI. MIDI Monitor window: incoming data is now shown in dark red, outgoing data in
dark green.

March 4 1998 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0.5
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Unitor8 Control: created an unused Libraries folder.

March 3 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Graphic garbage in MIDI Monitor window.
+I MI/Win. Error messages while opening drivers: now has a Retry button. Very handy in case the
MIDI interface was not switched on...
+BUGFIX:GL. In Parameter boxes sometimes white background where it should be grey.
On the Mac, this bug occured only with flicker-free redraw OFF.

February 25 1998
+I MI/Win. If the enumeration of MIDI out ports changes (e.g. by removing or adding an MME MIDI driver),
SoundDiver can now keep track of that.
If a port has been removed, an alert "MIDI port "x" no more exists..." appears.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Alerts containing '|' or ']' were not shown correctly in some cases.
+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Receiving large dumps with buffer size 1 KB did not work with all MIDI drivers (especially

February 24 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. White rectangle remaining after alert closes which opened directly after a file select box.

February 20 1998 ### SoundDiver Trinity 2.0.4r1
+I GL/Mac. Alerts now buffer the screen behind them -> faster closing of alert.
+BUGFIX:PR/AL. Unitor8 Control: text obscured by other text in AutoLink mode.

February 9 1998
+BUGFIX:SC. OEM versions: dialog "Which model do you want to install manually" contained additional
empty buttons.
+I GL. more text objects are shown with proportional fonts.

February 2 1998
+BUGFIX:MI. With 2 MTPs on one port, 8 MTPs were recognized, and a message "An MTP is not configured
correctly." appeared. Thanks to George Duke.
+BUGFIX:SC. Scanning a device which already exists: crash

January 23 1998 ### SoundDiver 2.0.4 (Mac/Win)

January 20 1998
+BUGFIX:MI/SE. With certain devices, flickering Setup window if started without enabled
MIDI ports. Bug introduced with 2.0.4b3
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Vertical lines did no more appear with flicker-free redraw enabled.
Bug introduced with 2.0.4b1

January 19 1998
+BUGFIX:PR. Click "3D look" while MIDI Monitor window is open: wrong redraw of text
"3D look" (wrong font size).
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. sequencer window was 3 pixels too high (showing garbage at the bottom.
+BUGFIX:SE/Win. Missing redraw when changing input, and there is a Unitor8 and another MIDI
Interface present.

January 17 1998 ### 2.0.4b3
+BUGFIX:MI. Importing Standard MIDI Files which contain Meta events at the end
took very long.
+I MM/MI/Mac. Export entries which are already known (not using option "known entries")
if no MIDI port is active lead to confusing message "Not all entries could be requested".
When clicking "Skip", created file was empty.

January 16 1998 ### 2.0.4b2
+BUGFIX:SE. Redraw missing in Icon view when changing output device (if MIDI
Patchbays exist)
+I SE. Devices connected to different MIDI devices (computer/patchbay) for In
and Out are now shown with separate connection lines (green for connection from computer
to device, red from device to computer).
+I MI. Launching SoundDiver with OMS and Unitor8 did not set the Unitor8 to Computer
Mode (because OMS does not send the appropriate message at startup). Now, SoundDiver
sends an NRPN LSB Select on channel 16 on all outputs (doesn't hurt,
but does the desired thing).
+F PR/AL. New Safety switch "Create LOGIC Instruments": now permanently saves
"Always Create" mode.

January 15 1998 ### 2.0.4b1
+W SE. Connections to Unitor8 are now shown graphically.
Note: on Windows, this works only if the Unitor8 ports all contain the text "Unitor".
+I SE. Better Icon arrangement when adding a Patchbay or Unitor8.
+I SE. Setup window now with 3D background, no more frames around icon text,
and flicker-free redraw
+I GL. 3D Backgrounds now in light blue/green (matching SoundDiver logo graphics)
+I GL. 3D look from Logic Audio 3.0
+I MI/Win. if SoundDiver does not find a "MidiIn_..." or "MidiOut_..." entry for
a specific port in WIN.INI, it creates one with the driver enabled by default.
This behavior is identical to Logic and prevents the user from having to find out the correct
key name manually.
+BUGFIX:GL. Horizontal scroll bar scaling was wrong if only few pixel columns are not visible.
+F GL. Mac/Atari: "Sticky Menus": short click on menu title keeps menu open without holding
mouse button. Click on a menu item chooses it.

January 11 1998
+BUGFIX:MI. If there is a OMS MIDI interface driver in the current OMS studio, OMS mode was used
without asking if "Use OMS if available" is set to "Ask".

January 9 1998
+I GL/Win. enhanced compatibility with buggy MIDI drivers (which don't initialize
dwBytesRecorded inbut buffers they receive, which could lead to hangs while scanning
or when quitting SoundDiver).

January 8 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Authorization failed on Windows NT.

January 5 1998
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. in certain cases hangs when trying to show an alert.

January 2 1998
+BUGFIX:PR/FO/Win. launching SoundDiver by double-clicking a Preferences file caused message
"do you want to save Preferences...", then all windows were opened twice, or message
"Nur ein Fenster dieser Klasse" (if there is a Setup, Sequencer, Find or MIDI Monitor window
open in the default Prefs as well as the loaded Prefs file).
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. SoundDiver did not work with virtual memory switched off.

December 31 1997
+BUGFIX:GL. With "Flicker-free redraws", if there is a flicker-free redraw, then a memory request
within 1 second, "out of memory" error was possible although there is still sufficient memory
left (the off-screen bitmap was not discarded in this case).

December 23 1997
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Key command Ctrl-W did not work. Bug introduced in 2.0.3
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. sometimes "out of memory" occured directly after a redraw if "flicker-free
redraws" is switched on.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. if there is a window open, but not visible that contains a bitmap,
the bitmap was missing if "flicker-free redraw" is active.

December 23 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3 Release
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Crashes possible at low memory situations when trying to display an alert.
+BUGFIX:GL. Alerts: with certain alert text, wrong word wrapping (one line too long).

December 18 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b10 Mac
+BUGFIX:ED. Editing certain objects with the mouse caused missing redraws or other strange behaviour.
Bug introduced in 2.0.3b7
+W HE/Mac/At. help window is now opened as a floating window by default.
To open it as a non-floating window, hold Option (Mac) / Shift (Atari) while
opening the window.
+W GL. Sequencer window can now be opened as a non-floating window by holding
Option (Mac) / Shift (Windows/Atari) while opening the window.
+W LI. Sorting is now also possible by Device ID.
+BUGFIX:MI. Checking "Preserve Thru Port/Ch" while a Patchbay Standard PRG is active results in
error message "cannot use a Master Keyboard..."
+BUGFIX:MI. MIDI Monitor: incoming MIDI was shown as outgoing MIDI on port "M All".
Bug introduced in 2.0.3b9
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. parameter box background was white (instead of light grey) if "flicker-free redraw"
is off.
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. correct spacing when drawing negative numbers with system font where + or - character
is more narrow than a digit (e.g. Mac OS 8's "Charcoal" or Aaron's "Espi")
+I MI. Parameter "Velocity" is no more shown in AutoLink mode, because is it not effective in this
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. now using Mercutio MDEF version 1.5. Older versions could cause crashes, especially
with MacOS 7.5 and higher and multiple monitors.
See for details
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Ctrl-Shift-Q did not work.

December 17 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b9
+I MI. If a device reacts on a dump request, but the dump is not received completely,
(because bytes are eaten up by the computer or MIDI interface), SoundDiver now shows a specific
error message. In this case, there is no re-scan of the device (see 2.0.3b8).
+F MI. New menu item "Hold transmission". If checked, all pending transmissions (i.e. dump messages)
are held until the menu item is unchecked. This feature is handy if you want to reorganize several
entries in a bank, especially if the transmission of a single entry takes a long time (e.g.
because there is only a bank dump message available).
This feature is global for all devices. This also means that if data is changed in several devices
while "Hold transmission" is checked, all devices' changed data is sent after unchecking the menu
Example: how to build a bank from several library entries
* check the menu item "Hold transmission"
* drag and drop all entries into the bank (this is quick, because nothing is transmitted
* uncheck menu entry "Hold transmission". All changed entries are transmitted.
+F MI. New device parameter "Preserve Thru Port/Ch": if checked, changing to the device does not change
the MIDI Thru port/channel. This is useful for editing effects devices: first click a sound generator
device in the Setup window whose audio out is routed to the effects device, then click the effects
device. As "Preserve Thru Port/Ch" is on, MIDI Thru and the sequencer output will still go to the
sound generator device.
+F MI. New device parameter "Velocity": this value is added to the velocity of MIDI Thru and sequencer
Note velocities.

December 16 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b8
+BUGFIX:FO. Load a corrupt file (chunk header contains illegal size): now aborts before trying to
read the chunk -> crashes more unlikely.
+BUGFIX:GL/IN. SoundDiver tried to load certain Modules when opening the Install window; the Install
window is sometimes empty, or there are only a few lines. Bug introduced in 2.0.3b7
+BUGFIX:GL. Alerts: in some alerts "|" characters instead of proper word wrapping. Bug introduced in
+I MI. If a device does not react on a dump request with the according dump message, SoundDiver
first scans the device. If it still does not react, the well-known message appears. Otherwise,
the requested entry is deleted. This feature is important for devices which can contain "empty"
memory locations and do not reply with a "failure response" message
(e.g. Yamaha 02R, Lexicon PCM-80, PCM-90, MXP-1).
+BUGFIX:GL/SC. Feature "Check Device connections at startup": for devices which are checked using a
Universal Device Inquiry message, the Timeout parameter was changed to 200 ms.
Bug introduced in 2.0.3b1.

December 13 1997
+BUGFIX:GL. Crash when trying to show error message "Module not loaded or Adaptation not found".
Bug introduced in 2.0.3bx
+I MI/Win. entries in WIN.INI are now compatible with format used by Logic:
* MIDI input port names must be preceded by "MidiIn_"
* MIDI output port names must be preceded by "MidiOut_"
* All characters which are not alphanumerical (i.e. a..z, A..Z, 0..9)
A good usage is to use two MIDI Loopback nodes of "Hubi's MIDI Loopback Device":
one ("LB1") to route data from Logic to SoundDiver, the second ("LB2")
to route data from SoundDiver to Logic. The file WIN.INI should contain:

The entries prevent Logic and/or SoundDiver to create MIDI loops

December 12 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b7
+BUGFIX:IN/SC. SoundDiver could not handle more than 256 Adaptations in the Diver folder, resulting
in wrong Adaptations installed when installing a device manually, or infinite scanning when
scanning individual Adaptations.
### Make sure that you delete the file "Universal Module Preferences" from the Diver
### folder before launching this new version.

December 11 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b6
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. finally tracked down the crashes when trying to show alerts (introduced in 2.0.3b3)
The "fix" in 2.0.3b5 didn't help.

December 10 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b5
+BUGFIX:MI/PR/Win. crash when loading a Preferences file which has different size or number of
MIDI In buffers.
+BUGFIX:GL. Possible crashes when trying to show an alert. Bug introduced in 2.0.3b3
+W GL/Mac. default memory allocation now 4 MB instead of 3 MB.
+I AB. Revised credits
+BUGFIX:AB. Copyright string for Mercutio MDEF was missing

December 5 1997
+BUGFIX:PR. "Automatic snapshot" parameter was missing.
+BUGFIX:MI. Autoplay: if Module plays a specific note while another specific note is already playing,
the former note's Note Off event was missing (example: E4 Preset Key range).

December 4 1997
+BUGFIX:SC. Prophecy was not found (it sends a wrong byte in the Universal Device
Reply message).

December 3 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b4
+BUGFIX:MI. If there are patchbays with Standard PRG, Initialization strings were sent to the
wrong MIDI ports. Bug introduced in 2.0.3b1. Thanks to AJ Command.
+I GL. Alerts with word wrapping: correct indentation in alerts with enumerations (e.g. the two
Welcome dialogs).
+F MI/Win. now it's possible to prevent SoundDiver from opening certain MIDI inputs/outputs:
* Open the file "WIN.INI" in your Windows folder
* Create a section [SoundDiver]
* For each unwanted input or output driver, add a line "drivername=0"
For example, if you don't need input and output 2 of a Unitor8, WIN.INI must contain
Unitor Out 02=0
Unitor In 02=0
This feature is important for
* using Sound Cards whose driver crashes or hangs when sending SysEx to the internal
Wavetable generator
* using Hubi's MIDI Loopback Device without getting MIDI loops.

December 2 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b3
+BUGFIX:IN. Line "Emagic Unitor8" was double.
+I GL/Mac. better look of alerts:
* now with color icons
* compliant to Mac OS 8 Human Interface Guidelines (regarding spacing)
* automatic line breaking and dialog width/height ratio optimization
* no more errors when showing patch or file names containing "|" or "]"
Please check all alert dialogs you get for correct look and text or any other problems.
+BUGFIX:AL. Crash when running SoundDiver with AutoLink but without OMS.
Bug introduced in 2.0.3b2.

November 26 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b2, SoundDiver Trinity 2.0.3r1
+BUGFIX:MI. When MIDI data is incoming while SoundDiver has to send entries, a message
"Device did not reply" could occur. Bug introduced with 2.0.3b1.
+BUGFIX:AL. OMS + AutoLink: sometimes, SoundDiver was initialized to AutoLink (without OMS)
at startup -> lots of strange results...
+BUGFIX:AL. OMS + AutoLink: incoming MIDI was received twice (once from AutoLink, once from
OMS), leading to garbage data.
Now, only input from Logic is processed. Advantage: the "AutoLink" environment object
also works with OMS/AutoLink.
+BUGFIX:AL. OMS + AutoLink: hangs or freezes with enabled MIDI Thru. Now MIDI Thru works
as if OMS was switched off, however Logic gets OMS Port IDs for switching the Thru
+I MI. When "Use OMS if available" is set to "ask" and OMS 2.x is detected, it is used
without asking if at least one other OMS application is active. Very useful for
OMS + AutoLink -> you can leave the option at "ask", but don't have to click "Yes"
when starting. Drawback: startup takes longer if "no" is clicked, because OMS has
to be opened temporarily.
* this feature is not available with OMS 1.x.x
* you still must not set the option to "never" when using Logic in OMS mode
+BUGFIX:PR. OMS + AutoLink: minor graphic glitch in Preferences/Communication page
+BUGFIX:AL. OMS + AutoLink: Name Provider: provided wrong devices' names.
Howeer now a bug in Logic 3.0 is revealed: it always asks for OMS port ID 0x00000000,
so now the Name Provider does not work at all, until the bug is fixed in Logic.

November 24 1997
+I MI. "Master Keyboard" flag is now no more available if at least one patchbay
has "Standard Prg" enabled.
+BUGFIX:MI. If "Standard Prg" is enabled and a device is selected connected to
a patchbay, first the Standard Prg was sent, then the Patchbay was reprogrammed
for connecting to this device in both directions. This is now only done
while transmitting to or requesting data from the device.
+I MI. "Standard Prg" Is not sent when switching to another device if patchbays
have not been reprogrammed since last transmission of "Standard Prg". This
speeds up loading Preferences.

November 19 1997 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0.2
+BUGFIX:MI. Unitor8 Control: after first detection of U8 (i.e. first launch of U8
Control, message "Unitor8 did not reply - Help - Cancel" after U8C tried to
request all memory contents.
+BUGFIX:GL/MM. Optimization: recalculation of links (and thus redraw of link column
in MM window) now only occurs if the data type contains links.
This prevents flickering while striping SMPTE in Unitor8.

November 18 1997
+I SC. Install a MIDI Patchbay manually, but forgot to define connections to/from
computer -> scanning a device (or routing data to a device connected to the Patchbay)
sent garbage to the patchbay. Now, you get an error message.

November 17 1997 ### SoundDiver 2.0.3b1
+I MI. While a device is sending an unwanted dump while SoundDiver is expecting
a dump for requested data, the timeout is extended. This feature is necessary
for the fixed YS_TQ5 Adaptation.

November 15 1997
+BUGFIX:MI. When using several Patchbays, connected to different MIDI outs, and all with
"Standard PRG" switched on, after selecting a device which is not connected to the
patchbay whose Standard PRG is sent last, all subsequent MIDI output was sent to
a wrong MIDI out. Thanks to Andreas Heggendorn at AJ Command studio.
+BUGFIX:MI. Loading a multi-device Library to the Setup while a device is active which is
connected directly to the computer -> Patchbay Standard PRG's were not sent.
Thanks to Andreas Heggendorn.
+BUGFIX:AL. AutoRequest did not work with AutoLink on faster Macs.
+I MI. New minimum MIDI In timeout of 100 ms now only applies to MIDI Manager and OMS.
+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Save as...: first character of file type specification garbled.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Midi Monitor: graphics garbage at very left border

November 13 1997 ### SoundDiver Trinity 2.0.3
+BUGFIX:GL. File > New, File > Open -> Crash. Bug introducedNovember 12.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. found possible bug which might cause crashes when starting
other programs using a timer after quitting SoundDiver.
+I GL/Win. redraw after closing a flip menu with "flicker-free redraw"
switched on is now much faster.
+I GL/Win. less flickering during redraws caused by moving or changing
size of windows.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. missing redraws when scrolling a window which was behind
another window.
+I PR/Win. changed MIDI default settings to 2 buffers with 64 KB each.
This prevents trouble with interfaces which can't handle dumps which are
larger than the input buffers.

November 12 1997
+BUGFIX:LI. Two libraries A and B are open and have 1 window open each. Close window
of Library A and confirm alert. Then Lib A's window is closed, but Lib B is
closed as well; Lib A stays open. Bug introduced Sept 9 97.
+BUGFIX:GL. Open SoundDiver by dragging a preferences file onto it: all windows of
the current screen set are opened twice.
+BUGFIX:LI/Mac. Autoload Library did not open if no other Libraries were opened
at startup. As mentioned in the manual, the Autoload library must be placed
in the "Libraries" folder.
+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Hangs when sending MIDI in certain situations (especially while
SoundDiver is in background).
+I MI. Regular module/MIDI-related jobs (e.g. requesting device configuration)
are no more executed while SoundDiver is in background. This prevents request
messages generated by SoundDiver while recording in Logic.

November 11 1997
+F GL. New switch "Check device connections at startup". If switched on:
* SoundDiver sends a Scan message to each device in the setup and waits for
a reply.
* If the device does not answer, an alert is shown. The buttons have the following
Abort - cancels the entire check. Useful if the computer is currently not connected
to a MIDI interface, but SD is started for demo purpose
Skip - skips the device, continues with next device in setup. Useful if the device
is temporarily unavailable
Delete - deletes the device from the set. Useful if the device has been removed from
the setup.
Retry - retries finding the device. Useful if you have forgot to switch on the device
or a MIDI interface
Re-scan - deletes the device from the setup and selects the model for scanning
* After all devices have been checked, any models selected by "Re-scan" are scanned,
as if selected in the Install window.
+BUGFIX:SC. Models which have a Device ID minimum > 0 (many Roland models) were not found
by the Scan function.

November 10 1997
+W MI/Mac. Sequencer and MIDI Thru now also works in MIDI Manager mode.

November 6 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0.2r3
+I MI/Mac. if MIDI Manager is used with Printer Port only active, message
"Apple MIDI Driver not in System folder" appears, however after creating
connections manually in Patchbay, communication works.
Now, SD automatically tries to create a default connection to the Printer
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. MIDI Manager output assignments defined in Patchbacy control panel
were not reestablished at startup.
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. with MIDI Manager, large incoming dumps were not received properly
(bytes missing). The MIDI Manager seems to take longer than 20 ms to process
incoming bytes. Now the minimum timeout is 100 ms (it was 20 ms before).
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. wrong shortcuts in Windows menu ("Ctrl-+(Num) -> "Ctrl+ Num+",
"Ctrl+-(Num) -> "Ctrl+ Num-", "Ctrl-F6" -> "Ctrl+F6").
+BUGFIX:SC. If device ID is set to highest possible value (e.g. 16 out of 1..16), the
device was not found in most cases. Bug introduced with binary tree device ID
scan optimization (SD 2.0).

November 5 1997
+W MM. Rename is now only enable if exactly one entry is selected.
+BUGFIX:ED. "Edit" buttons were disabled on Macs with 24 bit addressing
+BUGFIX:ED. When editing a parameter while in Compare mode, no warning appeared on Macs
with 24 bit addressing.
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. wrong buttons in "MIDI Manager detected" message in OEM versions.
+W AL. Save Library for Logic Song: Library is no more closed.

October 10 1997
+BUGFIX:FO/Mac. Standard MIDI Files could not be opened with File->Open. Introduced with Unitor8 Control
+BUGFIX:KT/Win. Import Standard MIDI File in Sequence Editor -> "Illegal Block Offset"
+I FO. Import MIDI or SYX files: now recognizes files with ending ".MID" or ".SYX" also when they have
file type 'BINA' or 'MDOS' or file creator 'hDmp' or 'MDOS'.

September 28 1997
+I ED. better background image for knobs

September 24 1997
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. Printer Port active, Check for MTP on Printer Port off, try to open output
flip menu -> cross mouse pointer appears, then SD hangs.
+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Export MIDI File created MIDI Files with incorrect header -> unusable
(Logic reports "No Tracks found").
+F GL. Cmd-NumLock (Mac) / Ctrl-NumLock (Windows/Atari): Lock/Unlock current Screenset

September 18 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0r2, SoundDiver K5000 2.0r2
+I GL/Win. Scrollbars now adjust to settings in Display control panel (color, size)
+I GL/Win. checkboxes now use Windows look

September 18 1997 ### Unitor8 Control Windows 1.0b2
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Unitor8 Control: fixed splash screen and images.

September 17 1997
+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. Unitor8 Control: if no Unitor8 is detected (and "Cancel" is clicked),
MIDI was not initialized.
+I GL/Mac. Message "Checking for OMS" remained until last screenset has been
recalled completely. This is confusing. Now a new message "Recalling last
Screenset..." is shown while the screenset is recalled.
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. on non-German systems, SoundDiver always ran in English, even
if a German (or German-Swiss) keyboard layout is selected.

September 12 1997
+BUGFIX:GL. Mac OS 8: Screenset number was hidden by Help menu title.

September 9 1997 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0b2

September 9 1997
+I AB. Unitor8 Control: smaller About window
+W LI. When closing the last window of a Library manually (by clicking close
gadget or pressing Cmd-W), an alert is shown if you want to close the
Library as well (which is the default).

September 8 1997 ### Unitor8 Control 1.0b1
+I AB. Unitor8 Control: new startup screen
+BUGFIX:PR. Unitor8 Control: removed switch "deleting doubles" - is unused without
dependency management.
+W GL. Unitor8 Control: changed version to 1.0

September 3 1997 ### Unitor8 Control 2.0.2b13
+W GL. "SoundDiver Unitor8" is now called "Unitor8 Control".
Default Preferences files are renamed as well.
The About window is not yet adapted.

September 2 1997
+I GL. New stone background with new Emagic logo.

August 26 1997 ### SD 2.0.2b7
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. if Virtual Memory is switched OFF, SoundDiver showed at startup
a message "Error code: -1 | Retry | Quit", then crashed.

August 21 1997 ### SD Unitor8 2.0.2b8
+BUGFIX:SoundDiver Unitor8: menu items "All Notes Off", "Reset Controllers", "Maximum
Volume" and "Capture MIDI File" did not work.

August 17 1997 ### 2.0.2b6
+BUGFIX:MI. Channel messages sent out in several portions did not work in AutoLink mode.
This affects all Adaptations which use pseudo bytes as data bytes for channel
messages (e.g. C0 EN#).
+BUGFIX:SC. Scanning did not work in AutoLink/OMS mode.

August 15 1997
+BUGFIX:ED. Certain switch objects did not work anymore. Bug introducedAugust 11.

August 11 1997 ### 2.0.2b5

August 9 1997
+BUGFIX:GL. Startup, there is a new Module present in the Diver folder, but it has a wrong
version. If there is a device in the setup which uses this Module, crash at startup.

August 8 1997
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. recalling screensets always scrolled Library windows to the bottom
+F LI. Edit Library entry name, comment or location: if the first entered character
is an asterisk *, the old text is not replaced by the new one, but the remaining
new text is appended to the old text. This is useful for adding comments to multiple
+BUGFIX:GL/LI/Win. TextEdit: Cursor Down and Cursor Up were not processed, so entering
several lines of text was not possible easily.

August 7 1997
+BUGFIX:MM. Message "Illegal IINDEX", hangs and crashes on Macs with 24 bit addressing.

August 6 1997
+BUGFIX:MI/At. Sequencer did not work. Bug was introduced with Mac OMS support.

July 27 1997 ### 2.0.2b4

July 25 1997
+BUGFIX:LI. Double-click a Library entry which is used by other entries, edit it
and Auto-Store it back to the Library entry: dependencies were no more shown,
no more warnings when trying to delete it.
+BUGFIX:ED. Decimal fractions with -1 < value < 0 (i.e. were shown
+BUGFIX:IN. Create a new Adaptation by adding "### New Adapatation ###" always
added two new devices for the same Adaptation.

July 24 1997
+I GL. Updated SoundDiverBox phone number in numerous help files.
+I GL. Renamed Newsxxxx.note to Newsxxxx.txt
+I GL. Included file SDW_NEWS.TXT (the file which contains all bugfixes of
Windows version) into Newsxxxx.txt
+I GL. A single-file version of Newsxxxx.txt (called News.all) is now
available, so you can search for bugfixes of all SoundSurfer/Diver
versions in one single file.
+I DM. Open an editor window: Window Chain is switched on by default only
if no other editor window is open.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. crash when selecting menu items which have a menu comment longer
than 160 characters (SoundDiver E-Prime).
+I PR. SoundDiver Unitor8:Device Entries are now always saved in Preferences
(without warning when loaded), but also requested from the Unitor8. Removed
corresponding switches.

July 22 1997
+BUGFIX:MI/PR. SoundDiver recognized only up to 2 Unitor8 per port.
Now up to 8 Unitor8 are recognized.
+BUGFIX:MI/PR. If "Configure MTP Configuration" is on, SoundDiver recognized
only one Unitor8.

July 19 1997
+I GL/Win. Reduced SoundDiver file size by 3 KB (removed some debugging stuff)

July 18 1997
+I PR. Unitor version number display: xzy -> x.y.z

July 2 1997 ### Version 2.0.1 (Mac, Windows, Atari)
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. TextEdit: Edit menu commands were shifted by one (Copy -> Cut,
Paste -> Copy, Clear -> Paste, Select All -> Clear).
Redo menu item was not disabled in TextEdit mode.
Bugs introduced with Multiple Undo.
+BUGFIX:MI/At. if MIDI Monitor window is open, crash at incoming MIDI data.
+BUGFIX:LI. Select multiple entries with different "Memory Location" or "Comment" fields:
changing these fields simultaneously did not work.
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. IntelliMouse scrolling with Wheel was upside down.

June 27 1997
+BUGFIX:MI. In OMS and MIDI Manager mode, recording a new sequence did not work
+F MI. MIDI Thru loops are now detected. You will get a message
"A MIDI Thru loop occured...", and MIDI Thru is switched off.
Before, SD hung up (mouse freeze).

June 25 1997
+BUGFIX:ED/Win. Editors with "map-style" sliders (Tuning Tables etc.): crash
when editing a slider with the mouse and moving mouse pointer outside
window contents.
+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Import of alien formats (e.g. Explorer 32) did not work.

June 20 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0r13

June 12 1997
+I GL. Adjusted new BBS number in Demo and OEM startup dialogs
+I GL. OEM startup dialog now shows "SoundDiver <model name>" instead of "SoundDiver OEM".
+F SC. OEM version: if nothing could be scanned, and user clicks "manually", user can
select desired model.

June 3 1997
+BUGFIX:MI. Sequencer: Start recording, press Pause, play a note -> crash
+BUGFIX:MI. Sequencer: wrong alignment of Drum Autoplay value text, left graphic garbage
+BUGFIX:ED. Randomize: parameters whose minimum is < 0 only get random values between minimum and
maximum-minimum. Thanks to Malte Rogacki.

May 26 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0r11

May 25 1997
+BUGFIX:GL. Surf in SoundSurfer in a Device where there is no edit buffer for the type of the
surfed entry: message "Text not found. Check Resource File for Text ID 'IO'".
+BUGFIX:GL. If an entry is being edited, and its data size is increased (e.g. by re-receiving it with
larger size), the message "Out of Memory" could appear, although there is plenty of memory.
+BUGFIX:MI. Sending long dumps in very small packets (e.g. 2 bytes) was very slow *in OMS mode*. This
affected all Modules and Adaptations which send data in Nibbles (and there are a lot of them).

May 24 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0r10
+BUGFIX:GL. If a Module deletes an entry in a device (because it no more exists), a crash could
occur if no undoable operation has been executed before. It one has been executed, undoing the
operation also re-created the deleted entry (which is nonsense).
+I MM. Link box: no more duplicate entries in the "Uses..." section.

May 22 1997
+BUGFIX:SC/Win. With Unitor 8 Windows driver, all devices were scanned doubly
(the first time at output "emagic Unitor 8 (All)").
+BUGFIX:MI/Win. With some (badly implemented) MIDI drivers, SysEx out did not
work. (dwBytesSend was not set by SoundDiver, although this parameter
should not be used for MIDI out, according to Microsoft documentation)

May 21 1997 ### SoundDiver EOS 2.0r9
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Enter text in text input object in editors: with Shift-1 thru
Shift-9, the digit and the shifted character appeared one after the

May 19 1997
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If mouse button is pressed while a lengthy operation is done,
sometimes the hourglass remained.

May 18 1997 ## 2.0r1, SoundDiver EOS 2.8r8
+BUGFIX:MI. Modules which have to send messages after requesting/sending entries did not
do this. Bug introduced in 2.0b2. Bug affected MIDI processing in JV-1080,
JV-80, microWave and other Modules.

May 15 1997
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Paste of a text scrap did not work (now creates a number of
title lines). Thanks to Gerhard Lengeling :-) - the fixed code is
now part of Logic Windows: "Paste all names" in Multi Instrument

May 2 1997 ### 2.0 release (Mac, Windows)

April 30 1997
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Open an overlapping window (i.e. Install, About, ...),
activate another application, activate SoundDiver, close the
window -> the other application gets active.

April 29 1997
+BUGFIX:LI/MM/IN/SE. Going to previous object with Shift-Tab did not deselect previously
selected object(s).
+BUGFIX:LI/MM/IN/SE. Selecting objects by typing the beginning did not work correctly if
punctuation marks or digits are involved (due to new enhanced sorting algorithm)
+BUGFIX:HE/Mac/At. Key words containing punctuation marks or digits (e.g. "D-550") were
not found in some cases; switching to next/previous help page did not work in some cases.
All help files had to be recompiled.

April 28 1997
+BUGFIX:MI. AutoLink and OMS now work simultaneously. You need Logic beta version 2.6.5 561c
or newer, or Logic 3.0 (when available).
With older Logic versions, an alert appears that this Logic version is not suitable.
Before these bugfixes in SD and Logic, created Instruments used a (nonsense) cable number
instead of an OMS device, and existing suitable OMS Instruments were ignored.

April 27 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r6
+BUGFIX:LI/FI. Editing Date/Time with mouse did not work; editing search date did not work at all
in Find dialog.
+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. if Text Edit is active, "Undo", "Toggle Selection", "Find" and "Find Again"
(i.e. items in Edit menu except Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear and Select All) did not work.
Result: Cmd-G did not work if Text Edit in Find window is active.
+BUGFIX:PR/FI/Win. ESC, TAB and Return did not work in Preferences and Find
+BUGFIX:PR/FI/Win. Preferences and Find dialogs could be opened several times;
crash possible when quitting. Now, the existing dialog is activated.
+I FI/Win. After opening the Find window, the search text edit field
has the keyboard focus, and the text is selected by default.
+I PR/FI/Win. If an alert is opened, the dialog window was deactivated.
Now, the dialog is re-activated.
+I GL/Win. Resolution change is now taken into account without restarting
SoundDiver -> flip menus get correct width/height.
+BUGFIX:LI/GL/Win. Text Edit input: last character of maximum length was cut
off (important for editing date/time).

April 25 1997 ### 2.0b3
+BUGFIX:MI. AutoLink and OMS did not work (when AutoLink is detected, OMS mode was switched off).
+I MI. Added an alert box which appears when trying to use AutoLink and OMS with Logic older than
562 (which will fix some bugs in AutoLink/OMS mode).
+BUGFIX:MI. Import SYX File: System Realtime bytes were not filtered out, resulting in garbage
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Double-click Library, Adaptation or Preferences file in Windows
Explorer launched SoundDiver (if registry assignments exist), but
did not open the clicked file.

April 24 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r5

April 22 1997
+BUGFIX:MI. MTP connected to Printer Port, but AppleTalk is on. After clicking "Use
anyway", the existing MTP cables were not requested -> the MTP was not

April 16 1997
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Insert key did not work (inserts a title entry).
+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Sort: last entry of one block was not affected by sorting

April 11 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r4, 2.0b2
+W GL. Revised key command layout for cursor keys:
Windows Macintosh Atari old command new command
Sh-Cursor Sh-Cursor Sh-Cursor move sel one page up/dn move block selection end
one entry up/down
Home Home ClrHome select first entry scroll to top
End End Sh-ClrHome select last entry scroll to bottom
Sh-Home Sh-Home - - move block sel. end to
document beginning
Sh-End Sh-End - - move block sel. end to
document beginning
Sh-PgUp Sh-PgUp - - move block sel. end one
page up
Sh-PgDn Sh-PgDn - - move block sel. end one
PgUp/PgDn PgUp/PgDn - move sel one page up/dn scroll one page up/dn
Ctrl-PgUp Ctrl-PgUp - - scroll one page left/right

Still valid: if Shift or Control is held at cursor movement commands,
AutoSurf is temporarily disabled.

+W GL. pressed buttons are now shown light green instead of light grey, improved 3D look
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Key commands which don't have a menu item equivalent and which
contain a held Shift key did not work (i.e. worked only if both
Shift keys were held down :-) ).

April 10 1997
+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Key accelerators for window-specific menus did not work.
Bug introduces in 2.0r3.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Save Library as / Save Prefs as: if file extension is appended
manual in lowercase, the extension was appended a second time in
uppercase -> file was saved as "xxx.lib.LIB" or "xxx.prf.PRF".
+I GL/Win. Setup, MM and Library window: foreground and background colors
for selected and unselected text defined in "Display" control panel
are now taken into account.

+BUGFIX:LI/GL/Win. When using rubberband with parameter column shown and
flicker free redraw switched on, graphic garbage was left by
rubberband. This bug might have had an effect in other situations
as well.

April 9 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r3

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Deinstall: resulted in error "Illegal Function call", and
Authorization count was not incremented, although key file was
deleted. Bug introduced in 2.0b1
+I GL/Win. Text description of currently selected menu item in status bar
is now also available for
- menu titles
- window and document names in Windows menu
- local menus (including titles of submenus)
- Module-specific local menus (text for some Modules is still missing)
- the System menu

April 8 1997

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Flip menus: graphic garbage if Windows color scheme does not use
white window background

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Flip menus: if non-proportional font is used, or if images are shown,
there was black text or graphics on black or dark background

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Window scrollbar gadget didn't jump out after releasing
+I GL/Win. Changing between different MM or editor windows now updates
the status line to the last clicked entry or parameter's name.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. When SD has been installed in standard time but is launched in
daylight savings time (or vice versa), SD wanted to authorize the
harddisk again (same problem with Logic Audio Discovery). Bug introduced
in 2.0b1
+I FO/Win. "Save Prefs as..." now shows the Diver folder as a default location.

April 6 1997

+BUGFIX:GL. Loading corrupted Library files might crash. Now corrupted Library entries are skipped.
+I MI. Handling multiple received (or requested, but non-existing) entries is now much faster,
especially in Memory Managers with many entries, like K2000, E4.

April 4 1997 ### 2.0b1 Atari

+BUGFIX:GL/At. Some files were missing in TRK files (because of write back cache in

+BUGFIX:GL. ATari INSTALL.PRG: if there is a comment line longer than 61 characters, Install
crashed while copying files.

+BUGFIX:GL/At. About screen revised

April 3 1997 ### 2.0b1
+I GL. All Modules can now only be used with SoundDiver 2.0 or higher. This forces
users to upgrade to 2.0 when they download updated Modules for free. :-)

April 2 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r2

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. no more crashes with OMS and MIDI Thru, Sequencer and Channel messages.

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. Patchbay Program Change sent to wrong port in OMS mode.

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. wrong display of outputs in MIDI Monitor in OMS mode.

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. sending a single EOX byte in OMS mode did not work. This lead to severe
communication problems (most Modules and Adaptations send SysEx messages in several
portions, some of them with a single EOX byte at the end).
+W MI/Mac. Sequencer / AutoPlay is now available in OMS mode.
+W MI/Mac. Sequencer and MIDI Thru are now deactivated while SoundDiver is in

+BUGFIX:MI. MIDI Monitor: if floating window is open, Clear draws contents of floating
window in MIDI Monitor window.

March 29 1997
+I IN/LI. Sorting improved:
- all characters below ASCII code 48 (e.g. -/.,"! etc.) are ignored when comparing
- digits 0..9 are compared as multi-digit numbers, e.g. "JV-80" now comes before

March 25 1997
+I GL. Now using new copy protection scheme.
You will need a new master disk. Please contact Andreas Dedring (

+BUGFIX:LI. Surf a Library entry, but Module for the entry could not be loaded (e.g.
because the Module is not in the Diver folder), any error messages appeared
16 times instead of only once.

+BUGFIX:ED. AutoPlay created illegal MIDI events sometimes.
+I HE/Win. Recalling online help for parameter name "a b c" while the help file
only contains keyword "a b": always showed the Topics dialog with an error
message. Now "a b" is found.

March 23 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 2.0r1

+BUGFIX:MI. Incoming MIDI Clock was not filtered out in OMS mode -> incoming dumps could not
be received if MIDI Clock events occured inbetween.

+BUGFIX:PR. Description text missing for "Request retries" flip menu

March 21 1997
+I GL. In low memory situations, the undo/redo chains are not deleted completely in
one step, but one step at the end of the longest chain of both, one by one until there
is sufficient memory.
+I GL. In low memory situations, flicker free redraw does no more touch the undo/redo
chains. Instead, there is a flickering redraw.
+I ED/Win. Maximized editor window, select parameter group, choose "New Window":
the new window was opened maximized - however the intention of such a command
is to open two windows of the same editor simultaneously. Now, before opening
n   the new window, the existing is switched to normal view, and the new window
is thus opened normally as well.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If an overlapped window is topped (e.g. Install window), and a key
command is entered for which an accelerator exists in the most-top child
window (e.g. Setup Window: Ctrl-D), the key command could not be processed
-> Ctrl-D did not add the selected devices in the Install window

March 20 1997 ### SoundDiver K5000 Final 2.0

+BUGFIX:AB. New version of SoundDiver graphics with correct colors.
+W GL. Removed sound effects out of SoundDiver K5000 OEM version (will not fit on one
floppy disk otherwise).

March 19 1997 ### 1.5.8b34
The menu item "Undo" now always performs Undo. Below it, there is a new menu item "Redo"
(Cmd-Y / Ctrl-Y).
* There are two lists: the Undo list and the Redo list.
* Every time you perform a data changing operation, its counterpart operation is
inserted at the beginning of the Undo list.
* Every time an Undo is performed, the appropriate counterpart operation is inserted
at the beginning of the Redo list - and vice versa.
* If SoundDiver gets out of memory, the Undo and Redo lists are cleared, and the
failed memory allocation is retried.

+BUGFIX:DM. Copy a Multi which has a link to an item which is unknown but cannot be requested:
the dialog "Entry ^0 needs ^1 which is yet unknown." appeared; clicking "Request"
or "Request all" resulted in aborting the operation.
Now the linked item is ignored.
(Example: K5000 Combi to ROM PCM Singles)

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Parameter columns: after parameter is changed by flip menu, background
was partially white instead of light grey, and descriptive text was missing.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Now uses System font again for 16 pixel high fonts if font size is
set to 100% ("Small fonts") in Display control panel.
+I GL/Win. Help files are now loaded from a folder which has the native name
of the current locale (i.e. "Deutsch") in the Diver folder, if this folder
exists; otherwise from the Diver folder.
This allows you to install SoundDiver completely with English and German
online help and switch between the languages via the "Language" control
Mar 18 1997[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Removed duplicates in menu mnemonics (underlined characters).

March 16 1997
+F GL. OEM/Demo versions: new menu items "SoundDiver Features..." and "Emagic Distributors"
which show pages in online help. In Windows version, file "SoundDiver.HLP" is required in
Diver folder.
+W AB. Version graphics changed from "1.6" to "2.0".

March 13 1997 ### 1.5.8b33
+I GL/Win. Import samples in K5000 and MW Module: available file types
now shown correctly in file type filter.

March 9 1997 ### 1.5.8b31

March 7 1997

+BUGFIX:GL. MIDI Monitor: if the MIDI Monitor window contains a message of a certain type,
this type is filtered out, and "Copy" is performed -> infinite loop.
Mar 5 1997[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. AutoPlay on, edit parameter while sequencer is already playing:
with some Modules (e.g. K5000), sometimes the cycled Note On message
got inbetween the SysEx message, resulting in MIDI drones.

March 4 1997 ### 1.5.8b30
+W GL. Beta time bomb is now end of
April. :-)

+BUGFIX:MM. If the last digit in bank numbering scheme is not variable (e.g. "(Part 1)" to "(Part 9)" in
JV-1080), empty columns were inserted in the beginning. Thanks to MaBu.
Mar 4 1997

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If menu item "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Clear", "Select All", "Toggle
Selection", "Request" or "Transmit" is selected while no window is
opened -> crash.

February 23 1997 ### 1.5.8b29
+W AB/Mac. with less than 16 colors/greyscales, now a dithered b/w picture is shown.

+BUGFIX:GL. If a window has been opened as a floating window, and there is only one window
of this class (e.g. MIDI Monitor), the window could only be opened as a floating
window. Thanks to Malte Rogacki.

February 22 1997

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. if there is an MTP connected to the Printer Port, scanning devices or clicking
the "Output" parameter in the Device Parameter box caused a hang. Bug introduced
with Unitor 8 support. Thanks to Jeremy D. Bernstein, Pit L�w and MaBu.

Feb 18 1997[/b][/u] ### 1.5.8b28

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Sequencer window could be resized (which is nonsense).

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. While sizing windows, the sizing rectangle was not limited to the
maximum possible size.

+BUGFIX:MM/Win. Opening MM window with banks which don't have a bank numbering
(e.g. S1000/3000 samples) -> crash.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Finally found "the font problem": the System font was wrong size
if the font size selected in the Display control panel is not 100%
(i.e. "Small Font").
Other places with wrong font:
- all text output in an offscreen bitmap (i.e. flicker-free redraw)
until the first font selection occurs
- text in flip menus, except a font is selected

February 16 1997

+BUGFIX:SC. Scan a device which supports Universal Device Inquiry which has Device ID > 1 and whic
is not connected to a patchbay: device is not found. Thanks to Christian Roth.

+BUGFIX:SC. Scan several devices which supports Universal Device Inquiry, the first one supports less
Device IDs than the second one, and the second one is set to a Device ID which is not avaiable
for the first one -> second device is not found. Now, individual Scan messages for Device IDs
1..127 are sent in any case.
(Example: Ensoniq SD-1 (ID 1), E-mu E4 (ID 17) -> E4 is not found).

February 15 1997
+I MI. OMS: if "Use OMS" is set to "Never", text "Checking for OMS" no more appears, and startup
is faster. The same applies to MIDI Manager.
+I MI. OMS / MIDI Manager: if "Use OMS" or "Use MIDI Manager" is set to "Ask", you now get 4
choices: Never, Don't use now, Use now, Always.

+BUGFIX:MI. OMS: after changing outpuut OMS device, missing redraw in other windows showing the same
Device parameter box.
+W GL/Mac. removed old "Emagic" busybee mouse cursor. Now using standard "watch with rotating
pointer" type.

February 14 1997

+BUGFIX:GL. changing screensets and saving preferences: did not memorize that a window was opened
as a floating window -> recalling a screenset or loading preferences opened the window
as a normal window.

February 13 1997

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac. flicker-free redraw of parameter group with background: graphics garbage if the
parameter group contains other flicker-free-redrawn objects. Bug introduced Feb 6.

Feb 12 1997

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. If a 2-byte channel message (Program Change, Channel Pressure)
is sent, and the sending Module sends the two bytes in separate calls,
first a Program Change with a random data byte was sent, then the single
second data byte (at least with an EES PC-MIDI 1/4).
This mainly affected Adaptations which send Program Changes with
a variable data byte like EN#, thus this bug might have caused major
communication problems (like "when I request a bank, I receive the
same sound 100 times").

February 11 1997

+BUGFIX:MI. OMS: adding a device manually
might cause a crash, as the output setting gets an invalid

February 9 1997 ### 1.5.8b27
+W AB. Replace Emagic logo with new design

+BUGFIX:MI. OMS: after switching "Use OMS" off and back on, a message "The x port is used by another
program" or "no ports are used" could appear, although OMS is already activated.

+BUGFIX:MI. OMS: one OMS device (the first received by OMSGetNodeInfo()) could not be used.

+BUGFIX:SC. OMS: very long scanning procedure if there are OMS devices "IAC Driver" or "Studio Patches
pgm chg" in the Active OMS Studio (these devices echo the sent requests, and SoundDiver thinks
a real device has answered).

+BUGFIX:SC. OMS: if there are several OMS devices daisy-chained to the same MTP output, SoundDiver
scanned each connected device several times. Now, only OMS devices connected directly to the
MIDI interface are taken into account while scanning.

+BUGFIX:SC. OMS: scanning of MIDI patchbays connected to an MTP did not work. Message
"No Patchbay connections found". The reason: SoundDiver treated top-level OMS devices
(e.g. Studio 4, MTP) as potential out ports. However, sending on device "MTP" always sends on Cable
0, thus SoundDiver could not isolate the Patchbay connections to the computer.
Now, only second-level OMS devices are scanned.

+BUGFIX:PR. Load Preferences -> OMS port assignments of all devices were overwritten with "(unassigned)".
+W PR. Default for "Use MIDI Manager if available" and "Use OMS ..." is now "Ask".
+W SC. Trying to scan with no MIDI port active now results in an error message, then the
Preferences windows is opened.
Note: MIDI Thru and Sequencer still crash in OMS. Fix in next version!

February 3 1997

+BUGFIX:GL. Redraw of windows (especially while scrolling): if there is only a border of an object visible,
it was not redrawn (the border is considered outside of the dimensions of the object, so it
was "optimized away").

+BUGFIX:MM/Win. Redraw of entries beginning with a capital W or: border line to the
left was overwritten in some font sizes.

February 6 1997
+W ED. Redraw of whole parameter groups is now flicker-free if they have a background fill pattern.

February 2 1997

+BUGFIX:MM. Wrong vertical position of bank entries if there is only one column, there are horizontal
separation lines, the first contiguous block does not have the full number of entries, and not
the whole bank is redrawn (e.g. when moving the cursor). Example: S1000 Programs.
Thanks to Henry Stamerjohann

January 28 1997

+BUGFIX:ED. If a 3D rotary knob cannot be shown due to low memory, the normal black/white knob
was not shown instead (well, it was, but at y = 32767...)

Jan 13 1997[/b][/u] ### 1.5.8b26

+BUGFIX:UM/Win. Start SoundDiver, scan Diver folder for new Adaptation or load
Adaptation: if an Adaptation has been created with SoundDiver Mac or
Polyframe, crash. (Tried to convert a string from Mac to Windows
which does not exist.)

January 9 1997
+W MI/Mac. OMS/MIDI Manager: if option "Use xxx if available" is off, the appearing dialog
has a third button "Use always" which switches the option on.

+BUGFIX:SE/Mac. OMS: node names were not shown correctly in list view, were not updated when changed,
and there was a memory leak.
+W PR/Mac. OMS: added buttons "OMS Studio Setup..." and "OMS MIDI Setup..." in Communication page.

January 5 1997

+BUGFIX:MM. E4: missing background at bottom of MM window

+BUGFIX:MM. Banks with one column and numbering scheme beginning at 1: was shown as two columns
(second column contained only one entry). Now in this case there is no vertical shift for
the first entry, but the first horizontal separation gap appear after 9 lines.

+BUGFIX:MM. Banks with horizontal separation gaps: background and line of numbering column was too

January 3 1997 ### 1.5.8b25
+F GL/Mac. BIG BANG! Finally: OMS Support
* When you start SoundDiver when OMS is installed, you are asked whether to use OMS.
"Don't use": SoundDiver tries to open the serial ports as before. Note that this will fail if
OMS has already been opened by another application, because then OMS occupies
the ports.
"Use": SoundDiver ...
* signs in to OMS
* opens an input and output port
* opens all "real" input and output connections
If there are no outputs, you get an appropriate warning to setup OMS first
* All OMS outputs are treated as if they were "normal" outputs. They are all scanned by the Scan
function. Clicking the "Out" parameter in the Device parameter box shows the standard OMS
port popup menu.
Outputs assigned to devices are stored separately for stand-alone and OMS modes, so that you
can use SoundDiver alternatively with or without OMS without the need to reassign the outputs
every time you change the mode (with or without OMS).
However, if you have scanned your setup in one mode, you have to reassign the outputs once
when you change the mode.
The same applies to the "Patchbay PRG" output parameter.
* Setup window in list view: OMS node names are shown instead of port name, and wider.
* You can use SoundDiver with OMS and AutoLink simultaneously. LOGIC will send on the correct

Features still missing:
* "Patchbay PRG" is sent to wrong output
* SoundDiver is not aware of changes made to the active Studio in "OMS Setup".
* Support for OMS 2.x Time Manager (remote control in Sequencer window and AutoPlay)
* Support for OMS 2.x Name Manager (shows patch names in Vision). This feature is planned for
SoundDiver 1.7.
* AutoLink: Name Provider does not work (LOGIC does not pass on OMS node ID to SoundDiver, so
that the output cannot be compared)
Yet unclear:
* MIDI Thru / updating MIDI Thru in OMS sequencer (there is no programming interface - same
problem as in M*ROS)
+F. PR/Mac. "Use MIDI Manager if available", "Use OMS if available": when active, there is no
more dialog "Use xxx?"

January 2 1997

+BUGFIX:MM. Numbering scheme: if a digit place has a space, but "Leading Zero" is off, horizontal
separating lines were formatted incorrectly.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. In some cases, text left to progress bar does not show up.

December 30 1996
+W ED. Deutsche Version: "Fensterinhalt an Auswahl koppeln" heisst jetzt
"Fenster koppeln".

+BUGFIX:PR/Mac. window too small in OEM versions (Global Settings page).

December 27 1996
+W ED. Jump from Overview to street map: selected view is now chosen so that the
"zoomed" parameter group is now always fully visible (if possible).
Before, it was possible that only part of the parameter group was visible.

December 21 1996
+W MM. When a bank numbering does not start at 0 (e.g. 1..99), and the number of rows
is an integer multiple of the last digit's basis (e.g. 20 lines, 1..99 numbering),
the first item in the bank is shifted down by this offset. This way, you can use
a number of rows which corresponds better to the bank numbering.
Example: Kawai K5000: 128 entries, nubered 1..128 instead of 0..127.

December 18 1996

+BUGFIX:MM. If there are horizontal separation lines, entries were output at wrong y
positions when updating a bank partially. Bug introduced Nov 25

+BUGFIX:MI. When requesting data, and a pause is needed in a request, the pause was
ignored if data was incoming, even before the request was completely sent out.
This happens when a device replies with two messages on a request, and only the
first one is needed to satisfy the request (e.g. Memorymoog Edit Program:
first sends the requested dump, then a program change).
+W GL/Mac. the used language now depends on the currently selected keyboard layout,
as set in the control panel "Keyboard" (deutsch: "Eingabe"), and not on the language
of the installed MacOS.
Note for distributors: the "LANG" resource is no more identified by its ID (= Script
Manager language code), but by name. Its name must be identical to the name shown
in the Keyboard control panel (and also identical to the KCHR resource in the System

Dec 10 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Save as: file is saved as <filename>.LIB.LIB

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Save as: user could choose other file types, resulting in a wrong
file name extension.
Dec 9 1996[/b][/u] ### 1.5.8b24
+F/Win. GL. SoundSurfer Windows is available for beta test. Only thing missing:
graphics (painting and logo) in splash screen. Right now, the old
surfer pict is shown.
If you want to beta-test SoundSurfer, please ask Andreas Dedring
to send you a Master Disk containing authorization counts.

December 7 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. UnEdit: Diver Adaptations converted to Surfer which contain a bank with no
dumps, and the next bank refers to this bank: crash when opening the Memory Manager.
Now UnEdit converts correctly, and Surfer/Diver shows an error message instead
of crashing.

December 6 1996

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac: Crash or wrong redraw when displaying a PSENSBOX object
(like in MicroWave 2.0 Wavetable editor) with flicker-free redraw
switched on. Now, flicker-free redraw is switched off temporarily when
such an object is redrawn. This is obviously a bug in the MacOS
which is not able to draw a button to an off-screen bitmap.
+W AB. Completely revised About window, with new graphics, logo, version
number display - now similar to the ones found in Logic, Logic Audio
and ZAP.

December 4 1996
+W PR/Mac. detected type of MTP / MIDI Express is now shown to the right
of the port icon. Below, the number of possible (2) and available
MTPs is shown as green and white rectangles.

December 3 1996
+W MI. MIDI Monitor window revised:
* changing settings in local "Show" menu does no more delete the
window contents
* offset in left column now always counts inside SysEx messages,
i.e. the SysEx status byte has always offset 0. This makes counting
offsets easier.
* Time stamps can be switched off for data bytes, i.e. only status
bytes are shown with time stamps
* configurable filter for all channel messages and system messages.
Message types which are switched off can be shown again (they are
not deleted) - just like in LOGIC event editor
* vertical grey line between Hex and ASCII view
Dec 3 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Context menu: sometimes, mouse pointer did not change to arrow
before the context menu opens.
Dec 2 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Another attempt to fix the "wrong font" problem. Now, first the
stock system font is used before creating an own font with face name
"System". Please check if the bug is gone - I can't reproduce the

November 25 1996
+W SC. Scanning Patchbay connections: now shows a progress bar.
+W MM. Banks are now shown with a horizontal separation distance every time
the last digit of the numbering scheme restarts at the '0' value, if the number of
rows is an integer multiple of the last digit's basis. This
enables Module and Adaptation programmers to show more rows in a bank without
losing the visual representation of sub-banks, e.g. VFX Programs:
now 5x12 rows instead of 10x6. This makes many Memory Managers much more compact.
+W GL/Win. Context menus: now with default items.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Right click on entry did not select it if not selected.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Windows menu: changed shortcut for "Help" from "Ctrl+?" to "F1"

November 24 1996
+W MI. Patchbay Standard Program is no more sent when a device is activated which
is connected directly to the computer. Thanks to Mark Ayres.
November22 1996

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Importing files with a '.' in the file name before the extension
did not work.

+BUGFIX:SC/Win. Scanning at a MIDI Time Piece, MTP AV or MIDI Express: output
"All" is now skipped. Before, all devices were found twice.

+BUGFIX:PR/Win. "Save Preferences as..." did not work - the file name got an
".*" instead of ".PRF" appended.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Same bug for Export MIDI/SYX file and "Export names" in Adaptation

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Crashes with path names longer than 128 characters.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Opening SD with a Library or Preferences file by double-clicking
it in Windows Explorer (after assigning the file type) did not work if
the file is in a different directory than SoundDiver.EXE.
+W SE/Win. Computer icon is now icon of Windows Explorer.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Fixed a small graphical bug in buttons. They now look much better.

November 21 1996

+BUGFIX:LI/MM/IN. Adding a range with Shift-Control-Clicking deselected the beginning of
the range.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. No window open: Window menu items "Larger view" and "Smaller view"
were not disabled. Choose them -> crash
+W GL/Win. Windows menu: now a list of the opened Libraries is appended, just
like in the Mac and Atari versions. The active Library is checked.
When selecting such a menu item, all windows of the library are brought
to the top. If there are no windows open, a new window is opened

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Holding down Shift, Control or Alt let the mouse cursor flicker
unnecessarily in some windows.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Libraries with a '.' in the file name before ".lib": message "file
not found" when trying to reload them at startup.
+W GL/Win. All child windows now have unique names. If necessary, a number is
appended with ':'.
+W PR/Win. Rearranged vertical positions, reduced dialog size.
November20 1996
+W PR/Win. Switch "Mouse as Slider" removed - switching it off does not make
sense, as right mouse button is now used for context menus.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Right click on flip menu no more opens it (right click is reserved
for context menus).

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. XY Gadget: acceleration mode is now done with Shift-click instead
of right click.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. German version: changed "Ctrl" to "Strg", "Shift" to "Umschalt" in
menu items, compliant to Microsoft's international Glossary.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Shortcut for Undo ("Ctrl+Z") was missing in Edit menu.

November 18 1996
+W SC. Scanning at a MIDI Time Piece AV was very slow when scanning for devices which
support Universal Device Inquiry (Korg, Ensoniq, Sony, Lexicon, E-mu), because it
replied on every port. Now UDI replies from MotU devices are ignored.
+W LI. Load Library: if there were entries which could not be loaded, the alert now
shows "For x of y entries, ...".
+W GL. "Transmit File" renamed to "Load and transmit File".

+BUGFIX:AS/Win. Load and transmit File: while Auto-Store dialog is open, entries
were transmitted, although the user could cancel this after loading
the complete file.
November17 1996

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Selected title entry: text was invisible

+BUGFIX:FI/Win. Enter search text: entered characters were always inserted at
the beginning. Introduced Nov 13.
November14 1996 ### 1.5.8b22

+BUGFIX:PR/Win. Click�ng menu item "Preferences" now saves them when holding
Shift (not Alt!)

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Local menu items which can have a checkmark: when they are
unchecked, they were unnecessarily indented by one space.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Panning: if there is no scrollbar for an axis (e.g. horizontal
axis in MIDI Monitor window), panning was still possible in this
direction -> wrong redraws.
+W GL/Win. Big bang: *** CONTEXT MENUS ***
in Library, Setup, Memory Manager, Editor and MIDI Monitor windows.
Right-click in one of these windows, and the context menu is
- when you click on an unselected object, it is selected before the
context menu is opened
- when you click on a selected object, the selection is retained
- the menu items of the context menu depend on whether you clicked
on a Library entry / Memory Manager entry / parameter group or
Known bug:
- when you open a window as floating, the context menu shows the
menu item of the topmost MDI client window instead. Not yet
sure if this can be fixed.

November 13 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. Auto Snapshot created identical copies every time as soon as an entry has.
been changed, because "Delete Duplicates" was ignored.
Now, "Delete Duplicates" also applies to Auto Snapshot, however there is no
safety message.

+BUGFIX:FI/Win. Changing from "easy" to "advanced" dialog did not reset
parameters to "The Name" "contains", "Select one", as in Mac/Atari

+BUGFIX:PR/Win. Changing "3D look" switch did not have an immediate effect.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. No more "unknown error number". Now, Windows is used to show
a descriptive error message text.

+BUGFIX:FI/Win. Start searching in an empty Library -> crash.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. When trying to open a Library which is already opened, no
warning appeared. Instead, the Library was loaded a second time,
but the file name was changed (appended a number resp. replaced the
number at the end).

November12 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Drag and drop: GDI resources were used up at each mouse movement,
causing fatal errors after a lot of drag and drop.
Same bug appeared in Patch Cord dragging (SY77/99 Free Algorithm Edit and
Universal Module Envelope Object editor).

+BUGFIX:ED/Win. Enter name: entering upper case characters resulted in lower case.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Sometimes the used system font is much too large.

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Print: error message "not enough memory for flicker-free redraw",
unnecessary (and wrong) redraws in window.
+W MI/Win. If a MIDI output is not available (because it could not be opened),
its name is now shown in grey text
+W MI/Win. Startup: if a MIDI input or output could not be opened, because it
is already occupied, there is no more error message. Now you can use
SoundDiver simultaneously with other MIDI applications with the help of
multi-client MIDI drivers like MULTIMID or "HuBi's Loopback device".
With "HuBi's", this is done as follows:
* install the MIDI driver Midlpbk.dll with
Continue-> [No] ->Continue -> [ Audio/Video/Game Controller ] ->Continue
->Diskette -> [ enter the unzipped directory ] ...
* start HWMDCABL.EXE once.
* Right-click on the button in the system bar.
* Select your MIDI interface's input for Input and "LB1" for output
* start HWMDCABL.EXE a second time, right-click it
* Select "LB2" for input and your MIDI interface's output for output
* start your favourite sequencer
* If you have to select an input, select "LB1"
* If you have to select an output, selecct "LB2"
* start SoundDiver.
* If you want SoundDiver's output go to the MIDI interface, select
"LB2" (the MIDI interface is probably greyed out, because HWMDCABL already
opened it).
* if you want to record SoundDiver's MIDI output, select "LB1" instead.
The sequencer will get the merged signal from the MIDI interface's input
and SoundDiver's output.
You can automate the setup using a DOS batch file (HWMDCABL can get
command line parameters). The menu item "Cmd to Clipboard" is very useful
to create such a batch file.
See MIDLPBK.TXT for further details.
November11 1996
### 1.5.8b21
+W PR. Changed text "Save Device Entries when quitting" to "Save Device Entries in
Preferences file".

+BUGFIX:ED. Flipmenu with link to other entries now uses medium font if object height is
not sufficient for large font (e.g. S1000 Module).

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If a DLL is found in the Diver folder which is not a SoundDiver
Module, there was no error message, and crashes could occur.
+W PR/Win. Changed default settings: MIDI buffers per input: 3, each 32 KB.

November 10 1996
### 1.5.8b21

+BUGFIX:SE/MM. After a MM window has been opened, opening several MM windows at a time
(select them and press Return) opened them with Window Chain on, so that they
all showed the last opened device's MM. Now they are opened with Window Chain OFF.

+BUGFIX:MM. Link List: clicking below last link line was as clicking *on* it.
+W GL. Deutsche Version, Fenster-Men�: "Fenster vergr��ern" -> "Fenstergr��e �ndern"

+BUGFIX:FI. Corrected widths of flip menus.

November 8 1996

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. When several entries are received, a progress bar is shown in the status
and first entry has been received, the progress bar text was replaced by the
status line text.
November 7 1996

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Escape key to abort MIDI transfers did not work.

November 2 1996
+W GL. 3D look: slider knobs now look more consistent: flat knob must fit at least
4 times in slider height (instead of 3), round knob 3 instead of 2 times). This
prevents small sliders with different widths (due to different number or digits)
from using different knob sizes.

October 31 1996
### 1.5.8b20
+W UM. Loading an Adaptation created on a Mac with SoundDiver Windows and vice
versa now converts all Umlaut and other 8-bit ASCII characters in the Adaptation.

+BUGFIX:SE/MM. Loading a Library with "Send File..." which contains entries which
cannot be processed -> "Illegal IINDEX", infinite loop or crash.

+BUGFIX:MM. Dragging entries onto selection bar or numbering bars -> "Illegal IINDEX",
infinited loop.
+W GL/Win. Text edit is no more limited to 127 characters.

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. If opening a MIDI input fails, SoundDiver crashed when waiting for
incoming MIDI.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Errors when loading a preferences file from Mac or Atari which contains
supported by Adaptations and which contain device entries.
(This caused a nested IFF file reads, one with swapped bytes, the other with
bytes, which SoDi could not handle correctly).

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Default Libraries folder is now "Libraries\" instead of "LIBS\"

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Recalling two-digit screensets (with Ctrl-digit/digit) did not work, as
Ctrl-1 ..
Ctrl-8 are accelerator codes for opening windows.
Now, two-digit screensets are recalled with Shift-digit/digit.
Copying screensets does currently not work.
+W PR/Win. Pathes to re-loaded libraries are now saved as a relative path to the
application if possible (i.e. if the path to "SoundDiver.EXE" is contained in
path to the library). This allows you to move the complete SoundDiver folder
somewhere else, and starting it will still open the libraries.

October 29 1996

+BUGFIX:LI. Dialogs "Save changes to "^0" before quitting?" and "Revert to the last
saved version of "^0"?" showed "SoundDiver" instead of the Library's name.
Introduced in 1.5.8b17

+BUGFIX:FO/Mac. imported files with file type different from '????', but with creator
'dosa' or 'mdos' are checked for extension ".MID", ".SYX", ".MDX", ".DMP", so
that they can be imported without changing the file type to "Midi" or "TEXT".

October 28 1996
+W GL/Mac. finally did a major (but often wanted) change in key command user
* renamed menu item "Close" in File menu to "Close Library"
* removed Cmd-W shortcut from this menu item
* changed shortcut for "Windows > Close Window" from Cmd-U to Cmd-W
This means:
* Windows are now closed using Cmd-W as in every standard Mac application
* Libraries can now only be closed using the menu item (except you assign
a new shortcut using Now Menus).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. SoundSurfer English: shortcut Cmd-Opt-W for "Tile Windows" was missing.
+W AB. Added an animation of the Emagic logo.
+W GL/Win. Block selection is now done with Shift-click (instead of Control-click)
Extended selection is now done with Control-click (instead of
This complies to the Windows 95 user interface standards.

October 23 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Copy Protection was not harddisk-related (you could copy the key file to
another harddisk without reauthorizing). Thanks to Tom Roth.
+W AB/Win. User name and serial number are now shown in the About window -
primarily to scare off hackers.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If window is maximized, but window contents are to small, scrollbars
were not at right edge, and other windows looked thru.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If window is maximized, the sizing gadget and sizing mouse cursor were
shown with no reason.
+W GL/Win. SoundDiver can now be run without authorizing the hard disk if the
master diskette is inserted. You get an alert at Program Start which asks you
whether to authorize, quit or run.

October 22 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. If AutoPlay has to send a single note (drum editor...), the MIDI channel
was one too high.
+W ED. Thru channel is now always updated, not only if it is not set to "original".

+BUGFIX:MM/Win. Shortcut for Next device is now Ctrl-U.
Shortcut for Previous device is now Ctrl-Shift-U

October 21 1996

+BUGFIX:IN. KT-76 shown as "Garfield Systems" instead of "Ensoniq".

+BUGFIX:GL. Transmit file: loading ROM entries failed. Now, they are loaded without
+W MM. Vertical numbering bar now allows start of rubber band operation.

October 19 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Startup with preferences which contain an open editor window of
an Adaptation as the top window, but with no entry data:
crash when pressing a key
+W GL/Win. Floating windows are now shown with a smaller caption bar
+W GL/Win. Flip menus are now closed faster (rectangle covered by it is
saved - no redraw necessary)

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Floating windows: sizer gadget did not work (only edge)

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Activating non-child windows (floating windows, dialogs, alerts)
does no more remove child window specific menus -> the menu bar
always contains the menu items of the topmost child window.

+BUGFIX:FI/Win. Option "Select first, delete rest" was not available for the
"... in pairs" search options.

+BUGFIX:FI/Win. Similarity horizontal slider could only be operated vertically.

+BUGFIX:MM/Win. Receiving several items: if first entry is received, progress text
("Receiving xxx ...") was overwritten by info for received entry.

October 18 1996

+BUGFIX:AL. 0 key on numeric keypad was not forwarded to Logic if Num Lock is off
and parameter cursor flashes (instead, value 0 was entered).

October 16 1996 ## 1.5.8b19

+BUGFIX:IN/Win. Start with no preferences: opened Install window has height 0
(only caption bar is visible).

+BUGFIX:PR/Win. Switch to Communication page: "No. of buffers" was incremented
Switch to Library page: "Autosave every xx min" was incremented

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Operating XY gadget with left mouse button: graphic garbage

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Zoom In/Out while floating window is active -> crash

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If there is a progress bar, and the status line text gets longer,
it was partially opaqued by the progress bar. Now the progress bar is
moved to the right.

+BUGFIX:ED/Win. Flip menus with custom width did not show up correctly when opened
with Return instead of mouse click.

October 14 1996 ### 1.5.8b18
+W FI/Win. Find dialog box is now a true modeless Windows dialog box
Known problems:
* Pressing Return does not start the search (you have to click
the button with the mouse instead)
* searching for date/time does not yet work
* Ctrl-F does not bring the already opened dialog to the top, but
creates a second dialog
* switching from "Less Options" to "More Options" does not show
correct (changed) settings.
* Find dialog window is not taken into account by screen sets
* Text of "Find" button does not change to "Find again"
# Do you think a modal dialog box would be a better solution?
# This would mean:
# * starting the search closes the Find dialog
# * you have to open the dialog again for the next search operation
+W PR/Win. Preferences window is now a true modeless Windows property sheet
Known problems:
* Switching between pages with Control-Tab sometimes changes the
focus, so that a second Control-Tab does not work
* vertical distance between switches is too small (focus frame
partially invisible)
* Preferences dialog window is not taken into account by screen sets
# Do you think a modal dialog box would be a better solution?
# This would mean:
# * you have to close the Preferences window before being able to
#   do anything else

October 10 1996

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Date and time formats now depend on the Windows locale settings

October 9 1996
+W GL. MIDI In and MIDI Out windows are now combined in one "MIDI Monitor" window:
* menu items "Open MIDI In" and "Open MIDI Out" in the window menu have been
combined to menu item "Open MIDI Monitor". Equivalents to the old menu items
now always open the MIDI Monitor window.
* all incoming and outgoing MIDI is shown in the order the data arrives resp.
is sent out
* "Time stamp lines" show following information:
* time the data has been received resp. transmitted in HH:MM:SS.mmm format
(the shown time is the duration the computer is running since last boot).
mmm is milliseconds.
Only shown if "Time Stamps" is checked in the "Show" menu.
Note that the time stamp of incoming bytes depicts the time the data has
actually been read by the Module from the input buffer, not the time
the bytes physically arrive the computer. This can be a difference if
there are other time-consuming tasks done like screen redraws.
* time difference to the last time stamp in milliseconds
Only shown if "Time Stamps" is checked in the "Show" menu and if the
value is > 0.
* "Input: " resp. "Output:" with output name
Only shown if it differs from last time stamp line
* New menu "Show"
* "Time Stamps": if unchecked, time stamp lines are only shown if input / output
* "MIDI In": if unchecked, no incoming MIDI is shown
* "MIDI out": if unchecked, no outgoing MIDI is shown
Note: by changing one of these settings, the current contents are deleted.
* All data shown in the window is also generated when copying to clipboard.
General notes:
* Time stamps can help to determine a safe timeout value: simply request an entry
and examine the value in brackets at the first time stamp line of incoming data.
Multiply this value by two to be on the safe side for a reliable timeout value.
* Time stamps have a granularity based on the computer's system timer. The resolution
16 ms (1/ 60 s) on Macintosh
1 ms (1/1000 s) on Windows
5 ms (1/ 200 s) on Atari
This resolution is of course not acceptable for realtime applications like sequencers,
but sufficient for timeout processing which is usually in the range of 100..500 ms.
* The new window is very useful for debugging request and scan problems. You can also
find out how SoundDiver's Scan function works...
* Note that an open MIDI Monitor window slows down MIDI processing generally and can
theoretically cause communication errors because of different timeout behaviour.
* The MIDI Monitor window's shown data is still limited to 64KB.

October 7 1996
+W GL. Removed annoying Emagic / busybee mouse pointer in window redraws.
+F GL/Win. SoundDiver Windows now supports three-button mice and the
Microsoft IntelliMouse(TM) pointing device (a mouse with a wheel
between the two mouse buttons) which will be available in Fall 1996[/b][/u],
together with Office 97.
The following user interface complies with the standards defined by
* Rotating the wheel scrolls windows.
* if the vertical visible percentage is smaller than the horizontal,
the window is scrolled horizontally instead of vertically.
* if you have set the wheel settings (in the "Mouse" control panel,
"Wheel" tab - be sure to install the IntelliPoint 2.0 software) to
"scroll one page at a time", SoundDiver does so.
* if there are less than 4 lines of text visible, rotating by one notch
scrolls one line, otherwise the number of lines set up in the
wheel settings ("Mouse" control panel, default is 3).
* Rotating the wheel while holding Control zooms in and out
* Click-holding the wheel button (middle button on three-button mice)
and moving the mouse starts "panning" - scrolling in the direction where
you move the mouse.
Note that this feature is also available for other three-button mice.
This feature has already been available with a right click-hold on the
x/y gadget (left bottom corner).
# Planned features:
# * AutoScroll (short click on wheel button, then moving the mouse means
# panning - see above). Any klick or key stroke ends this mode.
# * "Data Zoom" in editors: Shift-rotating switches between Overview and
# detail view (or the 3 detail views for editors like JV-1080 Drums)
# * a way to edit parameters with the mouse wheel. Suggested user interface:
# * rotating the wheel while holding it down changes the value of the
# parameter pointed to by the mouse
# Do you have a better idea for an easy to use interface?

October 5 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Entering 0..9 on numberic keypad selected screenset instead of numeric
input in editor windows (NumLock must be on!)
Selecting screensets works on Windows only on alphanumeric keyboard.

+BUGFIX:IN/Win. Sometimes, the Install window did not contain anything and its height
was limited to the title bar.

October 3 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. If an alert appears due to idle processing while a text edit window is open
-> crash
Thanks to Christian Roth.

October 2 1996
### 1.5.8b17

+BUGFIX:LI. Changed shortcut for "Insert Title" from Cmd-Opt-T to Cmd-Opt-I because of a
collision with "MIDI > MIDI Thru".
+W GL/Win. 3D sliders and knobs like in Mac version (see News9609.txt)
+W GL/Win. Flicker-free redraw like in Mac version (see News9609.txt)
+W GL/Win. Now using a custom color palette -> all 16 gray scales and colors
are available identical to Mac version, and the fade from blue to grey
in the About window looks much better.
+W GL/Win. Window scrollbars now use colors similar to the ones used by
Windows 95.

September 30 1996
### 1.5.8b17

September 28 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. Operating custom sliders (e.g. Pitch Key Follow in JV Patch editor)
did not work correctly. Introduced in 1.5.8b15
+W GL. Window scrollbars are now lighter.

+BUGFIX:ED. Controller names had a maximum of 19 instead of 20 characters.
+W ED. If a 3D look slider or knobs cannot be drawn because one of the
bitmaps cannot be loaded (because of low memory), the normal slider or
knob is now drawn instead.
+W PR. If device entries are loaded which have been saved with an older
Module version, and the user chose to load them, the alert was repeated
for every entry of the device. Now the alert is only shown once per
+W GL/Win. Window gadgets (arrows, sizer) now are the ones used by Windows 95.

September 27 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. Crash when pressing Return and no cursor is flashing.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. page setup showed a button instead of a popup menu for
page numbering on German systems. Introduced in 1.5.8b14

September 25 1996
### 1.5.8b16

+BUGFIX:IN. Wrong line height in install window if Setup window is opened in
list view. Thanks to Malte Rogacki.
+W PR. Switch "Texture background" is renamed to "3D look" and now also
switches off the new slider/knob look.
+W GL/Mac. new "brushed aluminum" look for all medium grey rectangles.

+BUGFIX:FO. Import alien file: if the file contains only ROM entries, the
message "no suitable data found" is shown althought the entries have
been imported properly.
Thanks to MaBu.

+BUGFIX:ED. Rotary knobs: with certain widths (e.g. 33), "smear" effect
when operating the knob. The bug might also have caused some crashes,
depending on the MacOS version (I used a PixMap with 8 bit/pixel for
the mask used in CopyMask(), although it allows only PixMaps with
1 bit/pixel or BitMaps. - now I use a BitMap, saves memory as well...)
+W ED. Horizontal and vertical sliders are now flicker-free.
+W GL. Flicker-free redraw now works in all color / greyscale depths.
Note that SoundDiver temporarily needs lots of memory if you have large
windows and many colors / grey scales. The temporary memory is released
after a few seconds if there are no flicker-free redraws necessary.
The first time a flicker-free redraw fails because of low memory, you
get a warning message.
You can switch off flicker-free redraws in the Preferences, Global
+W SE/MM. Menu item "Load..." renamed to "Transmit File..." which
describes more clearly what the function does.

September 24 1996
### 1.5.8b15
+W PR. If device entries are loaded which have been saved with an older
Module version, they were omitted without notice. Now there is an
alert shown.

+BUGFIX:AL. If SoundDiver is launched while a used Logic track is selected,
the first switch from SoundDiver to Logic set the track's instrument
to "No Output", even if "Protect Logic Instruments" is on.
+F ED/Mac. Big bang: new 3D look for vertical and horizontal sliders and for
rotary knobs. Please check if there are any editors which cause problems
or have a bad look.

September 23 1996
+W MM. Faster redraw of banks with default names.

September 19 1996

+BUGFIX:MM. Copy and Cut did not work when applied to entries which all have no name.
(i.e. the data type name is displayed in the MM window).
Thanks to MaBu.

+BUGFIX:DM. Surf a Performance which has dependencies which already exist in memory
(see Sept 10): if the parts are unknown, they stayed empty -> only the
Performance was transmitted -> device recalled memory locations instead of
parts. Now parts are not only transmitted (which does nothing if they are
unknown), but always pasted and thus always transmitted.

September 18 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. Backspace keycommand for "Clear" did not work with German Macs. Introduced
in 1.5.8b14

September 17 1996
### 1.5.8b14

+BUGFIX:SE. List view, select another device: wrong scrolling. Thanks to MaBu.

+BUGFIX:IN. Global menu font and window title font sometimes got another font size.
Bug introduced August 6.
Thanks to MaBu.
+W GL/Mac. BIG BANG: there are no more separate versions for English and
German, but only one version which includes the resources for both versions.
* this applies to the program file, all Modules and Adaptations
* the language used depends on the language used in your Mac. I'm not sure if
it is possible to change it. Anyway (for Mac techies), SoundDiver uses
GetScript(smSystemScript, smScriptLang)
to get the language code.
Note: if you always want English text, simply delete the resource 'LANG' 2
from the SoundDiver application file.
* For distributors: you can add resources for your language:
* add a resource 'LANG' with the resource ID of your language's id. Here
is a list of the most common id's:
langEnglish   = 0,   /* smRoman script */
langFrench   = 1,   /* smRoman script */
langGerman   = 2,   /* smRoman script */
langItalian   = 3,   /* smRoman script */
langDutch   = 4,   /* smRoman script */
langSwedish   = 5,   /* smRoman script */
langSpanish   = 6,   /* smRoman script */
langDanish   = 7,   /* smRoman script */
langPortuguese   = 8,   /* smRoman script */
langNorwegian   = 9,   /* smRoman script */
langHebrew   = 10,   /* smHebrew script */
langJapanese   = 11,   /* smJapanese script */
langArabic   = 12,   /* smArabic script */
langFinnish   = 13,   /* smRoman script */
langGreek   = 14,   /* smGreek script */
langIcelandic   = 15,   /* extended Roman script */
langMaltese   = 16,   /* extended Roman script */
langTurkish   = 17,   /* extended Roman script */
langCroatian   = 18,   /* Serbo-Croatian in extended Roman script */
langTradChinese   = 19   /* Chinese in traditional characters */
This resource must contain a word (two bytes) which contains a "resource ID
offset". For German, it is 2000 (07 D0).
Example: you want to add French resources, using a resource ID offset of 1000.
* duplicate all resources in the SoundDiver application and all Modules
which contain text and use a resource ID of 1000 + the English resource's ID.
If you change a MENU resource's ID, you will get a warning from ResEdit that
there is a second ID which should be changed as well. This is ok.
* the MBAR resource contains references to MENU resources. These must be
adjusted to the localized MENU resources: instead of 128, 129, 130, 131, 1000
it must read 1128, 1129, 1130, 1131, 2000
* in the SoundDiver application, add a resource LANG with ID 1 (=langFrench,
see above) and enter 03 E8 as the data.
Note: it is not necessary that the resource ID offset is 1000 * <language ID>,
however this keeps things simple. However you should use multiples of
1000. Otherwise, you could get in conflict with already existing
* SSHC has a new option [-rresource-offset]. It allows you to add multiple
online help in one Module or Adaptation file. For example, the batch file for
creating the German Diver online help is now:
-oConner:Dev:S/D:Release �:Diver:
This will add a HDAT and HELP resource with ID 2128 in all Module and Adaptation
Note: you don't have to translate all resources at once. If a located resource is
missing, SoundDiver will automatically use the English version instead.
* the former English and German beta version don't exist any more in the SoundDiverBox.
Please download the new international version instead.

September 13 1996
+W AL. With Logic 2.6 (515 or newer), SoundDiver can receive MIDI from Logic's
* Create a new Environment Object "Internal" and set the mode to "AutoLink 1".
* connect all desired Instruments' output to this object's input
+W AL. With Logic 2.6 (515 or newer) SoundDiver passes key commands
currently without a function in SoundDiver to Logic. The keys
"*", "Enter", "0", "." of the numerical key pad are always passed to
Logic. Passed key commands are processed normally in Logic.
As a result for example if someone reversed PLAY and STOP using the "0"
and "Enter" key still works as defined in the key command list
in Logic.

September 11 1996
### 1.5.8b13
+F SE. New menu item "Store all Edits" ("Alle �nderungen speichern", Shortcut Cmd-Opt-S):
performs the function "Store" for all changed, unsaved edit buffers in all devices.
The data is stored in the respective source (Memory Manager or Library entry).
The menu item is disabled if there is nothing to store.

September 10 1996

+BUGFIX:DM. Surf a Patch/Multi/Performance in a device with multiple Tone/Timbre/Program edit buffers
(e.g. JV-80/1080 etc.): if a Timbre used by a Patch is already in the desired edit buffer,
it was not sent after sending the Patch, so that the device used the Memory Timbre for that
instrument. Now the Timbre is always sent (even if it already is in the edit buffer).

September 9 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. scroll by one page with mouse click: if redraw takes longer than 50 ms, scrolling was
repeated although there was only a short click.
Thanks to Malte Rogacki.

+BUGFIX:FO. Importing more than 10 .SYX files: error message "Error while reading/writing file" when
trying to open or save a file.
Thanks to Dirk Karsten.

+BUGFIX:FO. Error message "Error while reading/writing file": shown file name is garbage.

September 7 1996

+BUGFIX:AL. SoundDiver runs in AutoLink, "Protect Logic Instruments" is on, SoundDiver quits (but
Logic is still running) -> the current track's instrument was not restored.

September 6 1996
### 1.5.8b12

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. 1.5.8b11 had wrong creator, application flags and preferred size. This had the
effect (among others) that double-clicked Libraries etc. were opened by an older version,
not 1.5.8b11

+BUGFIX:GL. In case a Module needs a newer version of SoundDiver, an alert appeared telling that
the Module must be updated (not SoundDiver). Now there are two different and more detailed
alerts (Module too old or too new).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Alerts are now correctly positioned depending on their width and height.

+BUGFIX:LI. Find dialog: some descriptive text and separation lines were missing

September 5 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Page Up / Page Down did not work (had same effect as Cursor Up/Down)

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Vertical scrolling sometimes left 17 pixels at the top of the window

+BUGFIX:LI/Win. Missing light grey in column titles of colums with width = 0

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Hotspots of finger and hand mouse pointer were wrong

+W SE/Win. Port column widened

September 4 1996

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Import Polyframe Libraries: crash or unusuable data

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Import alien file formats: most formats were not recognized (file size
was not passed to Modules)

September 2 1996
### 1.5.8b11

+W FO. Import MIDI or SYX files: if there is no suitable device, you will get an alert where you
can choose to install a suitable device ("Install" - opens Install window) or add a "Generic SysEx"
device ("Generic SysEx" - adds such a device and retries importing the file).

+BUGFIX:GL. Text Edit input of values: entering +x (a number with a preceding +), the value changed to

+W GL: Text Edit input of values (with double click): now all options of Logic 2.5 are available:
* decimal absolute input of positive numbers: 0, 1, 2, 123
* hexadecimal input: $1, $2, $0A, $7F
* note values like "C3", "C#3", "Cb3", "C##2" (equals D3), "Dbb2" (equals C2)
* add a value to the existing one: "+5", "+$10"
* substract a value from the existing one: "-5"
Note: to enter an absolute negative value -x, enter "0-x"
* add two values: "38+17"
* substract two values: "38-17"
* multiplication of two values: "7*8"
* division of two values: "80/5"

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Wrong or missing fill colors in some cases.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Text Edit input: if the object is very narrow, the first entered
character did not appear.
Thanks to Martin Volerich.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. First Button with text was shown wrong

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Clicking on value of slider increased it, even if "Mouse as Slider"
is off.

August 30 1996

+BUGFIX:PR. Loading Preferences manually: last screenset in the loaded preferences were not
recalled and were lost.
Thanks to MaBu.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Activating minimized windows did not insert window-specific menus.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Alerts: font sizes are now calculated correctly. The dialogs look

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Progress bar is now placed correctly to the right of the status
line text.

+W GL/Win. After a progress bar was shown, the old status line text is
shown instead of "Ready." (important for online help).

August 29 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Long clicks on switches toggled them a second time.

August 27 1996
### 1.5.8b10

+BUGFIX:DM. Load a Library into Memory Manager with "Load..." which contains
location specifications: if there are entries which are pointed to by other
entries, they were skipped. This should only happen if the Library entry
has no location specification.
Bug introduced in 1.5.8b9

+W MM. Copy: text clipboard is now filled with default names even if the entries are unknown.

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Save as..., replace existing file: warning dialog appeared twice.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Sometimes shifted horizontal positions of banks in Memory Manager,
which also caused that not the whole Memory Manager contents were
scrollable at the right end.
+F GL/Win. Menu "Edit > Copy" now creates a text clipboard in Library,
Memory Manager, MIDI In/Out and Install window, as described in the user
This feature is especially useful for bug reports. To include a MIDI In/
out protocol in a report:
* open the MIDI In and/or MIDI Out window
* perform the problematic SysEx communication
* activate the MIDI In resp. MIDI Out window
* Menu "Edit > Copy"
* activate a text editor, FirstClass Client or whatever you use to write
your report
* Menu "Edit > Paste".
Note: the clipboard (Copy and Paste) has always been supported in Text Edit

+BUGFIX:AS/Win. Fixed several graphic / drawing glitches:
* "already used" checkmark is shown as a checkmark and not as "�"
* Font did change to System font accidentally
* Text containing "&" was shown wrong

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Alert boxes: Text containing "&" was shown wrong

+W GL/Win. Increased default zoom factor for Memory Manager and Library windows,
to make bold font better recognizable.

August 25 1996

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Save as..., replace existing file: warning dialog appeared twice.

August 23 1996
### 1.5.8b9

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Completely redesigned the MIDI In timeout mechanism. Now works at full
speed, independent from the input buffer size.
However, it uses a "trick" which might not work with all MIDI input drivers.

August 22 1996
### 1.5.8b9

+W GL. If there is a message "Text not found. Check Text Resource for ID 'xx'", the next
alert will appear not before 10 seconds are over. This prevents infinite loops caused by a
necessary redraw from the alert dialog.

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Requesting large dumps with large MIDI In Buffer settings resulted in
"SysEx Communication error. Device did not answer".

August 21 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Alerts were cut off after 10 lines

+BUGFIX:GL. First welcome dialog (English) had a wrong line break. introducedAugust 17

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Crash when starting SoundDiver on some Macs with some system versions. Introduced
August 1

+W GL/Mac. If a port is used by another program, you can now use it anyway.
The error alert now gives a hint that the printer port usage can not be determined correctly
if AppleTalk is on, but LocalTalk is not used.

+W IN/LI. Colum title height increased by 1, so that underlining is better visible.

August 20 1996
### 1.5.8b8

+W SC/Win. Long pause before scanning begins when scanning single or only few
models. Problem was introduced in 1.5.8b5.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If a floating window is open and active, opening an MDI child window or
bringing it to the top does not activate the MDI frame window, so that
input gets to the wrong window.

+BUGFIX:SC/Win. Scanning did not work with devices which send quite large messages as
an answer: while scanning, SoundDiver did not take the time into account
which the full message needs to get passed by the driver (up to the buffer
to speed up things. However, this assumption is wrong. A long message always
takes the full MIDI transfer time, even if only the first byte is actually
read by
SoundDiver. Now scanning is slower than on Mac or Atari, however it works.

+BUGFIX:SE/Win. Scan or add device: if Setup window is large enough for new icon, a
redraw was missing, so the new icon was not initially visible.

+BUGFIX:SE/Win. Scan or add device: if Setup window was maximized, it returned to
normal state. Now it stays at maximized status.

+W GL/Win. Own unproportional fonts are no more used in zoomable windows.

August 19 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. Dependency Management off: surf or copy a Library entry with dependencies: crash or
strange error messages.

+BUGFIX:GL. Dependency Management off: unnecessary message "Calculating Dependencies".

+BUGFIX:ED. Open an editor from within a Library, delete the source entry in the Library, change
something in the editor, close the editor: default selection is still "Entry in Library",
choosing this option caused "Something strange has happened (-109)".
Now this option is no more available in this case.

+BUGFIX:ED. Open an editor from within a Library, close the Library, change something in the editor,
close the editor: there was no Auto-Store dialog. Not it is shown.

+BUGFIX:ED. Drag entries from an inactive Library to Memory Manager: AutoStore with "Entry in
Library" used wrong Library.

+BUGFIX:ED. Edit item within Memory Manager (source is not Library): "Store in..." dialog shows
"Entry in Library", using this option showed error -112.

+W LI/MM. Much better behaviour when transmitting Library entries without Location information
(with menu entry "Transmit", i.e. without an explicite target entry):
* if an entry already exists in the Memory Manager (i.e. it is identical except the name),
this entry is used as the suggested target. There is no safety message as it is not necessary.
* otherwise, not the next entry is used as a target, but the next entry with the following
properties in the given priority:
* unknown and not used by other entries
* known and not used by other entries
* unknown
* known
As a result, you can now transmit a complete Library with no memory location information and in
any order without the need to adjust target positions manually. Before, it could happen that the
dependency management already sent some programs to specific locations, which were overwritten
later by other programs, because you transmitted the whole library, "Presets" and "Programs".
This of course mixed up the dependencies.
Example: Factory Library "VFX-SD".
Now you can also easily fill up the Programs bank without the fear of overwriting used locations:
simply select the desired Programs in the Library, then choose "Transmit" from the MIDI menu.
SoundDiver will automatically paste to unknown, unused locations.
Thanks to Malte Rogacki for the report.

+BUGFIX:MM. Lengthy Paste operation: flickering display "Calculating Dependencies", instead of "Pasting

August 18 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. flip menu with slider: if slider is clicked, a flashing line appeared at
the left border of the slider

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. flip menu with slider: if the slider was operated with the mouse, sometimes
an inverted rectangle was drawn after closing the flip menu.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. sometimes click in slider of flip menu did not work.

August 17 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. Welcome dialog for installing devices was too large for 14" screens.

+BUGFIX:IN. German Text "Alles scannen" did not fit in button. Now it's "Alles sc."

+BUGFIX:FO/Win. Importing Polyframe files resulted in error messages and/or crashes.

+BUGFIX:SE/MM/Win. Port/Output flip menu was too narrow for long MIDI port names.

August 15 1996
### 1.5.8b7

+BUGFIX:IN. Scan for device (not found), click "Manually" button -> message "no editor
for this entry" possible

August 12 1996
### 1.5.8b7

+BUGFIX:ED. Copy and paste of parameter groups between editors of different Data Type:
wrong copy values in some Modules, e.g. Wavestation Multi <-> Performance.

August 9 1996
+F ED. If a cursor exists and Return is hit, the direct input field opens.
WINDOWS 95 ONLY: If the parameter usually opens with a flip menu, the flip menu opens, and one
can choose a value with the cursor keys and Return or cancel with Escape.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win/Mac: Delete key (Entf) did not work at all. In editors, a space was
inserted instead of deleting the cursor character.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. With no Preferences, default "UNNAMED" Library window was very small.
+F ED/Win. If a cursor exists and Return is hit, the direct input field opens.
If the parameter usually opens with a flip menu, the flip menu opens, and one
can choose a value with the cursor keys and Return or cancel with Escape.

+W GL/Win. Much faster redraws if only a small area of the whole window contents
has to be redrawn.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Text edit: Backspace and Delete did not work if nothing is selected.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Delete key (Entf) did not work at all (especially in text edit fields in

August 7 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Strange behaviour at startup if no Preferences file exists.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. After an alert was shown, always the MDI frame and thus the topped MDI
window was activated, even if an overlapping window was active.

August 6 1996
### 1.5.8b6

+BUGFIX:GL. If SoundDiver is started without an existing Preferences file, no preferences were written
when quitting. Bug introduced in version 1.5.7v7

+W IN. Model list is now shown with smaller font. Title bar now with 3D look like in Library

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Quotes in alert messages were shown as vertical bars.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. While an alert is opened, a second alert could open. Bug introduced in

August 5 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. cut off text output with Greg's Buttons or Aaron fixed ("Option Space" character of
Font "Espi Sans" does not have width of digits)
+F SC. Scanning is now much faster in general. If there is a reply on a certain output, now not all
device IDs are tested one by one, but using a "bisection" algorithm. The maximum number of tries
to find a device is now 1 + log(n-1)/log(2) (n is the number of possible device IDs).
Before, the worst case was n*2 (which means it took 256 tries to find an Akai S1000 with ID 128).
Now it takes 8 tries.
There is special treatment for the most common case: if the device ID is 1, it is found
immediately. The rest of the devices is scanned with bisection.
Note: bisection is not used for scanning PMM-44/88.

+W SC. If a model cannot be scanned because it is not technically possible or if the Adaptation
does not yet support it, there is no more alert box, but the entry in the Install window is shown
italicized. There is a hint alert after the complete scan operation.
If a model cannot be scanned because the Module or Adaptation file could not be found, there is
no more alert box, but the entry in the Install window is shown italicized. There is a hint alert
after the complete scan operation.
These two changes allow a "Scan All" with minimum or even no interaction at all.

+W IN. Additional "Scan All" button.

+W GL. The two "Welcome" dialogs (shown at startup if the setup does not contain any devices)

+BUGFIX:SC. Crash possible at very low memory situations when trying to load a Module for scanning.

+BUGFIX:GL. There was no error message if a Module could not be loaded.

August 2 1996

+W FO/Mac. Standard MIDI Files are now recognized if they have the file type "MDOS", "mdos"
or "TEXT", but the file extension ".MID".

+BUGFIX:ED. No more crashes when initializing K2000 Layers.
Copy and Paste of K2000 Algorithms now works.
Fixed a global problem which occured when modifying parameter groups by initializing,
Copy/Paste or drag/drop, however only in some complex editors.
+F SC. If there are at least two devices which support the Universal Device Inquiry message,
scanning is now much faster, especially if there are MIDI patchbays involved:
* when the first device with UDI is scanned, all reply messages are memorized.
* when scanning for following devices with UDI, they are not scanned again, but the memorized
replies are used.

August 1 1996

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. If AppleTalk is on, the printer port could not be used even if EtherTalk is used.

+BUGFIX:SC/Mac. If Modem Port is deactivated and an MTP is used at the Printer Port, only cable
P1 was scanned. Thanks to Gunther Gerl.

July 31 1996

+W GL/Win. Flip menus now need only one mouse click to select a value and close the
flip menu.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. The "Return to" parameter in the Device Parameter box did not show the
names of patchbays, but other devices' names.

July 30 1996

+BUGFIX:Mouse clicks sometimes had double effect (i.e. double alert boxes etc).
Bug introduced in 1.5.8b5

July 29 1996
### 1.5.8b5

+W FO/Mac. Importing SYX files which have not file type 'TEXT', but a file ending
".SYX", ".MQX" or ".DMP" now also works by dragging the file onto the SoundDiver icon
(i.e. a System 7 "Open" Apple Event, or as a startup parameter in System 6).

+W FO/Mac. importing a foreign file (e.g. from Explorer 32) now works if it has
a file type 'TEXT' (which is often the default file type for files opened by DOS
Mounters) - it only must not have any of the file name extensions ".SYX", ".MQX" or

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. CPU load was 100%, because SoundDiver called its idle function (which processes
MIDI In and redraw messages) all the time.
Now it is called only every 10 ms, using a Windows message.

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. Midi In did not filter out MIDI System messages. Was probably the source of
many MIDI loop problems (i.e. Active Sense).

July 27 1996
### 1.5.8b4

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. If number of output devices decreases (e.g. by removing a driver), opening the
preferences and displaying an output name could cause a crash.
Now, "???" is displayed.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. If a window is minimized (i.e. iconic), it could not be enlargened anymore.
+F GL/Win/Mac: if Surfer/Diver crashes, you have now the possibility to save
Preferences, Library and Adaptation files (similar to Logic's "Try to save your Song")

July 26 1996

+W DM. If Dependency Management is off, the dependency list is hidden, and entries are
not shown bold.

+BUGFIX:GL/At. Surfer/Diver could not be launched simultaneously with Midimaster.

+W SC. Scan all or Scan selection: if a Module or Adaptation file does not exist, you
can now skip this file or abort scanning.
+F GL/Win/Mac: if Surfer/Diver crashes, you have now the possibility to save
Preferences, Library and Adaptation files (similar to Logic's "Try to save your Song")

July 25 1996
### Version 1.5.7v7

+BUGFIX:ED. Crash when redrawing envelopes with dotted help lines.

+BUGFIX:ED. Dotted help lines in envelopes were always solid if "Flicker-free redraw" is on.

+BUGFIX:PR. If SoundDiver is started with a custom preferences file (either double-clicked or
dragged onto the SD icon), but the Preferences could not be read completely (e.g.
because a file could not be found or out of memory), the default Preferences file
in the Preferences folder of the System folder were "merged" into the loaded prefs.

+BUGFIX:PR. If a Preferences file could not be read completely, a default "Unnamed" Library was

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. load a Preferences file where both ports are deactivated, then load a
Preferences file where at least one ports is activated: the message "Modem and Printer
port are both disabled..." appeared without reason.

+W GL/Win. Changed Font assignments: descriptions in parameter column now have larger

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Menu items "Larger View" and "Smaller View" are disabled in windows which can't
be zoomed.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. File>Open, load a Preferences file -> Crash
+G SC/Win. Scan all or Scan selection: if a Module or Adaptation file does not exist, you
can now skip this file or abort scanning.

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Window scrollbars: scroll buttons now have autorepeat

+BUGFIX:GL/Win. Switches now have correct visual feedback (depressed button while mouse button held)

+BUGFIX:ED/Win. Range functions (in Tuning and Velocity map editors) did not work.

July 22 1996
### Version 1.5.7v6

+BUGFIX:MI/SC/Win. While scanning, MIDI Thru was kept on. Now it is off temporarily. This prevents
MIDI loops when scanning MIDI patchbays.

July 18 1996
### 1.5.7v5

+BUGFIX:MI/Win. MIDI In should now work without problems:
* now, per default each MIDI In port gets 10 buffers of 1 KB size each, instead of 3 buffers
of 64 KB. This allows SoundDiver to get large dumps in small 1 KB portions, and the time
necessary to receive the portions is taken into account in timeout calculation.
* The Windows MultiMedia driver documentation does not state explicitely how to handle
SysEx dumps which don't fit in MIDI input buffers. Interfaces manufactured by EMAGIC and
MidiMan send such messages in several portions. However, it might be possible that some
interfaces or sound cards only send the beginning and drop the rest.
To allow SoundDiver to work with such devices, you can now define the number and size of
MIDI In buffers associated to the MIDI In ports. See Preferences, page "Communication".
If you have problems receiving large dumps, decrease the number of buffers to 2..3 (only
necessary to save memory) and increase the buffer size to the maximum of all the SysEx
message sizes your gear can produce. The largest message found so far is the "Dump
Program Bank" message from Ensoniq TS-10/12 which is 80 KB long.
The drawback of course is that the larger the buffer, the longer SoundDiver waits for
* While SoundDiver is scanning, the timeout adjustment does not depend on the input buffer
size, but on the size of the message SoundDiver is waiting for. Thus, scanning is always
fast, independent of the buffer size.

July 11 1996

+BUGFIX:LI. Page setup / print settings were not memorized in Library file -> Page Setup dialog
was reopened before each print.

July 8 1996

+W GL. Initialize, delete, replace etc. (including Undo equivalents) Memory Manager entries
optimized (now skips editor window redraw processing if entry is not editable).

July 1 1996

+BUGFIX:MI. When a device is initialized by a screenset change (at startup or by manual screenset
recall), MIDI init strings were transmitted to the wrong output (switching to the correct
output was omitted by mistake).
Thanks to AJ Command.

+BUGFIX:MI. Pause function aborted if MIDI bytes are incoming and entries have to be requested or
transmitted. This was necessary to prevent Logic's input buffer from overflowing.
Now pausing is not aborted if entries have to be transmitted, only if requested.

+W MI/Mac. Standalone mode:
MTP cable message is sent again from time to time although not necessary. This
prevents wrong output if the MTP or MIDI Express has been switched off temporarily or is
set to the wrong cable for another reason.

June 19 1996
### V1.5.7v5

+W GL/Mac. Infinity Windoid 3.0 used: title bars of floating windows are now
colored and show the title text.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Edit, MIDI and Windows menu showed strange characters in the
shortcuts (however they worked). Introduced in V1.5.7v3.

June 18 1996

+BUGFIX:FO. Import SYX file from global File menu: crash on Atari or if
"EvenBetterBusError" is installed on Mac.

June 14 1996

+W MI. MIDI out: progress bar / "Emagic" busy cursor only shown if mouse button
is not pressed

+W MI. Transmit entries: "Emagic" busy cursor is only shown if at least two entries
are being transmitted. This is useful in editors which don't use paramter change
+F MO. PROPHECY: Really big help file written (about 160k! poooh :-) must be SoundDiver's biggest one!)

June 13 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. Startup: if there is an editor window open in the startup screenset, but
with no data and inactive (i.e. another window is in front of it)
-> message "Illegal IINDEX" appeared.

June 8 1996
### Version 1.5.7v3

June 7 1996

+W MI. MIDI output: busy "Emagic" cursor appears only if after an operation takes
at least 1 second.

June 2 1996

+BUGFIX:LI. In certain conditions, Surf from Library, Transmit from Library and
"Load Library" did not find a suitable device.

+W LI. Surf from Library, Transmit from Library and "Load Library":
the algorithm which determines a suitable device and edit buffer has been improved
so that Modules and Adaptations are only loaded if necessary, and if there are
no devices of the same model, devices with the same ID are preferred.
Also, if there are several suitable devices in a certain "match level", the
active device is always preferred.
The search order is now as follows:

Pass selected Module model ID Mod/Ad active
matches matches matches loaded device
1. x (skipped if option "Prefer selected devices as target" is unchecked)
2. x x x x x
3. x x x x
4. x x x
5. x x x x
6. x x x
7. x x
8. x x x x
9. x x x
10. x x
11. x x x
12. x x
13. x
14. x x
15. x
16. (no conditions, only a suitable edit buffer is searched)

June 1 1996

+BUGFIX:DM. Message "Illegal IINDEX" and crash possible in the following situation:
* Paste a Multi/Combi with dependencies to Memory Manager
* All RAM Voices are known
* the Voice edit buffer is known and is identical to one of the dependant voices
in the Multi
* copying of this dependendant voice is canceled by user
* Multi editor is opened
This bug affected all Modules/Adaptations, but was most likely in SY77 Module.

+W GL. Paste to Device: if the user cancels, or an error occured (e.g. out of memory),
the whole operation is undone.

+W GL. Move several known entries to unknown entries in devices which allow to clear
entries in memory (K2000, S1000, SY99): Message "Clear entries in Device" appeared
once for each entry. Now only appears once at the beginning.

May 24 1996

+BUGFIX:HE. If the help window is opened with history level 1 (i.e. no links
have been followed), and there is a low-memory situation, crashes were
possible, typically when loading an Adaptation.
It took me two days to track down this bug...

+BUGFIX:HE. If the help window is open, but inactive, menu item "Help" did not

+BUGFIX:IN/At. alert "install update disk #1" repeated infinitely after
inserting master disk and reinserting update disk #1.

May 22 1996

+BUGFIX:IN/At. infinite loop when trying to authorize in SoundDiver with
write-protected master disk.

+W GL/At. Delete file: repeats until cancelled.

May 16 1996
### Version 1.5.7 shipped by Emagic

May 15 1996
+F AL. Now supports the Logic feature "Open SoundDiver for Instrument",
allowing you to directly open a Memory Manager window associated with
the selected track's instrument.
* the selection strategy is as follows:
* if there is a device which reacts on Program Change 0 of the
Instrument's channel and output AND if the Device's name is
identical with the Instrument name (case-sensitive), this device is
* else, if there is a device which reacts on Program Change 0 of the
Instrument's channel and output AND if the Device's name is
contained in the Instrument name, this device is opened
* else, if there is a device whose name is identical with the Instrument
name (case-sensitive), this device is opened
* else, if there is a device which reacts on Program Change 0 of the
Instrument's channel and output, this device is opened
* else, if there is a device whose name is contained in the Instrument
name, this device is opened
* the current version of Logic (including the 2.5.3 pre-release version)
has a bug: it always passes port M1 instead of the Instrument's port.
This might cause the wrong Device opened in SoundDiver if there are
several devices reacting on the same MIDI channel.
As a workaround, you can rename the Instrument to the Device's name
(see above).

May 14 1996

+BUGFIX:FO. Loading Preferences with "Open..." or "Import..." did not work.
Bug introduced in version 1.5.7 May 1.

+W FO. SYX/MidiEx files with file type ???? (instead of TEXT) are now
recognized if the file name ends with ".SYX"

+W GL/Mac. as SD 1.5.7 will be shipped with the VISE installer, the
program file is no more available on the Master Disk. Therefore, the
"Deinstall" button of SoundSurfer 1.5.7 is now available in SoundDiver
1.5.7 as well.

+W Changed "SoundDiver 1.5.7 Update Info" readme accordingly.
=== 12.5. 1996[/b][/u] =============================================================

May 7 1996

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. some problems with 24 Bit Mode fixed (e.g. switches in Special
Parameters box did not work).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. text was not printed in certain cases in b/w with "flicker free
redraw" on.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. SoundSurfer: hard disk authorization now works with installed
Connectix Speed Access.

=== 6. 5.1996[/b][/u] ==============================================================

May 2 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. Numbers with decimal fractions showed strange characters in certain
cases (value smaller than 0.1).
If a value is smaller than 1, a 0 is now shown in front of the '.' if there
is a blank digit left.
Apr 24 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:ED. Ff an editor is closed immediately after Snapshot or Auto Snapshot
(no further editing), Auto-Store was omitted.
Apr 18 1996[/b][/u]

+BWF ** PROPHECY V1.1 R0 (first beta release)
W+   Changed modulation source flipmenus to icons, which greatly reduces the
size of the program editor.
W+   Revised the arrangement of some editor elements to save more space.
W+   When clicking on an Arpeggio Pattern item, the corresp. pattern is
selected at the PROPHECY automatically.
W+   The number of the step is shown in the "Arpeggio Pattern Step" area
W+   GLOBAL: When editing User Scale 2, the value of each tuned key is
shown in the info line (window top).
F+   Envelope graphics are shown right in the modulation source icons
(not done: automatic redraw of the icons when changing the envelope)
F+   Modulation source flipmenu shows the translated control change number
(i.e. the one assigned in the Global editor), if available (else: standard)
F+   INIT-templates are available by flipmenu in the ENVELOPE/AMP area
F+   INIT-templates are available by flipmenu in the WAVE SHAPING area
F+   INIT-templates are available by flipmenu in the FILTER area
F+   Programs now have the INIT facility (i.e. you can initialise all parts
of a Program (and of course the whole Program) with the INIT menu options
(special oscillator data are set according to the selected oscillator mode)
B+   Now using C-1...G9 for key range (instead of C-2...G8)
B+   Changing the Osc.mode or initialising a program (or parts of it) could
lead to a crash.
B+   "Virtual Phase Modeling" change to "Variable Phase Modulation"
B+   IDs of the first parameters of OSC2 and SUBOSC were not figured
out correctly.
B+   Arpeggio Pattern Basic Parameters: "STEP" was not available in "VELOCITY"
B+   Arpeggio Pattern Basic Parameters: "OCTAVE ALTERNATION->BOTH" changed
to "UP&DOWN"
B+   Arpeggio Pattern Step Parameters: "LOOP" was not available in "TONE"
B+   Arpeggio Pattern Step Parameters: When "GATE" was changed, the was some
graphic trash
Apr 8 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/At. New Modules are now automatically recognized.

+BUGFIX:GL/At. Adaptations containing a period in the first 8 characters can
now be loaded (e.g. "Sp. Analog Filter"). The period is exchanged by an
underscore in the filename.

+BUGFIX:GL/At. New Modules are now automatically recognized.

+W FO/At. Export SMF and SYX files: the filename now automatically gets the
appropriate extension .MID or .SYX.

+BUGFIX:GL. Export SMF and SYX files: sometimes garbage in file selector file name.
Now the file name is empty by default.

+BUGFIX:FO. Loading SYX files with "Open" did not work.

Apr 1 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:D4. Wrong value ranges for 2 of the 6 waveform selections.

+BUGFIX:ED. Flip menus showing reference to other entries: if out of valid range,
now -------- is shown instead of nonsense. This also applies to some
Adaptations which use references to invisible "Waveform Name" banks instead
of using Text Values in order to save memory.

Mar 30 1996
### Version 1.5.7

+W DM. Better handling of individual edit buffers for multi-mode parts
(Roland terminology: Parts, Waldorf Terminology: Instruments):
* When pasting a Multi/Combi/Performance to the edit buffer, dependent
Patches/Sounds/Programs which are not already present in memory
are pasted to the appropriate Instrument/Part. This makes usage of
Surf/AutoSurf easier: it is not necessary to overwrite Patch/Sound
memory to audition Performances/Multis.
* Modules for MicroWave, D-70, U-20/220, JV-80/90/1000, JV-1080/XP-50:
if the data in an Part/Instrument differs from the Patch/Sound
referenced to in the Performance/Multi (or if this Patch/Sound is
currently unknown), the dependency goes to the Part/Instrument
instead. This allows to correctly save a Performance/Multi in a
Library even if one or several Parts/Instruments have been edited,
but not stored back to memory.

Mar 28 1996

+BUGFIX:LI. Edit entry name, cursor down (instead of Return) -> crash
possible, especially in low memory situations.

+BUGFIX:GL. Screensets: when switching several screensets very quickly,
and the last screenset has no open window, the mouse pointer
stays a "busy Emagic".

+BUGFIX:FO. Export MIDI File: delays necessary for sending SysEx events and
for send pauses were much too short. Thanks to MaBu.
Mar 27 1996

+BUGFIX:ED. Move an Editor window scrollbar, then delete some other device's
entry: crash possible.
Introduced Mar 18.
Mar 18 1996
### Beta version 1.5.7b5

+BUGFIX:ED. Double-click on flip menu parameter with custom flip menu width (e.g.
modulation sources): border was missing.

+W MI. Busy "EMAGIC" bee is now only shown while SoundDiver transmits or
requests entries, not while any other MIDI I/O like sending parameter
changes (same bug existed in AutoLink).

+W GL. Flip menus now open immediately instead of after a "long click".
Do you think this is better?
* clicking a flip menu by mistake is harmless, because the mouse pointer
always points to the previous value in the opened flip menu
* you still can enter values with the keyboard by double-clicking -
you have to additionally hold Control.

+W ED. Calculating dependencies optimized: no more unnecessary delays while
editing (especially in K2000 with many entries received).
This was another reason why the busy "EMAGIC" bee was shown while editing in
former 1.5.7 beta versions.

+BUGFIX:ED. New window: y position was too high.

+W GL/Mac. Open window / Load Preferences / Recall Screenset: if a window
covered two screens, it was always limited to the screen which contained
the upper left corner. Now it is limited to the screen which covers the
largest area of the window.

+W AL. MIDI Output optimized in AutoLink.

+W AL. Loading a song in Logic now pulls SoundDiver to the foreground only if
there is a Library for the song ("<song name>.lib"). This prevents a lot of
unnecessary screen redraws.

+BUGFIX:FO. SMF/SYX file import: if there is data for an Adaptation, but with a
wrong device ID -> SD hangs. Thanks to MaBu for the perfect example.
+B FO. SMF/SYX file import: if there is duplicate data, and the user chooses
"Abort", the rest of the file was loaded (and then ignored) nevertheless
without reason.
+B FO. SMF/SYX file import (Adaptations only, bank dumps only): if there is
duplicate data, and the user chooses "Abort", no data was left
Mar 17 1996[/b][/u]

+W SE. List view is now sorted by Device name.

+W SE. List view now shows memory allocation of a Device in the fourth column.
This can help you to find out which device uses up the most memory, depending
on the entries currently known.
Mar 14 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:PR. If no Preferences file exists at all, quitting showed the alert
The Preferences are not loaded completely.
Save them nevertheless to �^0�?
Don�t save Cancel OK
by mistake.
Mar 13 1996
### Beta version 1.5.7b4

+BUGFIX:LI. Editing date and time with "Mouse as slider" disabled, as it did not
work correctly, because the position and order of day/month/year and
hour/minute/second depends on the selected date/time format.
Now you always have to double-click and enter the data with the keyboard.
Entering a date did not work (introduced in
January 96).

+BUGFIX:LI. Fixed graphic misplacements in Parameter box.
Mar 12 1996

+BUGFIX:GL. Very mean bug: as soon as the Memory Manager of an Adaptation was shown,
and a bank in the Adaptation uses a numbering scheme (like "I-A11" etc.), two
bytes in the bank driver were corrupted.
Adaptations which have been saved with version 1.5.7b1 thru 1.5.7b3 might have
been damaged. How an Adaptation's bank driver is damaged depends on
whether it uses Roland mode or not:
* Roland mode: first two bytes of Address Distance:
the first byte is set to the high byte of "# of rows" - 1,
the second byte is set to the low byte of "# of rows" - 1.
As # or rows is less than 256 in most cases, the Distance
parameter gets disabled, as the first byte becomes an empty
* Other: "EN# format" is changed to the high byte of "# of rows".
As # or rows is less than 256 in most cases, EN# format
gets "7 bit HL".
Introduced in January 96.

+BUGFIX:PR. Page "Communication": text "Request Retries" was missing.
Mar 11 1996[/b][/u]

+W PR. Load Preferences, out of memory: now, SoundDiver does not quit,
but warns:
The Prerences are not loaded completely.
Do not save them, as you would overwrite
the Preferences file with incomplete data otherwise.
When quitting, you will be requested if you want to save the Preferences,
with "Don't save" as default.

+BUGFIX:PR. Load Preferences, entries stored in the file are loaded, but the
Module or Adaptation needed for the device cannot be found: resulted
in the same behaviour as if SD was out of memory.
Now, you get a more suitable error message.

+W PR. New safety message "saving Preferences". If enabled, an alert asks you
if you want to save the Preferences. Default: disabled.

+W PR. In all "Save Preferences" dialogs, the file name is shown.

+BUGFIX:LI. Load Library: if none of the entries could be assigned to a target
device, you still got the message "Transmit entries?".

+BUGFIX:MI/FO. Import MIDI File / MIDI In processing: if "Process incoming data
for active Device only" is disabled, incoming MIDI data or data read from
a SMF or SYX file was not processed for inactive devices supported by
Mar 9 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:HE. Crash if a paragraph contains more than 10 indentions.

+W HE. \r now jumps back to the left border, instead of back one indention.
Q AL. When SoundDiver creates Instruments in Logic, one Environment layer gets
f***ed up. What the hell is happening there?
A SoundDiver simply tells Logic to create a new Instrument, but not in which
Environment Layer or in which graphical position. Logic uses the first
"Instruments" layer. If you use AutoLink, you should leave this layer unused.
Q Why the hell is this behaviour not documented?
A It is:
* German version: file "SoundDiver 1.5 Neueste Fkt.", page "AutoLink".
* English version: User Manual, section "AutoLink".
* New combined Surfer/Diver user manual, section "AutoLink".
* Logic 2.5 Readme file, section "Environment".

+BUGFIX:MM. If an entry is marked as "skip when searching for a suitable edit
buffer", it can't be (de)selected any more. This occurs in MW Module when
clicking on an Instrument, then on the Sound Mode edit buffer.

+W FO. Export MIDI File: Events now have at least one tick clock difference,
even if the preceding message is so short that the tick resolution is not
sufficient to represent the period of time necessary to send it.
This is important for Sequencer programs which change the event order if
there are multiple events on one clock position.
Q FO. When I save a single MicroWave Multi A-01 as a Standard MIDI File and try
to import it again, the Multi is shown in the Edit Buffer and not in memory
location A-01. Why?
A Because the MicroWave does not provide SysEx commands to directly send a
Multi or Voice to a certain memory location. As a workaround, SoundDiver
sends it to the Edit Buffer and then sends a "Store Edit Multi to xxx"
command. When importing this sequence of SysEx messages, the MW Module does
not take the Store command into account (because the microWave itself does
not transmit this message at all).
If you send the MIDI File to the microWave, the desired effect is of course
This problem applies to all devices which don't provide direct single dumps
and if you don't save a whole bank in the MIDI File.
If you need to import such a MIDI File in SoundDiver for any reason, you
always should save the whole bank.
Q FO. When I save a Performance/Multi/Combi in a Standard MIDI or SYX file by
using "Export -> Selected Entries", the dependant Programs/Voices/Patches are
not saved if not explicitely selected. Why is this?
A Because the Transmit function does not do this neither. Due to SoundDiver's
WYSIWYH concept, the manual "Transmit" function is usually only necessary in
exceptional situations. Thus, you have to take care yourself to send the
desired data to the MIDI file. An alternative is to select "Capture MIDI
File" and transmit the Multi/Combi/Performance from a Library to an empty
Memory Manager. It is important that the Memory Manager is empty, because
otherwise dumps could be missing if SoundDiver finds out that the same entry
is already present in the target location.

Mar 8 1996
### Beta version 1.5.7b3

+BUGFIX:GL. Deutsche Version: viele Resourcen waren englisch.

+W PR. New page "Library". All Library-relevant items have moved here from the
Global Settings page.

+W PR. New checkbox "Dependeny Management" in page "Global Settings": if
disabled, no dependencies are taken into account in copy operations
(in Memory Manager or Library). Default: enabled

+W PR. New checkbox "Prefer selected Devices as target": if enabled,
Devices which are selected in the Setup window are preferred in Surf/AutoSurf
and Transmit operations, even if there is another device which is more
suitable for the entries to be transmitted.
This behaviour has been standard, but many users complained that it is often
not desired. Default: disabled
Mar 7 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:FI. Searching for empty comments did not work.

+BUGFIX:MI. Functions for Universal Device Inquiry now also accepts 3-byte
manufacturer IDs. This is especially important for Adaptation authors.

+W GL. Added manufacturer ID for Marion Systems.

+BUGFIX:PR. Load Preferences: if SD is out of memory, the Preferences wer removed
completely, leading to the "Welcome" situation. However, quitting overwrote
the file which did not load.
Now, you get an error message
Not enough memory to load the Preferences file.
SoundDiver will be terminated. Assign more memory to SoundDiver
and/or install more memory in the computer
and try again.
and SoundDiver quits without saving anything.

+W GL. New free memory display at the bottom of the Sequencer window.
* The shown value shows the largest free block's size, not the cumulated size
of all free blocks (because the latter is of no use when allocating *one*
block of memory.
* By clicking the display, you can try to increase free memory:
* left click compacts memory, i.e. moves moveable blocks so that fragmented
free blocks can be united
* right click (resp. Cmd-Click) purges purgeable blocks, i.e. removes
blocks which are currently not necessary
* double click frees as much memory as possible, i.e. performs both above
* "Free memory" applies to the free memory in the application heap. This heap
is not automatically all the memory assigned to SoundDiver. The heap
size increases to this maximum when memory is requested, not by compacting
or purging memory. On Atari and PC, there is no application memory
allocation. Instead, new heaps are allocated on demand in 512KB steps.
* All in all, the free memory display is not very informative (due to
technical limits) if displayed free memory is low.

Feb 29 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:LI. Unwanted horizontal AutoScroll removed. Introduced Feb 12.

+BUGFIX:LI. Find, The Data, is equal in pairs, Select One: only the first entry was selected, not all
othere equals. Introduced Feb 14

+BUGFIX:FO. Import SMF/SYX file: if there are multiple dumps for an entry, the default name was missing
in Adaptations where the entry has no name in the, but an additional name has been defined and
default names are defined (e.g. Oberheim OB-8).

+W FO. Import SMF/SYX file: now, the old contents are restored if the imported file is moved to
a Library. If not, you can restore them manually (the Undo menu item reads "Undo Import").

+BUGFIX:FO. Import SMF/SYX file: the clipboard contents were destroyed when moving the imported file
to a Library. Now they are preserved.

+BUGFIX:GL. Undo menu item: removed the '&' character (relict from port to PC)

+W GL. Opening and closing windows, closing documents accelerated: only menu titles are updated,
not menu items.

+BUGFIX:GL. Open a window as a float, close it and open it again as a normal window: it was opened
again as a float.
Feb 28 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:FO. Import MIDI File from Setup window, no devices selected, move data to Library:
no more annoying message "There are no devices selected. Perform this operation on all devices?"
Feb 27 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Selecting a non-Library window with the Windows menu deactivated active Library.
Pit: gibts jetzt immer noch einen Crash bei Startup?

+W Gl. MIDI In and MIDI Out windows can now be invoked with menu items in Windows menu.
Feb 24 Version 1.5.7b1 (for Beta Testers only)

+W This version is protected with a new version of the copy protection software. You will
need to insert the Master Disk once. The authorization count will not be affected.
Please test the copy protection as well as all new features and bug fixes.
Feb 23 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL. Text with fixed spacing with more than 80 characters: only the first 80 characters were

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. sometimes SD hangs at startup: About window is opened, but contents white.
Feb 22 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL. Screen resolution b/w, "Flicker-free redraw" on: Rectangles with option "transparent,
white in b/w" was drawn with a strange pattern.
Feb 20 1996[/b][/u]
+F GL. Export Standard MIDI Files and MidiEx/SYX files
* You find new menu items "Export..." in the Setup and Memory Manager windows. The submenus
allow you to choose which data to export and are identical to those in the "Build Library"
and "Save as..." items.
After you chose a menu item, you are asked which file format to create:
- Standard MIDI Files (SMF). Are written as Format 0 files (ie. one track) using no tempo
information (which defaults the tempo to 120 bpm) and 96 ppq resolution. This is the
most commonly used format and should be read by all programs which can read SMF.
The duration of all messages are taken into account which results in appropriate clock
increments. Delays which are necessary in dumps are recorded as well (i.e. converted
into appropriate delay meta events which correspond to the same duration at 120 bpm).
The file type used on the Mac is "Midi".
- MidiEx/SYX files. These files contain the raw MIDI bytes. No time stamp information is
provided, thus it might be a problem to send the data to the device using a universal
bulk dump utility like MidiEx. If delays are necessary, you will get a warning when
trying to export with SYX format.
The file type used on the Mac is "TEXT". Although this means you can load the file in
a text editor, showing a lot of unreadable characters, this file type is used, as
MidiEx uses this file type as well.
The selected data is first written to a temporary buffer in memory without performing
any actual MIDI output. Known limit: you must have enough free memory. If you get a
"Not enough memory" error, you should increase the application's memory allocation (Mac
only) or try to save smaller portions.
Note: if SoundDiver needs handshake communication to send a dump, you get an error
message. The reason is that the device won't answer with the correct "Acknowledge"
message, as SoundDiver's MIDI output is redirected to the export file.
In this case, you should check if you can select between handshake and one-way
communication (either in the Special Parameters box, or in a dialog message) and use
one-way instead.
Otherwise, you should use "Start File Capture..." (see below).
Finally you have to specify the file name and location. On the Mac, it is a good idea to
append ".MID" resp. ".SYX" to recognize the file type by name. On the Atari, it is
necessary to use the correct file type; otherwise the file can't be read by other
* There is a new global menu item "Export MIDI File..." in the File menu. It is identical
to the "Transmit" menu item in the global MIDI menu, except that the data is written to
a Standard MIDI File (it is always written to a SMF - you cannot choose between SMF and
SYX). That means
- if a Memory Manager window is active, the selected entries are saved
- if the Setup window is active, the memory of the selected devices is saved
- if a Library window is active, the selected entries are transmitted using the "Memory
Location" column and (if activated) the dialog which allows you to modify the
* There is a new global menu item "Capture MIDI File..." in the MIDI menu. When you select
it, it will get checked, all all subsequent MIDI output of SoundDiver is saved in a
temporary buffer. When you select it a second time, you will be asked for a file name
and location to write the buffer as a Standard MIDI file.
* Only output (no input) is saved, but no output from the built-in sequencer or from the
MIDI Thru function.
* In contrary to the various "Export..." functions, the MIDI data is still actually sent.
This is necessary to get "Acknowledge" messages from a device where handshake
communication is necessary.
* Choosing one of the "Export..." functions aborts "Capture MIDI File" - all captured
data will be lost.

Feb 18 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:FO/Mac. SYX / MidiEx files could not be loaded. Note: the file must be of file type
'TEXT'. File creator and name extension are not important.
Feb 16 1996[/b][/u]
+F FO. Import Standard MIDI and SYX files: if one file contains multiple dumps for the same
entries, SoundDiver previously imported only the last version.
Now, you get a dialog:
The file contains several dumps for the same entries.
You can
- skip new version (keep old version)
- use new version (overwrite old version)
- move all data to a Library (get all versions)
Abort Skip New version Library
This feature allows you to convert huge alien formats from all programs which support
"MIDI File Capture" like Opcode Galaxy:
- Choose menu item "Start MIDI File Capture" from the Play menu
- Open any number of Library, Bundle and Bank files and transmit all contents
- Choose menu item "Save MIDI File..." from the Play menu
- Change to SoundDiver, deselect all devices in the Setup window
- Import the MIDI File in SoundDiver.

Feb 14 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL. b/w screen and "flicker-free redraw" on: wrong graphic clipping of nonproportional
text output (e.g. overlapping column text in Library window).
Q LI. Library with entries from Pro/1 and Pro/2 with different device IDs,
setup with several Proteus' (new Module) with different device IDs. All
Library entries go to the same device when transmitting or surfing,
independent from the device ID.
SD should use the device with matching device ID if the model doesn't match.
A Not a bug, a feature. You can achieve the desired behaviour by deselecting all devices
in the Setup window. If you select a device in the Setup window, you set a preference
which allows you to audition entries using a different device without the need to
explicitely move it. See manual.

+BUGFIX:LI. Key search with Shift (Shift-character or Shift-Tab): caused multiple selection

+BUGFIX:"Append to Library" with Key command: moved insteads of copying

+W MIDI Thru of internal sequencer is disabled while data is requested or transmitted
Feb 12 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. after Tile Windows or Stack Windows, Window Zoom gadgets did not work until
contents zoom was changed.

+BUGFIX:GL. Drag objects: AutoScroll remained if objects were dragged outside a window. Was
very annoying when dragging entries from one window to another window to the right of it.

+W GL. If a Standard MIDI or SYX file is loaded, and data could be processed, the
appropriate device(s) Memory Manager window(s) is/are opened if this is not yet the case.
Q 2 Lib`s sind ge�ffnet, Doppelklick auf Sound in Lib 1,
Sound wird editiert, anschlie�end aktiviere ich im Windows-Menu Lib 2.
Nun will ich den editierten Sound mit "Store in..." in die (aktive)Lib 2 speichern.
Im Flip-Menu, da� sich bei "Store in...." �ffnet, ist aber nur die Lib 1 zu sehen, obwohl
im Windows-Menu Lib 2 aktiv ist.
A Das ist korrekt. Man kann immer an die Library anh�ngen, von der aus der Editor ge�ffnet

+BUGFIX:GL. Wenn ich eine weitere Lib �ffne, wird ab sofort nur noch diese Lib im "Store in..."
Dialog angeboten. Man kann also immer nur in die zuletzt ge�ffnete Lib schreiben.
(Open Editor from Library, open a new Library -> wrong Library is used in AutoStore

+W AL. Changing MIDI Channel, Device output etc. does now take effect after the mouse button
has been released -> changing from one value to another does not create unneeded AutoLink
Instruments in Logic.

+BUGFIX:Randomize produced the same values at every startup.

+BUGFIX:Shortcut Cmd-/ or Cmd-� for "Help" on keyboards without help key (PowerBook) did not

Feb 1 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:AL. "Save Library for Logic Song": error message "Illegal IINDEX" when using program
changes to ROM data possible.

+BUGFIX:AL. "Save Library for Logic Song": ROM entries were stored in Library, which causes
SoundDiver to transmit them to RAM when re-loading the Library. Now ROM entries are no
more saved in the Library.
Jan 30 1996[/b][/u]

+W MM. When SoundDiver calculates dependencies, a progress bar is shown after
1 second. There is also a busy bee shown when the link box is shown and there
are entries in the "Used by..." area.

Jan 17 1996[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:SC. Scan, abort scanning, scan all (from Setup window) - only selected
models were scanned
Jan 6 1996[/b][/u]
+F FO. Support for loading files from SoundDiver PC.
Dec 29 1995[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL. Click on non-clickable place in a window without window sliders might cause a crash.
Dec 13 1995[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL. Surfer English: wrong text "Installieren..." in local Setup
window menu.
November 24 1995

+BUGFIX:AL. Menu item "Save Programs used in Logic" did not appear if Setup window
is opened by the startup screenset.
However, this feature could still be invoked from Logic (see Key commands

November 22 1995

+BUGFIX:ED. Some icon images (Frequency, Fade In, Amplitude, Delay) contained
corrupted image data.
November 6 1995

+BUGFIX:ED. Strange parameter value display in some parameters of various editors (values
should read something like 0.12 but showed 0x2 (x is a strange character);
same effect for note names with negative octave).
Oct 8 1995[/b][/u]

+W Due to an unsolvable conflict in the Universal Module's user interface, windows can now
only be opened when Command and Option are held (not only Option) (Atari: Control and
Shift). Thus, pressing Option-E now opens the Adaptation editor as a normal window again.
The same applies to the Object editor window. These two windows can only be opened by
choosing the appropriate menu item (with Cmd+Opt held), not with a key command.
Oct 4 1995[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:MO. PRO: Instrument & Preset names were not recalled on startup with newer SoundDiver versions.
Improved name handling.
Sept 21 1995[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. sometimes garbage mouse pointer.
Sept 12 ## Version 1.506 ##

+BUGFIX:AL. AutoRequest together with AutoLink did not work (Requests were not transmitted).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Problems with Aaron 1.1.1 (and older versions) fixed. Progress windows, flip
menus and local menus had no border, and in the latter two, no text was visible.
This is actually a bug in Aaron, however I found a fix (altDBoxProc together with
"noSizer" does not work).
Sept 9 1995[/b][/u]

+B/W New versions of Adaptations:
t.c. M5000: with complete editors
Roland RSP-550: completely revised
Roland PAD-80: data format changed, completely new editors
Roland MKS-70: fully functional, partly with editors
Roland MKS-80: works if you follow installation notes, with complete editors
Roland JD-990: small bugs fixed, ROM Presets taken into account, System Setup editor
now complete
Thanks to Thomas Siebert.
Aug 14 1995[/b][/u]
+F New tool "UnEdit": allows you to create a SoundSurfer
Adaptation out of a SoundDiver Adaptation. Although SoundSurfer
can load SoundDiver Adaptations directly, it is useful to
strip editor data not needed by SoundSurfer. This is done
by UnEdit: it deletes all editor objects (except objects with
print format "Item") and all banks which have no MIDI Strings
defined and have no "Default Names" (which might be needed by
AutoLink). If no banks are remaining (which is the case for
"remote control only" Adaptations), no target file is written,
instead an existing target file is deleted.
UnEdit might be operated by menu similar to SSHC: choose "UnEdit...",
then select the SoundDiver Adaptation. In the second file select
dialog, locate the target folder (usually "Surfer").
UnEdit can be operated by a batch file as well. Create a text file
and write each option into a single line (similar to SSHC).
Lines without a leading "-" define source files. If the filename
is "*", all Adaptations in this folder are "UnEdited" to the
output folder. To speed up operation, use option "-m" ("Make", only
newer files are processed.
+F New tool "LocalizeDiver": allows you to automate the localization
of Module and Adaptation files on the Macintosh.
In Adaptations, only the help must be localized. Thus, LocalizeDiver
copies the file to the target location and simply deletes the
HELP resource (together with the HDAT resource which is used by SSHC
to find out the compilation date of the HELP resource). Then you
only need to rerun SSHC on the target file.
In Modules, there is an optional TEXT resource which contains
localized alert messages, menu titles and items and the forth
(on the Atari, this resource is stored in a separate .RSC file
LocalizeDiver needs a "localization resource file" which contains
this resource. This file can be created with ResEdit.
Similar to SSHC and UnEdit, LocalizeDiver can be used for single
files via a menu command, or you can create batch files. The
options are similar, however you must give a resource file pattern
with a leading option "-r" if you want to localize Module files.
You can use an asterisk * (even several times and for folder names)
as a wildcard for the respective Module file name. E.g. if you give
a resource file pattern "HD:SoundDiver:* �:* DD.Ä.rsrc", the Module
file "A880" will be localized with resource file
"HD:SoundDiver:A880 �:A880 DD.Ä.rsrc".
Together with UnEdit, SSHC and AppleScript, you can now fully
automate the creation all english and localized SoundDiver and
SoundSurfer versions. An appropriate AppleScript file is available
on demand.
Aug 5 1995[/b][/u]

+BUGFIX:ED. All above Adaptations: Parameter Change bug (Edit Voice only)
=> some wrong Parameter Change Strings (Device ID)
Thanks to Mike Hageman, Studio de Dijk

+BUGFIX:SC. DX11 Scan: add a DX11 and a TX81Z device
Q TX81Z,DX11: EG SHIFT OP1 is not there. When I sent the right string
to the TX81Z,DX11 it doesn't react.
Is this also a bug in this machine?
A This is not a bug. EG shift of OP1 is fixed at "off" (in the TX81Z,
DX11 Operating System) ==> See the TX81Z,DX11 Manual!

June 24 1995

+BUGFIX:GL. Build Library -> All Entries pasted internal management entries into Library
(e.g. Proteus Preset List, Instrument List).

June 6 1995

+BUGFIX:LI/At. Import MIDI or SYX file and move to Library -> crash.

+BUGFIX:IN/At. Using PRO Module: error message "Text not found". Installer did not copy
file PRO.RSC. You can do yourself by downloading this file separately and moving it
into the DIVER folder.

+W MI. Button "Abort" in dialog "SysEx communication error" now aborts MIDI transfer of
all devices, not only of the currently processed one.

May 30 1995

+BUGFIX:IN/Mac. Deutsche Version: im Autorisierungs-Dialog waren die Buttons nicht zu sehen.

+BUGFIX:FO. Crash when trying to load a corrupted compressed file.

+BUGFIX:ED/At. Paste Parameter group with key command ^P caused crash.
New version of JV-1080 Beta version (for beta testers only!)

May 13 1995

+BUGFIX:MI. Loading Standard MIDI files which contain Channel messages did not work (only
events before the first Channel message were recognized, the rest was garbage).

+BUGFIX:MI. MIDI In/Out window: missing redraw if there is a redraw (due to a removed
covering window) and incoming/outgoing MIDI at the same time.

May 11 1995

+BUGFIX:Receiving KMX-8 Patches 11 to 36 did not work

+BUGFIX:KMX-16 had 16 instead of 15 inputs

+BUGFIX:Corrected Setup window icons. Note: to get the new icons, you must re-install
the KMX.
+F Added a Patch editor

May 1 1995

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. SoundSurfer Mac English 1.504 (and only this file) crashed at startup for
an unknown reason. I just recompiled the file, and it worked again?!?

+BUGFIX:AL. With 3 or more AutoLink applications, quitting SoundDiver caused a freeze.
Note: this bug still occurs when quitting any of the other applications until
they use the new AutoLink library (Logic 2.5/beta 365 already does).

April 27 1995
### Version 1.504

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. SoundDiver sometimes got into an infinitive loop (mouse pointer
still moveable, but otherwise no reaction) when trying to send MIDI,
especially in Fast mode. (introduced April 24, due to a bug in a heder
file from Apple!)

+BUGFIX:LI. Clicking on the Full Size (Zoom) gadget in a very large Library (no.
of entries x font height > 32767) made the window disappear. Other
strange behaviour possible then.
New version of DX7 Module:

+BUGFIX:Function parameter dumps for TX-Voices were not processed properly

+W Auto Bulk Protect off for TX7
For Beta Testers:
+F 01W Module now supports X2, X3, X5 and X5DR. Please test thoroughly.
This file can be found in the "Beta Versions" folder.
Note: you first have to add any old supported models (so that the
Module is loaded) to show the new models in the Install window,
since SoundDiver does not yet know of them.
+F First beta version of ULTRAPRO Module: supports Ultra Proteus and
Morpheus, but no editors yet.

April 24 1995
### Version 1.503

+BUGFIX:GL. With a device in the setup which is driven by a yet unreleased
(=beta version) Module, surfing in a Library could fail without an error
message. Now there is a message �Module for device �xxx� is missing!�

+BUGFIX:GL. Import MIDI File and move loaded entries to a Library: the new
Library�s window was always opened as a floating window (introduced March 27)

+W FO/Mac. Standard MIDI files which have file type �????�, but a
trailing �.MID� in the file name can now be loaded. This is the case for
files loaded from DOS or Atari disks without having defined a file type
in PC Exchange / DOS Mounter / Access PC - or downloaded from a BBS
without MacBinary.

+W FO. Raw MIDI data files with file extension �.SYX� can now be loaded.
It works just the same way as file Standard MIDI Files (exception:
at the Mac, SYX files will not appear with �Open...�. You must use
�Import...� instead).
* this file type is written by some bulk dump utilities and contain
plain MIDI bytes without any formatting
* as with Standard MIDI Files, you must have a device with matching
device ID in your setup
* if you want to import a file and don�t know the format, try to
rename it by adding a �.SYX� resp. changing its extension to �.SYX�.

+BUGFIX:When changing Part�s Receive Channel in Performance Editor, Thru-Channel
was not updated.

+BUGFIX:Patch Editor: PAN Slider Text was drawn incorrectly

+BUGFIX:Text Resource IDs were wrong (Message �Text not found�)

+BUGFIX:Numbers in MIDI-OUT Section Switches (Performance Editor) were displayed
wrongly sometimes.

+BUGFIX:Display of �Hold 1� in MIDI-OUT Global Settings (Performance Editor) no
longer garbled
on Mac.

+BUGFIX:Display of Performance HOLD-Pedal-Function not updated in realtime
according to settings
in Synth Setup.
U-20 18.04.1995[/b][/u] (release 8)

+W Editing Patches from Performance now maintains source
JV (release 7)

+BUGFIX:Perf. Editor: MIDI Thru Channel was always seth to Part 1
in Effect Editor

+BUGFIX:Problems with 24 Bit Macs

+BUGFIX:When recalling the Patches to the edit buffers, their sources are
now set correctly.

+BUGFIX:Links to Rhythm Sets were not set correctly, Entry�s data was garbled.

+BUGFIX:Links to Patches on a Card were set to corresponding Patches in
internal memory instead.

April 21 1995

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. at startup, some Memory Managers (e.g. PRO) were not
initialized correctly (strange display) if the device�s MIDI port was
not activated.

+W GL. Modules which are yet unreleased (i.e. beta versions) are now
automatically recognized. They just have to be placed in the �Diver�
folder. This is useful for beta testing new Modules.

April 18 1995

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. SoundDiver can now be installed flawlessly on a Performa 630
and all future Macs with IDE hard disk drives due to a new version of
the copy protection system.
Here�s how to deauthorize:
* Run SoundDiver directly from your Master disk.
* In the appearing dialog box, choose �Setup�, then �Deauthorize� (refer
to your SoundSurfer manual for further details).
* Then quit the old SoundDiver version. Your Master disk should now have
one more authorization count left, and your hard disk should be
* now replace your old SoundDiver version on the hard disk with the new
version by simply moving it in the Finder.
* Start the new version of SoundDiver. You will be asked for the Master
Disk which is used to re-authorize your hard disk. All other files are

+W PRO Module: Minimum Send Pause is now 20 ms

March 31 1995
### Version 1.502

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Former versions 1.502 crashed at all possibilities. This was a very strange
problem with my development system.

+BUGFIX:GL. Open from Library: Store/Auto-Store back to Library entry did not work anymore
(introducedMarch 15)

+BUGFIX:AL. Under AutoLink, initial automatic requests (e.g. request for name lists in PRO
Module) were not transmitted.

+BUGFIX:MI. If there is a Master Keyboard connected to a patchbay, and another device connected
directly to the computer, parameter changes to this device were not transmitted.

+BUGFIX:GL. Some graphical bugs in Device Parameter box (introduced March 25)

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac. No flicker-free redraw of envelopes and key/velo in b/w resolutions.

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac. some editors showed parameter values without leading zeros where they were intended.

+BUGFIX:MM. Hidden entries (e.g. Sample names, PCM cards etc.) can no more be selected with "Select All"
and thus not be deleted, transmitted etc.

+W MI. MIDI In/Out: "Copy" creates TEXT clipboard of hex codes (line-wrapped like in window,
maximum 16 bytes per line). Very useful for documenting bugs...
* for Atari only available if you have switched on "Use GEM scrap".
* "Cut" is equal to "Copy", then "Clear" as usual

+W MI. All MIDI transmits are faster now if mouse button is not held (eg. parameter change
with key repeat on + or -)

March 30 1995

+BUGFIX:GL. If a window was opened as a floating window once, all windows of the same
class could no more be opened as normal windows.

+BUGFIX:GL. Strange redraws in progress bar.

+BUGFIX:IN. Strange lines at end of Install window list.

+BUGFIX:AL. �Protect LOGIC Instruments� switch status was shown reverse

March 29 1995

+BUGFIX:FI. Last entry selected, Find -> Crash.

+BUGFIX:LI. If entries are deleted so that the library gets shorter than the Library window,
a crash was possible.

+BUGFIX:LI. Surfing an Entry which was created by an Adaptation which is not installed: the
�not installed� dialog is shown, but �Abort� does not abort immediately, but the
dialog is repeated several times (depending on the number of devices in your setup and
the number of editable entries in the devices).

+W GL. Updated �SoundDiver 1.5 Latest News� / �SoundDiver 1.5 Neueste Fkt.�

+BUGFIX:Card Items always affected, even when (e.g. AutoRequest) set to I only.

+BUGFIX:Help File: JV-880 doesn�t work without certain firmware revisions: Page
�Software version� added.

+BUGFIX:Card Items always affected...

+BUGFIX:German Helpfile: Rechtschreibv�hler

+BUGFIX:Card Items always affected...

+BUGFIX:Help File lacked Page AutoLink.

+BUGFIX:Drum Sound Entries in locations 1-20 instead of 81-100 in AutoLink

+BUGFIX:Play Delay too short

+BUGFIX:Default Send Pause too short

+BUGFIX:Help file lacked AutoLink Page

+BUGFIX:Name Providing settings in Adaptation editor added

March 28 1995
### Version 1.502 Atari

+W IN. Model names which are no longer used by Modules (e.g. "Proteus/1" etc. in PRO Module)
don't appear any more in the Install window.

March 27 1995
-B AL. Many problems with receiving dumps in AutoLink (mainly with long dumps). This is a
problem mainly in Logic. We are not yet sure if this bug will be fixed before Logic 2.5.

+W GL. Big bang: *all* windows can be opened as a floating window. Hold Option (Mac) resp.
Shift (Atari) while opening the window.
* As all floating windows, they don�t get keyboard commands. Instead, always the most-top
non-floating window gets keyboard commands (this is the one with a checkmark in the
Windows menu). Thus, you must use the local pull-down menus in floating windows.
* Cmd-Number key commands work with Option/Shift only for MIDI In/Out and Help windows.
For the other window classes, you must use the pull-down menu instead.
* Mac: to open the Universal Module Object editor as a non-floating window (which is useful
when entering many Parameter Change MIDI strings):
1. pull down the local �Edit� menu with Option held
2. release Option while still holding the mouse button
3. choose �Open Object Editor�

+W AL. New option �Protect LOGIC Instruments� in Preferences/Communication (AutoLink only):
normally SoundDiver changes the selected track�s instrument to play on the selected
device�s output/cable/channel, so you can audition a track with different sounds, no matter
with what device. However, this change was permanent which made some AutoLink users very angry,
since they often changed their songs my mistake. So this switch makes sure that the old
instrument is used when activating Logic again.
Note: by holding the Command key (Atari: Control) while activating Logic, you can temporarily
reverse this switch, i.e. the track keeps the changed instrument although the �Protect�
switch is on.

March 25 1995

+W MI/Mac. MTP cable �all� is now shown as �all� instead of �0�.

+W SE, MM. Device Parameter box now uses proportional font -> no problems with Kanji

+W LI. Entry Parameter box now uses proportional font -> no problems with Kanji

+W GL. In Japanese System, always System font is used in zoomable views -> no problems with Kanji

March 24 1995

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. some background fill patterns were wrong in b/w mode with �flicker-free redraw� on.
(introduced Feb 15)

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. if both ports are activated, but Modem port interface switched off, Printer port
MTP was not detected (neither cable mode nor Fast Mode).

+BUGFIX:AL. No more annoying flickering in progress bar window while receiving dumps

+BUGFIX:GL. No more annoying flickering in progress bar while receiving single dumps

March 22 1995

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. incoming MIDI (long SysEx dumps) from Opcode Studio 5 (and Maybe Studio 4?) should
now be processed correctly. The Studio 5 sometimes inserts a Cable message (i.e. an information
from which input the MIDI data came) right into a SysEx message which confused SoundDiver.
NOTE: since I don�t have a Studio 5, I could not test this bugfix. Please report if it works

March 20 1995
Q AL. Why does SoundDiver tell me that my Logic version is too old, although I have the
newest one?
A This is a bug in Logic and occurs only if you start SoundDiver while there is no song
loaded. Will be fixed in the next Logic update.
Workaround: be sure you have a song loaded when starting SoundDiver.

March 16 1995

+W SC. Scanning devices connected to a patchbay is now much faster: after finding out the
input, first the output with the same number is scanned (which is the common way to
connect devices to patchbays).

March 15 1995

+BUGFIX:V2.0 additional ROM Wavetables now received properly (no more �Checksum Errors�)

+BUGFIX:Received ROM Wavetables keep their default name

+W V2.0 additional ROM Waves are now shown and can be requested

+BUGFIX:Editing Global Data with a V2.0 uWave did not work. The reason is a bug in the uWave
itself (it ignores the new Parameter Change message). Now, a dump message is used instead.

+BUGFIX:Changing from Instrument to Edit Multi no more recalls the whole multi, i.e. the changed
instruments are no more overwritten by the memory sounds. This is also true for changing from
Edit Sound to Edit Multi.

+BUGFIX:Mac: Additive Synthesis: all sliders created waves which are one octave too high

+BUGFIX:Mac: Additive Synthesis could cause digital clipping

+W Additive Synthesis now has four options for calculating levels: Normalize, Analog Clipping,
Mirroring, Digital Clipping. See the help file�s page �Additive Synthesis� for details.

+W Additive Synthesis: sliders now can also have negative values.

+BUGFIX:Copying Program Change tables and Global Data in Library showed garbage names.

+BUGFIX:Store from Edit Multi or Sound now retransmits Edit Buffer (the uWave recalls the recently
selected location after processing a �Store� command).

+BUGFIX:Request single Sounds or Multis now retransmits the current buffer afterwards.

+BUGFIX:No more confusing message �Target entry edited, but not yet saved� when opening
Instrument 1-8 editor.

+BUGFIX:After a Multi was Surfed, �Store� did not work in Instrument editors (since the uWave
Module copied the Sound itself from memory to the Instrument buffer, but forgot to save
the source information).

+BUGFIX:UPAW: negative fixpoint numbers were shown wrong

+BUGFIX:UPAW: editing fixpoint numbers is now easier: each digit can be changed separately

+BUGFIX:UPAW: fixpoint numbers can now be entered directly with the keyboard, including the
decimal fraction.

+BUGFIX:UPAW: Initializing a wavetable takes into account if it is a UPAW.

+BUGFIX:Help file updated and revised; many wrong crossreferences fixed.

+W V2.0 �Recall� command is now supported; now transmitting the Edit Buffer never selects B32
again (this is necessary in versions < V2.0, since otherwise requesting a single Sound or
Multi would force the user to press Shift-Recall every time).

+W Wavetable editor: wave steps are now �wrapped� depending on the window width which helps
a lot to view all wavesteps on all screen sizes.

+W UPAW: resulting wavesteps are wrapped as well, menu option allows to fade out inherited
parameter values.

+W Multi editor: added a nice overview which shows you the most important parameters at a glance.

+W Multi editor PC Mode is now a flip menu.
Q How can I select a Wave from the Wavetable without opening the very long flip menu?
A Either select it with Control-Click, or enter the number directly (be sure Num Lock is on).
Q How can I transmit an Arrangement dump to store it in a Logic or Notator song?
A - Click the Edit Multi,
- Shift-Click the Instruments selection bar
- Choose �Transmit�
The uWave Module automatically uses the Arrangement Dump message in this case.
Q Is there a function �Get Instrument from Library�?
A Yes:
- click the desired instrument
- Auto-Surf or Surf the desired Sound from a Library
Now this Instrument shound play the desired Sound. Note that you now can open the Multi
editor by double-clicking the Edit Multi without overwriting the Instrument buffers with
the Sounds referenced by the Multi.

February 25 1995

+BUGFIX:SQ adaptation: Parameter change pause was set to 0, which caused SysEx-Errors
on the SQ's side. Now, it is set to 250ms. If you encounter still problems,
try increasing this value in the Data Type definition.

February 15 1995

+BUGFIX:GL/At. German character � was not shown correctly in some Modules and help files.

+W GL. Flicker-free output is now much faster, especially in color. Since envelopes and
keyboard resp. key/velo objects are always output flicker-free (even in color mode - except
flicker-free output is switched off), this is especially relevant in editors.

+BUGFIX:MM. Deselecting all by clicking in the background or selecting with rubber-band did not update
the link box.

+BUGFIX:ED/At. Initializing or copying certain parameter groups in certain editors (e.g. Algorithm in
K2000 Programs) caused a crash.

+BUGFIX:GL/At. disabled buttons were not shown in light text

+BUGFIX:IN. Hitting Return or pressing the "Scan" button when no models are selected started
scanning, leading to a message "No new devices found"

+BUGFIX:ED. Initializing parameter groups which don't exist in intialized entries (e.g. K2000
Layer > 1) did not work correctly.

+W LI. Copying, transmitting, and Surfing entries with dependencies in Libraries with many
dependencies is now much (up to 100 times) faster.

+W GL/Mac. the program file is now packed (self-unpacking). This means that the modem transfer
time is shorter. However it also means that you can no longer run Diver/Surfer directly from
floppy disk.

February 13 1995

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Opening help (Module or Adaptation with HelpFile): The help window always
showed �(no help available)� (introduced Feb 9)

February 9 1995

+BUGFIX:AS/Mac. finally I fixed this ugly crash bug which could occur at any time once an
�Auto-Store� or �Overwrite� dialog was opened and a button was clicked with the mouse.
A big Thank You to Pit L�w.

+W LI. No more horizontal auto-scrolling when dragging entries from Library to other window.

+W LI. Warning �Entry �xxx� is used by yyy Entries� now has a button �All�.

+W GL/Mac. down arrows in flip menus are now as small as in Atari version.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. if no help exists for an Adaptation or a Module, opening help did nothing. Now,
the help window shows �(no help available)�

February 8 1995

+BUGFIX:AS/Mac. crash when opening Auto-Store dialog and pressing mouse button a second time
while the dialog appears.

February 7 1995

+BUGFIX:SC. If an Adaptation does not support scanning, the message was �Model Universal
Module Adaptation cannot be scanned...�. Now it�s �Model <model name> cannot be

+W SC. If a Module or Adaptation is not installed, now there is a �Skip� button. This way, you
can select use �Scan all� from the Setup window and incrementally decide which model to

+W SC. In message �Model xyz cannot be scanned...�, now there is an �Abort� button.

February 2 1995

+W ED. All above Adaptations: Now use borders and background fill
patterns only if needed (this speeds up the Adaptations).

January 11 1995

+BUGFIX:ED. If an open editor window is stored in preferences, some redraws
were missing.

January 2 1995

+BUGFIX:MI. AutoPlay without AutoLink: crash (introduced December 20) Sorry for that!

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac: Some Alerts looked pretty wierd (introduced December 25)

+W GL/Mac: Alerts "Could not send MIDI data" and "No Ports active" are delayed while SoundDiver
is in background (it is not very useful to show an alert while the application is
in background).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Text with leading spaces sometimes showed these spaces as black boxes.

+W GL. Flip menus: Long click immediately after a long click which opened flip menu
resulted in Text input. Now, the second long click opens the flip menu a second time.

December 27 1994

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. when a dialog opens, and the mouse is clicked before the dialog is completely
drawn, strange things could happen, even crashes.

December 25 1994

+W GL/Mac. Alerts should now work correctly with Multiple Byte Characters (Kanji).

+BUGFIX:GL. Autoscrolling did not work to the left if there is no Parameter column in the

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. if the SoundDiver application is not present, trying to open a SoundDiver
document file lead to message "... application "" was not found" (it did work with

December 20 1994

+W AL. With LOGIC version 2.5, AutoPlay sets selected track's instrument to
needed settings (same as Thru Instrument). This is omitted if the selected track
has a Folder, No Output or other global Instrument setting.
This feature enables you to try out different devices for the same track by
simply clicking different entries in a Library.

+W AL. With LOGIC version 2.5, you can automatically create a Library which contains
all data which is accessed by the used Instruments' Program Changes.
You can access this function in two ways:
a) there is a key command in Logic. Note that SoundDiver is temporarily the active
b) there is a new item "Save Library for Logic Song" in the Setup window's New menu
(shortcut Cmd-Opt-L)
Note: this menu item does not appear when your Logic version does not yet support this
The Library has the song's file name with an appended ".lib" (Atari: .LOG is replaced
by .LIB) and is placed in the same folder as the song.
We could automate this function to occur every time a song is saved. Do you think
this is too much automatic stuff?

+W AL. With LOGIC version 2.5, when a song is loaded, SoundDiver automatically opens
the above mentioned library (if it exists) and transmits it, i.e. performs the function
"Load" in the Setup window.
Note that SoundDiver is temporarily the active application.

+BUGFIX:AL. If Logic had no song opened, AutoLink could crash

+BUGFIX:AL. If a Module called a SoundDiver function in a (wrong) way which normally causes
an "Illegal IINDEX" message, there was a crash if call was made from Logic.
Typically, this bug occured when SoundDiver is launched, and no edit buffer was
clicked before (so that there is no small "E" visible), and Logic tries to show a
program change name.

+W GL. In Japanese Systems, System font is now used in all sizes instead of Geneva,
so that Library entry names and comments work with Kanji fonts.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. when PopupFolder and DragWindow are installed, a crash occured when trying
to drag a window. Maybe this bug was the reason for other crashes.

December 14 1994

+BUGFIX:AL/At. LOG3 was checked even if SoundDiver was not in Standalone mode ->
could confuse Logic.

+BUGFIX:AL/At. only Output A was available in AutoLink. Now, outputs A, G, H, I, E, F
are available. Yes, I know you want ExPort support. I will add this later.

+BUGFIX:LI. Edit entry from Library: if Library entry is replaced by edited version,
comment and memory location were lost.
** Note that dependencies to other entries are still not updated correctly.

+BUGFIX:DM. Copy an entry with dependencies to Memory Manager: if the original memory location
is already used, but not identical (so that SoundDiver suggests a different location),
and you decide to overwrite the original memory location nevertheless, the link still
pointed to the suggested location (instead of to the original one).

December 9 1994

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. with EvenBetterBusError installed, Bus Error when opening
Help window

December 5 1994

+BUGFIX:GL. Changing Screensets did not activate Library of most top Library window
-> Find function searches in wrong Library

+W LI. The Search function now wraps: say there is a library with some entries
that match your search condition, but the cursor is below all of them. Now
the first entry is found without the annoying "Nothing found" message.
Wrapping even works with "Search in all documents".

+BUGFIX:MM/Mac. in 24 Bit Addressing mode, selecting Memory Manager Items by
clicking them or a title bar was not reflected. Other missing redraws

November 30 1994

+W GL. MIDI In/Out windows: now line wrapping

+BUGFIX:GL. Quit: yet unloaded Modules were loaded without need. Introduced Nov 17
(implemented new deinitialization function which is useful e.g. for K2000 Module)

+BUGFIX:MTP Cable Mode: output flip menu shows M0..16, 18, 20, .., 32, P0 instead of
correct range (introduced Nov 1)

+W ED. IMPORTANT CHANGE in Editor: due to many requests, parameter groups can now be
selected and copied only with held shift key, even if an empty area is clicked.
A click without Shift on a selected parameter group deselects it.

November 17 1994

+BUGFIX:MI. AutoLink: when requesting dumps which are longer than about 500 bytes,
incoming dumps were not recognized by some Modules.

+BUGFIX:GL. Printing a Help file now also works when no Library is opened.

November 12 1994

+BUGFIX:MM. Program banks are now shown 10x6 instead of 3x20, showing one screen in one
column. Numbering has been adopted.
NOTE: old Libraries containing entries with Memory location won't load with "Load".
You will need to drag them manually.

+BUGFIX:MI. Sometimes message
VFX responds:
NAK (Not AcKnowledge)
Transmission was rejected by the VFX.
Please repeat the previous SEND command.
when surfing (due to too short waiting time between dump and virtual key press on
soft key "EXIT")

+BUGFIX:SD-1: some Programs with Drum Maps were not stored and copied correctly (the ones
where Voices 5 and 6 were unused before Drum Map was activated)

+W Receiving single and Card/ROM Programs is now much faster.

+B/W Program Editor has been redesigned completely. Many new improvements and bugfixes:
better view of signal flow, supports SD-1 Drum Maps

November 9 1994

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Graphics garbage with selected text beginning with a space (introduced

November 2 1994

+W GL/Mac. when using >= 256 color or >= 16 greyscales, light text is now always
shown grey, not dithered (this was the case with monospaced fonts).

+BUGFIX:PR. If "AutoRequest" or "Save Device Entries when quitting" is set to I+C+R,
ROM entries were not requested resp. saved.

+BUGFIX:GL. All timing (Timeouts, Send Pauses...) was on Mac faster than on Atari by 4%.
This leads to problems with Modules/Adaptations which have been tested on Atari only.
Now, Mac timing is 2% slower than Atari. Note that this can again lead to problems,
but in the other direction, and with less propability.

November 4 1994

+BUGFIX:IN/At. INSTALL: when running from an update disk, button
"Update" is marked as default, however pressing return initiated
"Install" (which is invisible).

+W IN/At. INSTALL: when updating, deselecting files is now

November 2 1994

+BUGFIX:MO. K2000: if K2000 is loaded, and SoundDiver quits with a device
active which is defined by an Adaptation, next startup loads a
different Adaptation to this device (first alphabetical,
e.g. Lexicon 300).

+BUGFIX:DM. Paste in Memory Manager: if there is a link pointing to the
entry itself (which was possible due to the above bugs), and there
are no more entries withouts links on them: crash.

+W DM. Link of an entry to itself are now omitted.

+W ED. Edit buttons are now active if an "indirect" link is returned.

+W GL/Mac. SoundDiver now should work correctly with Kanji systems
(System font is used in all font sizes if system font's name is

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Text output: with Greg's Buttons, some text output erased
vertical line left of text (this is in fact a bug in the font used
by Greg's Buttons, but I fixed it with a workaround).

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. with Kanji system / Osaka font or Greg's Buttons fonts,
sequencer clock display is now correct.

November 1 1994

+BUGFIX:MI. MIDI Manager: if no interface is connected to desired output,
for each single message, an error alert "MIDI Manager Error" appeared.
Now, only one appears, giving useful hints.

+W MI. MIDI Manager: custom connections in PatchBay are now memorized
in Preferences. You can route any number of MIDI ports to SoundDiver's
MIDI In and its 7 Outs. However, only up to 8 connections to SoundDiver's
MIDI In and only one connection each of SoundDiver's 7 MIDI Outs are
memorized in Preferences.
Note: this is different to Logic: Logic only memorizes the first Out's
connections (up to 8); the other Outs' connections are not memorized.

+W GL. When accessing a Module, and Control, Option and Shift are held,
the Module is unloaded if already loaded, and all windows using this
Module are redrawn.
Usage: Sh-Ctrl-Opt-Click onto line "Module" in Device Parameter box.
This is helpful for developing Modules (SoundDiver does not need to be

+BUGFIX:GL. Surf from Library: when searching for a suitable device, and
a device's Module was not loaded: crash.

+BUGFIX:GL. Help files were never removed from memory at low memory situations.
Now, Help files are removed until free memory is sufficient. The first
loaded Help file is removed first.
Note: the currently visible help page is not affected. However, if the
help file of the currently visible help page is removed, paging forward
or backward does nothing, and calling up the index or following HyperLinks
results in "No Help available". Is this confusing? I could prevent the
current help file from being remove, which would mean that memory-consuming
operations could fail.
Note: steps in the Help History related to a removed help file are removed
either. However, this change is not reflected in the help window title

October 31 1994

+W GL. At startup, the current edit buffer (the one with the small 'E')
is now undefined, so that there is no program change or similar
message is transmitted only because the Memory Manager is opened.
This is very important for people who have edited something at the
device itself and want to store it in a Library.
The select message is now transmitted at the moment the current edit
buffer is set (e.g. AutoSurf).

+BUGFIX:ED. Copying without Shift: if mouse is release above a parameter,
target parameter group is not recognized.

October 30 1994

+BUGFIX:ED. Edit with keyboard (especially name): in low memory situations
strange redraws (entered character does not appear).

+BUGFIX:GL. Save as... (in Setup or MM): if saving was canceled, user was
asked to save changed Library.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Select All did not work in TextEdit.
Q I get strange messages concerning Libraries when starting SoundDiver.
A If you have Super Boomerang's re-launch feature on, you must turn
SoundDiver's "Reopen Libraries" switch off.

+W MI. Alert when using MIDI Manager: now localized (STR# 10000, #14)

+BUGFIX:MI. Using MIDI Manager: output flipmenus now only show 0..7

October 29 1994

+W GL. Undo menu text now customizable (important for Japanese

October 25 1994

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac/At. Randomize in Adaptations: strange redraws on Mac, crash on

October 23 1994

+BUGFIX:LI. AutoSave: is now disabled while SoundDiver is in background.
Otherwise problems if alerts or file selectors are opened.

+BUGFIX:ED. Auto Snapshot: change an entry in one device and change
to other device before Auto Snapshot is executed: possibly message
"Illegal IINDEX", but anyway nothing or wrong entry is saved.

+BUGFIX:PR. When changing AutoSave interval time, new setting is not
immediately active (only after next AutoSave occured).

+W Auto-Save: five seconds before Auto-Save is executed, a progress
bar appears to inform the user that Auto-Save will be executed
soon. Note: While this progress bar is shown, all other program
features can be used normally.

October 22 1994

+BUGFIX:ED. After Store in Library (Append to Library): option Check Doubles
is always off.

+BUGFIX:ED. Editors with Overview button: removed vertical line in Info Line.

+W IN. If no model is selected, Help button opens list of all available
help files.

+W IN. If no model is selected, Scan and Add buttons are disabled.

October 21 1994

+BUGFIX:ED. Entry specifications in editors: if entry is unknown, redraw
error (old text is not cleared).

+BUGFIX:LI. Libraries with an entry which has very much links onto it
(text length of column "Used by..." longer than 500 chars): crash
if this column is shown.

+BUGFIX:IN/Mac. 24 Bit Mode: no selection possible in Install

+BUGFIX:MM/Mac. 24 Bit Mode: initializing Entries results in most
Modules in "Out of Memory" although there is enough memory.

+BUGFIX:MM/Mac. 24 Bit Mode: paste to Entries: if conversion is not
possible, message "Out of Memory" instead of message that conversion
is not possible.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. 24 Bit Mode: a lot of missing redraws.

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac. 24 Bit Mode: arrows are shown wrong.

October 20 1994

+BUGFIX:GL. Click in a window opened by the preferences which can contain
a flashing cursor (e.g. Editor windows): crash possible (especially
if the preferences file has be created on a machine with more memory).

+BUGFIX:AL. Transmitting more than one SysEx messages without pause did not
work (AutoLink only!). Important e.g. for Matrix-6/6R editors.

October 19 1994

+W LI. Title entries are now shown bold and with a line at the top.
Selected title entries are dark grey.

+BUGFIX:DM. when searching for an identical entry in the Memory Manager, edit
buffers (i.e. no Memory) were taken into account which is nonsense.

+BUGFIX:DM. when searching for an identical entry in the Memory Manager, the
name was compared - in opposite to what the manual says. In fact, it is
better not to compare the name, since many "commercial" sound publishers
sell the same sound under different names.
Q MO MW: when surfing a Multi to a uWave 2.0, SoundDiver wants to store
sounds although they are already in memory.
A This is due to the fact that the uWave 2.0 has new parameters which
were set to 0 in old sounds. This setting is not allowed in 2.0 format,
so the new parameters are set to initial values (different from 0).
When checking the dependencies while pasting the Multi, the library
sound seems to differ from the device sound, although they sound
completely identical.
Now, the conversion to the new 2.0 format is also done when copying
from the MM, not only when pasting to the MM, so that 1.x sounds which
come from an old Preferences file are immediately converted to 2.0
format when dragging into a Library.
To avoid this "error" message, you must create the Library entries

October 18 1994

+BUGFIX:GL/At. if there are no windows left, and a progress bar window is
shown, crash when closing it.

+BUGFIX:LI. Library title line: sometimes the column title text is shifted down

+BUGFIX:ED/Mac. JV (and probably other modules): sometimes strange
characters instead of negative numbers in editors.

+BUGFIX:ED. Switch Screenset: Compare buffer was overwritten with
edited version -> compare no more possible.

+W GL. Window size gadget now also works for background windows. The window
will not be brought to the front.

October 17 1994

+W GL/Mac. nice new alert sound (thanks again to Pit L�w)

+BUGFIX:AB/At. missing text in About window (introduced Oct 11)

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. If a Port is used by another program or both ports are off,
progress bar stayed visible at startup until the error message appears.

+BUGFIX:MI/At. sometimes crash while transmitting MIDI data if Sequencer
window is open. (introduced Oct 2)

+BUGFIX:MI. M*ROS: infinite loop when scanning

+BUGFIX:MI. M*ROS: at startup, tried to detect a LOG3 although M*ROS is
active which might confuse the MIDEX.
Q MI. When I try to use SoundDiver, MIDEX and M*ROS with my TT, Falcon,
or other 68030 Atari, SoundDiver gets into an infinite loop when
trying to send data on MIDEX output 4.
A You need a new TT compatible MIDEX driver from Steinberg.

* device with multiple edit buffers (e.g. D-110)
* the current edit buffer is edited, but not yet saved
* double-click a memory location of the same type
* in the dialog, click (only once) on flip menu:
-> a TextEdit field comes up with a number (pretty strange)
-> clicking outside the TextEdit field onto the flip menu object
closes and reopens the TextEdit field
-> crash

+BUGFIX:DM. Paste entry with linked entries: if a linked entry already existed
on a different location, it was pasted (with safety dialog)
although not needed.

+W MI. Startup, Quit and Changing Screensets: if there are several windows
for several devices connected to different Patchbay outputs,
Patchbays are now switched only to active window's device. This
speeds up things a lot.

+W GL. Build Library / Save as ... with "Known Entries" in Setup window:
no unnecessary loading of Modules -> speedup.

+BUGFIX:MM. Rename: TextEdit box too wide.

October 16 1994

+BUGFIX:MM. VFX: Paste a Preset with links to Programs: inifinite loop

+BUGFIX:MM. JV and U20: Paste a Performance: already existing patches
were not reused

October 14 1994

+W GL/Mac. nice new start sound (a big Thank You to Pit L�w!)

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. SoundSurfer Deutsch: Default-Preferences hie�en versehentlich
"SoundDiver Voreinstellungen". Einige weitere Texte enthielten noch
"SoundDiver" statt "SoundSurfer".

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Editor window open, another device's module is loaded
(progress window is opened): in certain cases message "Illegal

+BUGFIX:FI. if a floating window is open, the library window was always
topped if something is found, although "Search in all documents"
is off.

October 12 1994

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. tried to check for MTP on activated ports which are used
by another program (e.g. FaxSTF) which confuses the Serial driver.
Switching off FaxSTF (with FaxState) resulted in an infinite loop.
Now you can switch off FaxSTF while SoundDiver is running, and
try again to activate the port.

+BUGFIX:AL. There should have been a lot of timeout problems under
AutoLink (needed pauses between transmitting single events were
shortened, and timeouts were too short).

+BUGFIX:MI/Mac. If the first active ports was used by another program, the
Preferences window showed "(extern)", and the printer port was
not tried anyway.

+BUGFIX:GL. Memory Manager or Editor window open, Window Link on: Change
to Device which has no entries yet: crash (introduced Oct 11)

+BUGFIX:AL/Mac. transmitting long SysEx messages (e.g. Wavestation
or TS-10 bank dumps) caused a crash. The bug was in Logic, however
we managed to do a runtime patch in Logic, so that old buggy
Logic version will run without crash.

+BUGFIX:AL/At. Names were not shown.

- SoundDiver runs on TOS <= 1.04
- there is an editor window open, causing a very long window title
- an inactive window is dragged
- after dragging, the mouse button is released above the Windows
menu title
-> crash
This is a bug in the TOS. I could not find the reason. However, the
bug vanished after I reduced the maximum Windows menu width to 42
(formerly 48) characters.

+BUGFIX:AB. If the About window was open when quitting, next startup closed
the stored About window instead of the temporary startup About

October 11 1994

+W AB/Mac. About window revised: more colors, shading, no more uppercase.

+BUGFIX:AB. About window animation was missing unless a progress bar appears.

+BUGFIX:ED. Compare worked only once.

+BUGFIX:ED. editor window with unknown data (e.g. from startup
preferences), Initialize, Compare: garbage data is shown.

+BUGFIX:GL. sometimes Progress bar is shown, although the whole operation
takes less than one second.

+BUGFIX:ED. Compare was not possible with editable memory locations (e.g.
SY/TG Pans, Micro Tunings)

+BUGFIX:ED/AS. Editing a Library entry in an editable memory location: when
closing editor, no Auto-Store dialog appeared.

+BUGFIX:ED. Double-click an unknown editable memory location while an
editor window with Window Link is already open (phew!): a second
window was opened instead of bringing the existing one to the
front; the existing one's has a "<-" at the end of the title.

October 9 1994

+W GL. Devices with emty name: "Demo-Device": when activated, no
Window Link function; Icon does not appear in Setup window.

October 8 1994

+W GL. System errors are shown in plain text (e.g. "File not found")

+W FO/GL. Error messages related to a file show the file name.

+W GL. Flip menu arrow is smaller in narrow objects

+BUGFIX:AB. Start with Preferences file as startup document: About window
appeared only for very short time.

+BUGFIX:PR. when loading a preferences file, and out of memory, preferences
are loaded only partially. When quitting or loading other
preferences file, file is overwritten with partial preferences.
Now, the partially loaded preferences are removed from memory,
and no file is written.

October 6 1994

+BUGFIX:PR/Mac. crash at startup while opening window of reopened Library
(introduced Oct 3)

+W PR. Reopen Libraries (whose pathes are stored in a Preferences file):
if the Library does not exist in the given directory, it is
automatically searched in the Libraries folder. This is especially
helpful for copying SoundDiver from one volume to another (as
happens with the Demo version).

+BUGFIX:GL. Key search: Timeout too large (if you want to start a new search,
you had to wait > 5 s)

+W LI. Return is same as Cmd-D (Dive)

+W LI. "Dive" a Title entry: edits name

+W LI. SoundSurfer: Return edits name

+W GL. Sound effects were still too loud

October 5 1994

+BUGFIX:ED. Shortcut: Crash (introduced Oct 2)

+BUGFIX:ED. Store in...: when selecting "Entry in Library", entry was still
"dirty", i.e. when trying to overwrite it, message "Entry is
edited but not yet saved" appeared.

+BUGFIX:LI. Dive from Library: menu entry "Store" was disabled.

+BUGFIX:ED. Controllers >= 64 Text display garbled (introduced Sept 12)

+BUGFIX:ED. Editing with keyboard with key repeat showed message
"Sending MIDI data" which is annoying.

+W ED. Edit an entry: if it is unknown, but can't be requested, the
default button now reads "Initialize" instead of "OK", so that
shortcut "I" always fits.

+W AB. Startup: About window graphics stay "plain" until first
progress bar appears.

+W GL/Mac. Startup: removed flicker (window was output twice)

+BUGFIX:Setup, Library, and Memory Manager window: tick in menu item
"Parameters" was not shown correctly.

October 4 1994

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac: double clicks were detected too often (time interval much larger
than set in Mouse control panel) (introduced Sept 23).

+BUGFIX:AB. Startup much faster if "Show progress bar" is on and Universal Module
is loaded at startup (while "Getting Adaptation list")

+BUGFIX:AB/Mac. About window is now perfectly centered even on small screens.

+W IN/Mac: when a Module or Adaptation has to be installed, SoundDiver first
searches in the inserted floppy disk, if there is one. If it is not
found, the file select box opens showing the disk contents.

+BUGFIX:ED. Snapshot: if Snapshots library already loaded, but another library is
active, the snapshot went in the other library.

+BUGFIX:ED. Snapshot: Library window always scrolled to the top.

+BUGFIX:ED. Editors with row of sliders (e.g. microWave Wave Additive Synthesis):
when mouse pointer leaves the row, a parameter group is selected and
dragged, garbage characters in edited slider text.

October 3 1994

+W PR/Mac. new option "Check MTP configuration": when initializing resp.
at startup, the found MTPs are checked for correct configuration:
* no rechannelizing for all inputs and outputs
* Program Change and Control Change must not be filtered on all channels
of all inputs and outputs
* SysEx must not be filtered on all inputs and outputs
* all inputs must be routed to the Mac port
* the Mac port must be routed to all outputs
If at least one of these conditions is not met, you get a warning:
- No further warnings: the option "Check MTP configuration" is
switched off; the MTP is not reconfigured
- Don't configure: nothing happens; the MTP is not reconfigured
- Configure: the above conditions are set in the MTP

+W GL/Mac. if the size of a window's contents changes (e.g., clicking on the
zoom gadget) always sets the window to maximum size.

October 2 1994

+W ED. Snapshot Library is always searched in Libraries: resp. LIBS\
folder instead of current folder.

+BUGFIX:ED. Snapshot: if another Library was already open, checked Library name
did not match top Library window.

+W MM. Load...: loaded entries are automatically selected. So you can find out
which entries have changed.

+BUGFIX:FO/Mac. Import alien file formats did not work at all.
Note that only Atari file formats can be imported at this time.

+W FO/Mac. MIDI Files can now be dragged directly onto the SoundDiver
icon. Note: this is only possible if SoundDiver is already started.
You can now also use SoundDiver to assign the Atari or PC Standard
MIDI File extension (.MID) to the corresponding
Mac Filetype in DOS Mounter Plus or PC Exchange.
Attention beta testers: you will probably have to rebuild your
desktop file (hold Option and Command while restarting)

+W FO. Standard MIDI Files can now be opened or imported from the global
File menu
Note that importing MIDI Files always simulates incoming MIDI, so the
loaded data will appear in the Memory Manager window(s). This is
because you get a warning when loading MIDI Files with Open/Import.
Mac: Standard MIDI Files are now visible when choosing "Open..."

+W GL/Mac. Sound effects were too loud.

+BUGFIX:GL/Mac. Switch Screensets: windows on a second monitor were always moved
to the main monitor (introduced Sept 22)

+W SC. When trying to scan models which can't be scanned, a message

+BUGFIX:ED. Store in...: if there are no memory locations to store in,
message "Illegal IINDEX".

+W MI/Mac. Mouse pointer shows animation while MIDI data is transmitted,
and after one second a message "Sending MIDI data" is shown, if not
already another message is shown.
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