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Turtle Beach TAHITI (1993) ISA audio interface



Turtle Beach TAHITI

--- Quote ---The Tahiti is Turtle Beach's high end digital recording and playback card.
The signal to noise ratio on the Tahiti is one of the best in the industry.

Due to its superb Specs and sound quality, it has won multiple awards in
serious computer publications including "PC Magazine" and Music publications
including "Keyboard Magazine". It has also become the 'standard' in the
industry and is often used as a 'Reference' board.
It has line level inputs and outputs, and a MIDI Wavetable Header to connect
a daughterboard (such as the Rio, which together makes the Monterey.) 

Although the Tahiti alone does not have any onboard MIDI playback
capabilities, it can be used to pass MIDI signals through an external
controller to a sequencer (such as Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator)
and then back out to an external synthesizer.

The Tahiti is part of the Multisound line of cards that use the Hurricane
Architecture (non-DMA approach to sound data transfers).

        - 18bit A/DAC through a Motorola 56001 DSP chip
        - perfect for low-cost high-quality hard disk recording applications
        - Waveblaster connector for attaching a synthesizer
        - MIDI port (MPU-401 compatible with software)
        - Hurricane architecture (no DMA channel is used by the board)
        - Also shipped as a part of the Quad Studio package

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New price: £ 299...(out of production I think)  |   S/H price: ??

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Turtle Beach TAHITI
The Tahiti card is what I use for most of my work in the Analog domain, and it's as good as you need for audio on the PC for a dance chewn. I've even recorded acoustic guitar stuff with the Tahiti, and the sound is wicked....Full and with plenty of bass & sparkle.....Easily as good as my ADAT machine.

The Tahiti installs flawlessly, and comes with a batch of software including :

    A midi patchbay
    A record widow
    A mixer for all the PC levels (CD, line in, Wav out, & midi out.)
    CD control player

The Tahiti has Turtle Beach's propreitary Hurricane architecture which speeds audio data throughput up to 8 times faster than DMA-based cards (direct memory access). Tahiti also features the Motorola 56001 DSP chip, which provides 20 MIPS of processing power, this relieves pressure on the PC processor to perform this function, giving you maybe an extra stereo track from the PC, or at least much lower buffer rates/start times when using mucho tracks !

The audio spec's are :

    Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 22.05kHz, 11.025kHz
    Resolution: 16 and 8 bit
    Audio Channels: Stereo or Mono
    A/D Audio Converter: 64X oversampled sigma-delta, 16 bit
    D/A Audio Converter: 8X interpolating filter, 64X oversampled sigma-delta, 18 bit
    Signal to Noise: -89dB (A weighted), -85dB (unweighted)
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01% (A weighted), <0.02% (unweighted)
    Phase Response: +/- 0.5 degrees
    Stereo Crosstalk: 100Hz-75dBV, 1kHz-73dBV, 10kHz-58dBV
    IM Distortion: <0.01%
    Frequency Response: DC-19kHz +0.5dB, DC-20kHz +0/-3dB

The Tahiti is a shit hot card I would recommend ANYTIME, and it comes with a 1 in, 2 out multiport MIDI Interface with a cable included.
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