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original ipad (Mar 2010) A4@1.0GHz, ipad1,1 gb2 score:470



Apple A4 @ 1.0 Ghz

geekbench2 score: 450-470
(roughly equivalent to the power of a G4 Quicksilver 867Mhz Model)

max iOS version: 5.1.1

--- Quote ---The A4 processor is a single core chip running at 800 mHz. It contains simple cache of 32 (L1) and 512 (L2). The video runs at 1024×768, and the video still can run a Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu Plus app.

The iPad can also run a lot of apps, although you might not be running the latest versions of them. I loaded several apps, to which I either got messages saying it needs a camera, gyroscope (which iPad 2 does have), or it cannot run the latest version – but will install an earlier version. Therefore, Facebook and Twitter will run on this iPad.

Of course, you can also set up email, use it for photos and video, put music on the device, and more.

What the 1st Generation iPad Cannot Do

There is no camera on the 1st generation, so any app that needs it is out. There is also no gyroscope in there, so any app needing one is also out.

Apple OS is 5.1.1. You can jailbreak and put on programs making the system feel like OS 6, yet you are still on OS 5.1.1.

Bluetooth is 2.1 + EDR. Many devices will still connect to this version. Newer Bluetooth devices might require Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0 (which iPad Air has). 4.0 has Low Energy mode, so the 2.1 EDR version might take up more battery.

There is a definite lag on loading and installing apps. If you play games like Candy Crush (which mostly rely on a server to run), you will most likely be fine. Don’t expect to run Call of Duty on it, though.

--- End quote ---


apple introduces ipad1: April 3, 2010
apple introduces ios 5.1.1 : May 7, 2012

just over TWO YEARS support for this device.. the worst support for any apple product EVER

apps still supported on iOS 5.1.1:
VLC Mobile
Google Chrome


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