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MusicQuest MQX-32 (1987) & MQX-32M (1988?) ISA MIDI interface win3.1/95/NT/98/ME


as far as i understand it;
there was an original MQX32 model, followed by the revised + updated/upgraded MQX-32M model (which became more prevalent i believe?)

original mqx32: (non-m)

revised mqx-32m

(mqx-32m is actually pictured, which is a revision of the original mqx-32)


--- Quote ---MUSICQUEST MQX32M

This is effectively a double MPU401 clone with additional SMPTE and chase lock support.

• 2 Ins, 2 Outs.
• Multi-client drivers.
• Supports all SMPTE timecodes.
• 1/2-length ISA card.
• £199 including VAT.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Setting the IRQ on the MQX-32M Circuit Board

The MQX-32M's IRQ is set with dip switch S1 on the MQX-32M circuit board. Refer to the figure below for the location of S1. The IRQ is changed by moving the switches marked 5-8 on S1 to new positions for the IRQ you have selected. Locate in the following chart the IRQ you will use. Then, carefully slide switches 5-8 up or down as necessary to match the switch settings for the IRQ in the chart.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---MQX-32M

Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Professional MIDI interface card with dual MIDI ports and SMPTE sync.

The legendary MQX-32M is the defacto standard multi-port MIDI interface for IBM compatibles. The unit features dual MIDI inputs and outputs to drive 32 MIDI channels, and offers both Chase Lock and SMPTE synchronization for multi-track tape and audio/video applications. With full MPU-401 compatibility and the included Windows driver, the MQX-32M guarantees access to a huge installed base of compatible music software.


 Dual MIDI outputs to drive 32 MIDI channels
 Dual merged MIDI inputs allow input from two controllers
 Full SMPTE support--syncs to and generates all formats
 Proprietary Chase Lock sync for programs not supporting SMPTE
 Adjustable freewheel for bullet-proof synchronization
 Click audio output and MIDI metronome available
 MPU-401 compatible, in both uart mode and intelligent mode
 Advanced features accessible in both operating modes
 High-speed bus interface for all PC's, without added wait states
 Selectable address and IRQ to avoid equipment conflicts
 Exclusive MCI-compatible multi-client Windows driver
 Diagnostic and utility software for quick system checkout
 MIDI cable adapter included
 Small 1/2 slot size card (6.5 in / 16.5 cm long)
 Music Quest design quality assurance

IBM compatible computer with ISA/EISA bus
MIDI compatible instrument(s)
Standard MIDI cables to connect instruments
Audio cables with RCA plugs for sync
Music software

MIDI Connections
Instrument connections to the MQX-32M are made with standard MIDI cables (not supplied). These are attached to the two MIDI IN and OUT ports of the included cable adapter connected to the end of the card. No external boxes are required. Additional playback instruments may be connected with standard THRU/IN "daisy chaining" from one to the next.

Full SMPTE support is included with the MQX-32M, for syncing to and generating all SMPTE formats. Dropout protection--sometimes referred to as "freewheel"--is provided for truly flawless syncing, even with marginal or corrupted time code. Chase Lock sync mode is available for those programs not supporting SMPTE. All sync connections are made via RCA jacks on the outside edge of the card, which are in turn connected with audio cables directly to a tape deck.

Computer Compatibility
The MQX-32M may be used with any IBM compatible with standard ISA or EISA expansion slots. This includes the vast majority of computers, but specifically excludes MicroChannel computers--e.g. IBM PS/2 models 50 and above--which require a different style of card. The card is easily inserted in any 8- or 16-bit slot, and offers selectable address and IRQ to avoid conflicts with other equipment. A high-speed registered bus interface assures proper operation of the MQX-32M with all speed PC's.

Software Compatibility
The MQX-32M is compatible with all Windows multimedia applications and all MPU-401 supported programs. Unlike some cards which claim MPU-401 compatibility, the MQX-32M works properly in both uart mode and intelligent mode. Extended features--e.g. SMPTE and the second MIDI port--are accessible in both modes. As these advanced features are not found on most interfaces, your software must specifically support SMPTE and 32 MIDI channels to use them. All pro-level sequencers for PC fully support these features on the MQX-32M.

Windows Driver
A multi-client multimedia Windows driver is included with the MQX-32M. Multiple Windows applications may simultaneously access the card for MIDI input/output and sync.

From the Recognized PC Interface Experts
Music Quest has been producing MIDI interfaces for PC's since 1987, with an unmatched record for innovation, reliability, and price/performance. Anyone can make product claims of course, so ask an unbiased source. Our interfaces are recommended by more leading PC MIDI software developers than any other brand. And for good reason.
--- End quote ---


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