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Author Topic: cajmere / green velvet  (Read 840 times)

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cajmere / green velvet
« on: December 19, 2016, 10:54:10 PM »

originally was on clubhouse records

then founded cajual label to become owner of Cajual / Relief Records

“I really like Sly Stone and Grace Jones, those are the artists I like the most but there are a whole slew of people who inspired me, basically anything that came out in the 70s. My father was a DJ and he played a lot of that kind of music, but he didn’t just play disco, he played funk and blues as well. That’s where my diversity comes from, that’s why my productions cover different bases. In 1982 when the house sound was starting to form I was into new wave stuff like Gary Numan, ‘Burning Down The House’ by Talking Heads, Blondie. To me Jamie Principle’s first records are new wave. You know it’s funny I did a top ten, recently, of the records that most influenced me, it was a little weird when I was doing it because it made me think about the way I am today.”

Cajmere’s Top 13 (I wasn’t counting) of all time.
01) Sly Stone – If You Want Me To Stay
02) BB King – I Never Make My Move Too Soon
03) Grace Jones -Slave To The Rhythm
04) Soft Cell – Tainted Love
05) Liaisons Dangereuse – Peut Être … Pas
06) Liaisons Dangereuse – Los Niños Del Parque
07) Art of Noise – Beatbox
08) Ministry – Hallowe’en
09) Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (Original tape version)
10) Kraftwerk – Numbers
11) Parliament – Flashlight
12) Dajae – Brighter Days
13) Dajae – Let Me Be