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YAMAHA DB50XG Sound Daughter board (1995)
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:31:30 AM »

Even though the DB50 XG is a daughterboard, it's an amazing synth....... The sounds are used for 80% of the CS1X check it, cos this is almost a CS1X on a card at a quarter of the price !!.........

I have included it in all the budget PC systems, because when combined with the XG EDIT software or the Wunderbar XG-300 s/w editor, to give you some control, it really comes into it's own.... I mean really !!....

You can go direct to the DB50 XG webpage to check the specs, and download a demo of the XG Edit software.... but this here is my impression of the card and how I use it.

The DB50 XG draws from the older TG33 synth engine......previous to getting it, I had an Alesis SR16, and a couple of samplers for my drum sounds, and had also been checking out the Roland R70 quite alot.
Well all I can say is that once you get the XG Edit software to go with it, the little Yammy pisses on the competition. The kit sounds,especially the analogue kit, are as good as the Roland R70, and better by far than the Alesis, but with the software, it really kiks in, and the control you get is excellent.

First, you don't have seperate outs for the drums on the card; but with the software, you can select each individual drum, and not only add reverb, from a choice of all editable reverb presets, but also for each kit sound you can :

Tune up or down by rediculous amounts and pan . Envelope adjust, attack, hold, decay and release...( You can get wicked booming 808 kiks ). Adjust resonance and filter cut-off, and add chorus, to really spread out those hats.....
All in all you can create wacky sounds that don't sound like anything if you want to.

Anyway, that's pretty much par for the course for all the other presets as well. And of course you can save all your edits, and it's all on screen, so no grovelling over tiny LCD windows !...... The quality of some of the pads and twiddly stuff is excellent, as good as stuff I've got in a few expensive keyboards I own, and well good enuff for a whole range of dance styles.... Hey, or not even dance.

Now when you put that with the price.........It's a joke.....and people are always surprised when I tell them it's the PC card making the sound/s.......

I now use the DB50 all the time for my analogue kit.....I used to load stuff into the K2000, but not any more, the only thing it doesn't have is 909, so I add a snare and kik from the sampler.............100% recommended.......BUT you got to get the editing software,... (I recommend the XG300, cos you get a massive bunch of ready to go presets as well as great easy editing...... do yourself a favour !!.....

Finally..... check out the DB50-XG 1/4" output conversion so you can by-pass the soundcard outputs, and get the DB50 sounds out on juicey dedicated 1/4" jack sockets..... this not only gets better sound quality from the DB50XG... But also means your h/disk audio can be isolated for a 4 channel mix..... seperate stereo audio out's from the soundcard, and stereo DB50XG out's as well !!....... Check it out in the ARTICLES section.... (although, if i've done me coding right, it should be listed in the RELATED-ARTICLES box below........ Check the RA demo... and believe !!!

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