Author Topic: m-powered 8 - on lion 10.7, mountain lion 10.8 or mavericks 10.9 ???  (Read 1442 times)

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according to the specs from digidesign this is not possible and i would need pro tools 11.0.3 to even think of running it on osx versions 10.8 or 10.9 (Mavericks added)

yet i saw a video of some spanish guy doing this just now i couldnt understand 100% but it appeared that he
was showing it was 100% working

the official support for m-powered 8.05 was:

10.5.8,10.6.x(Snow Leopard added)   

Windows XP SP3, Vista* SP2, Windows 7(32bit only i think???)

according to my info, the original m-powered 8 was released in 2009
and the last update 8.05 was released in 2010. originally only supporting
10.5 leopard version of mac os x and windows XP SP3 or Vista. Windows 7 was out in (Aug 2009)
and Windows 7 SP1 Released in (Feb 2011)

checking the 8.05 release notes, i find they are dated march 4th 2011
4 months prior to the release of OSX Lion (Jul 2011)

so, its not too much of a stretch to try it working on osx lion, but who wants to use lion:) lol
mountain lion wasnt released untill Jul 2012, 1year + 4months after the release of 8.05 update
mavericks, well, it wasnt out untill Oct 2013 and the 10.9.5 update wasnt released until Aug 2014

again, according to the pt details theyve posted online, i would need PT9.0.6   at least to run on even OSX Lion 10.7

some additional info here:
where a user Cuepo states:
Pt8 works on mine Macmini which I just Updated form Mountain Lion to Mavericks. I used Mbox Micro as interface. Haven't tryied with mbox 2 pro.
You must have the latest PT8 version which is something like 8.05. That was the update for Mountian Lion.
You will also have to have the PT10 interface drivers intalled. Midi drivers won't work. If you have them installed and try to use Logic, it won't start until you have trashed them.
Hope this helps
so hes saying if you are updated to 8.05 theres a chance that it might work on osx 10.9 once youve updated your osx version from snow leopard to mavericks.

do we have any people reading that have m-powered 8 license? and which to try to help test?
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