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Author Topic: Logic 6 Pro (Jan 2004) Requirements (macOS 9.1+ or OSX 10.2+)  (Read 3358 times)

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Logic 6 Pro (Jan 2004) Requirements (macOS 9.1+ or OSX 10.2+)
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:03:25 AM »
Apple Logic 6 Pro was released in the beginning of 2004

At this week's NAMM show in Anaheim, Calif., Apple announced that it's streamlining its pro audio production software line with Logic Pro 6. It's also introducing Logic Express 6, aimed at students and educators. To find out more about this and a related announcement about new technology coming to new versions of Logic Pro, MacCentral spoke with Apple's vice president of Applications Marketing Rob Schoeben and senior director of pro applications, product marketing, Richard Kerris.

Logic Pro 6 combines 12 existing products into a single package priced at US$999. The package includes Logic Platinum along with 53 audio DSP plug-ins and software instruments that were previously available separately as different collections.

Logic Pro 6 incorporates the ability to create 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, supports up to 128 audio tracks, unlimited input channels and a sample rate of up to 192K.

Logic Express 6 is priced at $299, and is based on the same technology that powers Logic Pro 6. It's designed specifically at educators and students, and includes a basic set of six different pro tools mated with 28 different effect plug-ins and software instruments.

Logic Express 6 can support up to 48 tracks, 12 input channels and a sample rate of up to 96K. And as students get more adept, Logic Express 6 files are upwardly compatible to Logic Pro 6, according to Apple.

Kerris explained that today's announcement will help musicians and audio producers focus their attention on just one product, rather than several different products and add-ons. "If you wanted Logic plus these other capabilities, before today, it would have cost you over $2,300," he said.

Apple also announced today that it has cut the price of Soundtrack -- its loop-based music composition software first released last summer at Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo. Previously priced at $299, Soundtrack now costs $199.

Last week Apple introduced GarageBand, a new music composition tool that combines loop-based composition, live recording, synthesizers and guitar amp effects. The new music software is bundled as part of iLife 04 and is expected to hit store shelves beginning tomorrow for a suggested retail price of $49.

Apple anticipates that Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express 6 will be released in March.
System requirements for Logic Pro 6
Mac OS X v10.2 or higher or 9.1 or higher;
G3/300MHz or faster;
256MB RAM;
350MB HD space.

Logic Express 6 requires
Mac OS X v10.2 or higher or 9.1 or higher;
G3/250MHz or faster;
128MB RAM and
100MB hard disk space.

While the full Logic Pro 6 package costs $999, upgrades will be offered for users of older versions. Logic Gold and Platinum owners can upgrade for $199, while users of older versions of Logic will be able to upgrade for $699.

This story, "NAMM: Apple introduces Logic Pro 6, Logic Express 6" was originally published by PCWorld.