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wizoo books (
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:18:49 PM »
With books everything started. All available Wizoo titles are available through and


Wizoo was founded in 1997 by the author, sound designer and studiologist Peter Gorges. The company consisted of two segments: publishing and sound design. While the publisher quickly acquired a reputation for recognized music technology specialist titles, the sound design segment quickly became the first address for professional sample libraries. The name Wizoo stands for pioneering work in the development of software instruments and audio hardware, but also for professional information of the highest quality.

In 1999, the cooperation with Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, which began with the LM-4 software drum machine, has led to the creation of standards-setting products such as The Grand, Virtual Guitarist, Xphraze, Hypersonic and Virtual Bassist.

In 2002, Wizoo again raised the bar with This online portal allows users anywhere in the world to purchase professional sample instruments online and download them instantly.

In February 2004 a second R & D branch in Troisdorf was founded. It housed a team of eight developers, who were responsible for the Creamware Scope system. In May 2004, Oscar Prize winner and film composer Hans Zimmer was a shareholder and contributed significantly to reputation and directional developments since then.

In the summer of 2004, a worldwide sales partnership with M-Audio was closed, and Wizoa's first two proprietary software tools, Latigo and Darbuka, were released. The M-Rigs, two successful software instrument suites under the M-Audio label, and the brand new WizooVerb series of high-end reverbs followed shortly afterwards. Until August 2005 Wizoo was equally owned by founder Peter Gorges, film composer Hans Zimmer and former Steinberg founder Manfred Rürup. These three - each of them a coryphae in his field - made the company one of the world's leading suppliers of music technology and intelligent tools for the music and entertainment industry.

In August 2005, Wizoo Sound Design GmbH became the owner of Digidesign, the world's leading manufacturer of digital audio production systems, a division of Avid Technology Inc.. Wizoo Publishing has been operating as an independent company since then and is working on the expansion of publishing activities throughout the music sector.

15 years of specialized publishing & quality

The publishing sector, now known as Wizoo Publishing GmbH, still stands for the topic of "music technology". In the tradition of the publishing house, the state-of-the-art technology is, however, a major component of company philosophy. As a consequence, the publishing spectrum expands from the book program via video DVDs to a modern content producer for online and offline media.

Our media is developed by experts and professionals together with us according to customer requirements. Wizoo Publishing stands for high-quality content and practice solutions.

A look back from Ralf Willke

The publisher of the author

In 1997, Peter Gorges had written books, workshops, and tests on synthesizer and music production for many years, and had been involved in the development of keyboards and software for various manufacturers - the rapid spread of the Internet gave him direct access to users Worldwide. The right time for Peter to bring his experience into his own company and to produce content for musicians with his international circle of friends from authors, programmers and musicians. The music media publisher, whose magazine KEYBOARDS Peter was then one of the main authors, had the necessary infrastructure, and after six months of preparation in September 1997 Wizoo was founded.

A name becomes program
The award of a company name is usually the most difficult hurdle a young entrepreneur has to take. Either you name a publisher for music production, music technology and sound design with the vocabulary, the content of which reflects it best, or create an art concept. Peter Gorges chose both.
"Wizard of Oscillators" was an idea by designer Axel Hartmann, whose company "designbox" designed the appearance of Wizoos in the real and virtual world. "Wizards of the oscillators" corresponded at least to the life motto of the Wizoo founder. And since Wizard of Oscillators was a tongue breaker of the first grade, the whole was shortened to Wi-zoO.

Books and CD-ROMs
The first publishing program also devoted itself to two cutting-edge synthesizers: the Clavia Nord Modular and the Kawai K-5000 - with both manufacturers, Peter had worked together for many years. The first episodes of the Wizoo Guide series were born - and many others would follow. The original concept of the founder was simply: "Why should people buy 800-page books, in order not to have to read the 500-page instruction manual?". Wizoo guides should provide as much information and tricks as possible in the shortest possible time. The concept went on, also thanks to international writers like Craig Anderton and Jim Aikin. Second samples were professional samples, which were then delivered exclusively on CD-ROMs. Only in 2002 should be with www.wizoosounds.

The first Wizoo sample libraries were devoted to electronic music. T-REX - a sound collection - the Synthesizer-Sarurier Moog & Co., Hamburg Loops - Electronic Drumloops sorted by bpm and Bissigkeitsfaktor, and Lofi Junkiez Vol.1 - a sound collection from the Cologne electronics underground.

Wizoo International
The first Wizoo online shop and presentations at the leading trade fairs NAMM, LA and Musikmesse Frankfurt were on the agenda in 1999. The Wizoo Guide Cubase VST is the first five-digit edition of Wizoo Basics Series starts with the book Analog Sound Synthesis.
The sound offers have now become the titles Wizoo Powered (Waldorf) Wave. Wizoo Powered North and Magnetica. The latter is a high-class collection of Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and Hammond B-3 samples - both in Akai and E-mu sample format. Sound design assignments for the music industry - a pillar of Peter Gorges before Wizoo founding - were mastered with flying colors. Sounds from the Magnetica production can also be found in Kawai stage pianos such as the MP9000.
http://Http:// The catalog of 1999 included 14 books and 10 CD-ROMs.

The Millennium Catalog
The computerization of the music production demands more and more bay titles. Another bestseller - the perfect music PC - led by the Windows 98 Nirvana to the turn of the century. The pre-XP time required such works, as driver problems and indifferences between computers and software still determined the musicians' day - thousands of satisfied readers thanked for the help provided by this book. The CD-ROM market achieved a new quality with the Wizoo Platimum24 drum series.
Since the music media publisher had concentrated on his magazines and Peter wanted to have more control over his company, he bought out the 50% music media share and founded Wizoo on the first day of the new millennium in Bremen Still 5 employees.
Due to the reputation of the company's founder and its network, the music industry was increasingly interested in the outstanding work of the Wizoo team. After a cooperation with Steinberg called "VST Drum Sessions" - the first multitrack drum grooves worldwide - Wizoo set standards with the drum samples for the LM-4 software drum machine - LM4 was the standard drum machine in Nashville for many years And sold several tens of thousand times. This cooperation and the friendship with Steinberg founders Manfred Ruerup and Charlie Steinberg led to a closer cooperation, which resulted in Steinberg joining Wizoo's spin-off Wizoo Sounddesign GmbH in 2001, while the book publishing company remained in Peter's hands. The first virtual grand piano came out with The Grand at first - again a cooperation with Kawai, who contributed their most expensive wings and a recording studio. With Virtual Guitarist, Xphraze, Hypersonic or Virtual Bassist Peter and his team finally established themselves as one of the pioneers of software instruments and increased the Steinberg sales with their VI developments by almost one-fifth.

Race the programs
Steinberg Cubase VST and Logic Audio were a hard head-to-head race for the music. In 2001, Wizoo had 8 programs for both programs, covering the different facets of the sequencer on the Win-Mac platform.
In 2002 the Quickstarts came into play, in cooperation with Voggenreiter in Germany and Music Sales in the USA and England. For 14.95 Euro, entry books have been published for general topics such as "burn CDs", "homerecording", "MIDI" and "publish music online". But also beginners for Cubase and Reason found their buyers within the starter series.
In the Sounds section, the CD-ROM "Mixtended" caused a sensation:

The time of thick ham
In 2003 the Wizobooks became noticeably thicker. "Cubase SX / SL - The Reference" offered the most comprehensive Cubase documentation of all times on 900 pages. Also a customer at that time: "Cubase SX / SL - mixing & mastering" focused primarily on the music production of the holistic virtual studio environment offered by Cubase SX and led the reader into unknown dimensions of the music technology.
The first edition of the book "Logic 5 - Solutions from A-Z" was still with 656 pages in 2003 still Vizemeister, the new edition "Logic 7 - of AZ" with 1012 pages the author team Baum / Lange the top place in the Seitenvollschreiben no longer .

A touch of Hollywood
With Hans Zimmer, an Oscar-winning film composer, one of Wizoo's most popular users took part in Wizoo Sound Design in 2003. Meanwhile Steinberg founder Manfred Ruerup, who had left his company meanwhile after a takeover by Pinnacle, represented another third of the shares. With Hans, Peter Gorges and his team developed the idea of ​​an ultimate orchestral system developed by Wizoo, while Zimmer's team tackled an unprecedented sample library of the London Symphoniker. In the meantime, Hans Zimmer has used this project for the first time at "Pirates of the Carribean 3 - World's End".

The Split
At the same time, Wizoo started its own product line with Latigo, Darbuka and Wizooverb, which was distributed by M-Audio. This was a decisive change for Wizoo Sound Design GmbH in 2004 - with the M-Audio mother company Digidesign, a global player in the music technology industry was taking over the now 20-strong development team led by Peter Gorges and chief programmer Paul Kellett. The three owners agreed to the deal after six months of negotiations, because Digidesign had to offer excellent prospects for the future. Peter headed the company renamed "Digidesign AIR Group". In 2008, he left the company at his own request to build up a new company together with Hans Zimmer - UJAM; But this is another story ... He accompanied the publishing house only as a "patron", and he left the daily business in 2007 to Ralf Willke, a good author-colleague at the Musikmedia-Times, chief of the service and editor-in-chief of the magazine KEYBOARDS. The publishing program of Wizoo Publishing GmbH, now called, was consistently extended to include audiovisual media.

new media
The rapid change in the media landscape has been successfully met with new concepts and ideas in recent years. Since 2009, Wizoo has been producing large-scale product videos for Thomann. At the same time, the classic publishing business was reduced even further, although the book area should not be left to rest. For example, a total of eight guide books were published in German and English, also for the Thomann music store, and since the first edition in September 2008, they have been leading the order list - the Thomann Hall of Fame.
At the same time, another exciting chapter began - was founded in 2009 as a consortium of and The music engineering blog musicianslife was bought by Wizoo in 2007 and successfully combined with the Internet forum, which has existed since 2002. The editorial competence of the Wizoo team and the community experience of the team have been merged into a very successful portal for music producers.

Seat relocation to Düsseldorf
Since the core business with video production was increasingly taking place from Düsseldorf, the headquarters of the company was moved from Bremen to Düsseldorf in the summer of 2012. Wizoo Publishing has been operating in the garagebilk, a co-working space in the heart of the state capital.

Imprint & Contact

Wizoo Publishing GmbH
Himmelgeister Str. 100
40225 Dusseldorf, Germany

Phone + 49- 211- 580062020
Fax + 49-211-580062029


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