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midiman "EQ" man (1996?)



--- Quote ---EQ MAN is a PC based ISA card that gives you unsurpassed equalization and volume control of your audio track's. EQ MAN's has 7 bands of programmable stereo EQ. Elaborate EQ combinations including presets can be modified, saved and reloaded. Presets can also be auto-sequenced or triggered via MIDI. Multiple EQ MAN cards can be installed providing additional channels of quality EQ and volume control. In the world of PC digital audio, EQ MAN is an essential PC audio peripheral.


Stereo 7-band programmable graphic EQ with volume control.
Studio quality analog equalization allows

EQ MAN to work with any audio source.
2/3 size card fits into any ISA or VLB slot.
Easy installation ‹ No IRQ or DMA channels required.
Disk save and load of multiple EQ presets.
Any EQ band can be individually adjusted or ganged as stereo pairs.
"Flat" button instantly flattens EQ settings.
Volume of input channels can be independently controlled for automated mixing and cross fading.
MIDI controllable.
Line level inputs and outputs (-10 dB).
Auxiliary input allows additional stereo line level signals to be mixed with the post EQ main stereo ins.
Windows control software and driver included.
No sound card required.

EQ Type: Graphic Analog
EQ Adjustment Range: 24 dB
Number of Channels: 2 per card
Signal to Noise Ratio: 82 dB
THD: .01% @ 1 Khz 0 dB
--- End quote ---


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