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Cycling 74 introduces Pluggo for MAS (Sep 1999)
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107th AES CONVENTION, JACOB JAVITS CENTER, NY - September 24, 1999.
Cycling ’74 today announced that it is porting Pluggoª, its popular
native audio processing Plug-in software, to the MOTU Audio Systemª
(MAS), Mark of the Unicorn’s (MOTU) native digital audio recording and
Plug-in processing environment for Mac OS. As a result, users of Digital
Performer, MOTU’s flagship audio sequencer software, and users of
AudioDeskª, the Macintosh audio workstation software bundled with MOTUÕs
popular 2408 and 1224 hard disk recording systems, will be able to run
Pluggo’s 74 different audio effects directly within their MOTU software’s
virtual mixing environment in real time. In addition, MOTU users will be
able to create their own custom MAS plug-ins using Cycling Ô74Õs MSPª
(MAX Signal Processing) DSP extensions for OpcodeÕs software.
"Porting Pluggo to MAS not only lowers the price of plug-ins for MOTU
users Ð it also raises their expectations," said Cycling Õ74 President
David Zicarelli. "In addition to features like audio routing,
synchronized effects changes and modulators that automate parameter
changes while you work, Pluggo is a run-time extension of Cycling Ô74Õs
MSP program. MSP owners no longer have to wait for someone else to come
up with that perfect MAS plug-in Ð they can create their own."
"Since the moment it shipped, everyone’s been absolutely raving about
Pluggo," said Jim Cooper, MOTU’s Director of Marketing. "With its
affordable price, 74 effects, and even more free plug-ins through their
Pluggo-the-Month Club, Pluggo is destined to wind up on every Mark of the
Unicorn user’s hard drive."
Pluggo has astonished the plug-in market by offering 74 separate audio
processing effects for only $74 - effects that include filtering, delay
effects, distortion, granular synthesis and spectral modification, audio
routing, sampling and synthesis, reverb, and sound localization. In
addition, Pluggo offers modulation, synchronization, and audio and
control routing capabilities between plug-ins. MOTU users who want to
build their own plug-ins entirely from scratch can create them using
Cycling ’74’s MSPª (MAX Signal Processing) MAX extensions and then run
them inside Digital Performer or AudioDesk. No additional hardware is
required to run Pluggo or MSP. A Power PC MacOS computer with Apple’s
Sound Manager provides 16-bit stereo audio input and output at 44.1kHz.
MSP directly supports MOTU’s 2408 PCI-based audio hardware. MAX 3.5 is
required to create and edit MSP applications and is available from Opcode
Systems at
Pluggo for MAS will ship Q4 1999. List price is $74.
Availability: Pluggo and MSP can be downloaded at the Cycling ’74 web
site at, Cycling Õ74 products are also
distributed by Digital Edge. Users of the downloaded trial version may
purchase an authorization code online (US$74 for Pluggo and US$295 for
MSP) to transform the trial version into a fully-functional copy.
Cycling ’74, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, develops, distributes
and supports innovative music software for composers, artists, and
producers who dream of life above and beyond traditional sequencing.
Cycling Õ74 products include Pluggo, MSP and M 2.5 (an updated version of
the classic interactive algorithmic composition program). Cycling Õ74 was
founded by David Zicarelli, the creator of OpcodeÕs DX7 editor - the
first graphical patch editor. DavidÕs pre-Cycling Õ74 creations include a
collection of innovative compositional programs distributed by
Intelligent Music in the 1980s (M, Jam Factory, Ovaltune and UpBeat) and
the development of a commercial version of MAX for Opcode Systems in
conjunction with Miller Puckette at IRCAM.
Mark of the Unicorn ( is a leading developer of
computer-based music and audio recording products based in Cambridge,
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