Author Topic: how to partition your music pc hard drive (2005, sos article)  (Read 1069 times)

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Did you know that sensibly partitioning your hard drive or, if it's already partitioned, simply swapping the positions of your audio and sample partitions could result in a significant improvement in PC audio performance? We explain the whys and wherefores.

Each time I return to the subject of hard-drive partitioning, the goal-posts have moved significantly. Back in August 2000, when I wrote the 'Divide And Conquer' feature, many of us were still using drives with a capacity of 8GB or less and running Windows 98. By the time I wrote 'The Great Divide', in SOS March 2003, this had jumped to 80GB, and many of us were more interested in splitting our drives to run Windows 98, 2000 and XP alongside each other in a multi-boot configuration. Two years on, in 2005, I still find myself answering lots of questions about partitioning in the SOS Forum, but while most of us are now using Windows XP, there are several new issues to face and splitting drives has almost become mandatory, as some of us install models with a capacity of 200GB or more.