Author Topic: wireless for mac os 8.6 via pcmcia/cardbus/pci adapter  (Read 1445 times)

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wireless for mac os 8.6 via pcmcia/cardbus/pci adapter
« on: March 04, 2017, 08:30:54 AM »
these cards are working great with mac os 7,8 + 9 apparently, can be substituted for an airport card
or used in a desktop machine with a pcmcia adapter card such as the lucent technologies pcipc

of course its probably best to buy a modern wireless bridge/access point + wire ethernet port into that
alot better option than using this adapter.. but these adapters can work too. as long as your router allows
connection from B type 80211 wireless

see this chart for more pcmcia cards

basically the wireless B cards work in mac os 9 + below
where the wireless G cards work only in osx 10.2,10.3. + 10.4