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« on: March 10, 2017, 08:33:55 PM »

The ACARD AEC-6860M, AHARD RAID 66 is the first high performance
Hardware RAID 0 PCI bus master Ultra-ATA 66 adapter for PowerMac.
With on board Open Firmware that supports booting from IDE disks
configured as RAID.
The AHARD RAID 66 supports all models of PowerMac which have a PCI
slot, include PowerMac 7200, G3, G4. For PowerMac older than G4,
AHARD RAID 66 can really boost the disk performance better. The
performance can further be improved by using 7200rpm big capacity
drive. As compared with the original G4, the improvement can be as high
as 300%. For PowerMac G4, AHARD RAID 66 will allow Mac to add
more IDE drives or to use hardware RAID by adjust the easy RAID DIP
Switch setting.

The AHARD RAID 66 adapter is the first Mac add-on card to support
ANSI X3T9.2 CAM ATA4/ATA5, data transfer rate up to 66 MB/sec and
meets the demand of multimedia, real time video. It is also backward
compatible with traditional ATA modes.
It supports the true PnP function, in Mac 8.5 and later version, there are
no software driver needed for connecting an Ultra ATA 66/100 HD.
With the advanced function, the adapter is real user friendly. It coexist
with the on board IDE controller. On board BIOS supports system to
boot from ATA HDD. AHARD RAID 66 also supports multitasking to
improve the CPU performance.

A standalone PCI-to-IDE RAID 0 controller
! Supports ATA, Ultra ATA HDD
! Supports O.S.: Mac OS 8.5 or later
! Cost effective and high performance
! Built-in RAID-On-Chip ACARD SCSIDE engine