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Pro Tools M-powered 6.7,6.8 (Apr 2005)
« on: September 29, 2014, 11:11:54 PM »

press release

sos article

most versions of this software lock you out from being able to use multicard configurations
i was unable to get Version 7.3 to recognize 2 delta 1010LT's in a powermac g5
i tried many different versions of the driver.. the 7.0 m-powered cd came with delta osx installer v2.04
i was hoping that an earlier version of the driver would both be recognized by the software and
allow for a multicard configuration..because this is possible to do this under windows xp
using an older version of the m-audio drivers. It seems this functionality of stacking cards, though it may work for other software packages, is only capable of recognizing more than one card when running m-powered on windows (xp).

Driver version 5051 works for this multicard configuration while running pro tools m-powered
more info to come