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watch how fast this "cool guy" goes from "thanks a ton chris!" to "your on your own bud!" after i gave him the guys email + info he totally screws me out of my rare interface that *I* found by my hardwork building this website.

i was really shocked + really upset by these events personally, my ability to trust strangers continues to diminish exponentially.

Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 10:34 AM
hey BT
its ChrisNova777
i saw u post on saying u dont know how to get more than 16 chanels in voyetra? well first of all
im not longer on the site
honestly most of the people on that site are not original thinkers
and are pretty unintelligent in their lack of direction
i no longer frequent that site daily
i have my own site instead that is at
where i post information i find relevant....

basically if u dont have support for "secondary midi interface" use with voyetra
u are NOT USING the right version which is 4.11
u probably have v4.10 which was posted on turtlebeachs site for free
but this version does not include the ability to use more than one MPU or soundcard at the same time

visit here to learn what i know

diehard collects donations for his site
but yet all the people who come htere usualy
come there because of hte info i added to their site
and he kick/banned me from participating in the discussions
because why? because of his own pride. and his own feeling of insecurity standing in my shadow

u usually dont respond to me either lol
so whatever

Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 12:30 PM
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the email and heads up! It actually feels like the 90’s all over again, message board drama and all!
Man that is super cool about the 4.11 version I can’t wait to check that out and also super look forward to checking out your new site.


Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 12:36 PM
Dude do you have access to a V24 or have one to sell? Dying to get one of those!!

Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 1:13 PM
Yes I know a guy who's selling two but one of them I got dibs on

i also have two other 32 channel interfaces that work with it

the mqx-32m isa card

and also the opcode 2portSE

i also have 2 other MPU-401 cards + breakout boxes
and one MPU-IPC card + breakout box

but u dont even need any of those 32 channel interfaces to get 32 channels
u can use multiple single interfaces u already own if u configure them properly
as documented on my site (only possible when using v4.11 NOT v4.10)

i contacted the owner of the v24 units
he used to be a beta tester for voyetra he says
hes from the midwest USA
anyway let me know how to proceed
heading out to pawn some old junk
im getting an mpc-500 i put on hold at the pawn shop ;)
going to try to use it as a standalone sequencer!

This particular rig I want the V24 for is a 5150. If you can get both I'll buy the other! Thanks Chris!!

I had Tandy 1000 back in the mid 80s
And commodore Vic 20
But no 5150

hey brian
if u want the v24
i need 90$ + shipping and its yours
payment via paypal

i will ask + try to get some actual photos to u asap
of the actual item

but it will look like this:

accept my friend request on facebook? talk on facebook messenger?

Hey Chris, I don't have a personal Facebook and don't use messenger or any kind of messaging on there. My artist page run by my wife and managers so I don't even know how to do that.

Can I PayPal this email address? That's AMAZING man you rule!

no dont send to this address
has to go to someone else who owns the equipment

i need your shipping info though

re: facebook messenger thats fine i was just looking for a way to speak realtime but this email is fine

Shipping is 267 Kentlands Bvld #605 Gaithersburg MD 20878. This is INCREDIBLE man I am so grateful!!

i think hes gone out -
i will prob have to wait till tonight to get any more details
will hit u back when i know more
i have some pics to forward that he sent

one of them is coming to me.. the other to you!


And it comes with the card and cables yes? I AM DYING THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS!!! Tell me where to PayPal you. Dude this is life changing. Thanks so much!!

Yes card and cable ready to rock sixty four outputs
It's 32 ch in 64 ch out
Plus u can use with mpu ipc for additional 16 outs


I might be out of touch for awhile I have a legal matter to attend to hopefully I'll be in touch tomorrow ok

Talk soon

All good man best of luck. Thanks a ton Chris :)

Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 1:23 PM
heard back from the guy with the v24's
he had a gig last night
which is what i had suspected
anyway hes getting the packages sorted today and will
be in touch with a price for shipping

Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 10:29 AM
$112 to this address

he said he will ship it on monday morning
because hes got a gig all this weekend for two days

Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 12:48 PM

u sent him the cash?
i wont hear back frm him till tomorrow i guess

Yep, sent!

ok hope i got the email right LOL
:) jk

I really appreciate this Chris, thanks again!

Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 3:43 PM
theres another one one reverb for 79.95 i think
u can get up to 8 midi ports out! using two of them

in case u want to take it to the max

first public listing ive seen in the last year or so


yep the equivelant of the Yamaha C1 "music computer"
Kraftwerk''s Electric Cafe was recorded during 83-86 with the Synclavier. Two C1 machines were used on stage in late 90''s only
wow thats crzy they had 16 x 16 = midi channels out! lol
thats crazy
16 x 16 = 256

i see the auction is sold now!
i hope you were the one to grab it!!
now u got 2 and i got 1.. ill probably get someoen else step forward later on int he future
with one for me because of my site

well done!
hope u give me a shout out :) lol

im gettin a tascam reel to reel to slave smpte to my v24s
if you could give my website a plug ( that would REALLY help me
because i have worked very hard with no reward on building the community at macos9lives
and then oldschooldaw after they kicked me out of macos9lives......
everyone will check out my site if u give me a shout out
that would be really nice way to repay me for linking you with my score ;)

im trying to find a cheap CGA/EGA monitor to use with my 386DX40 that i will be using for my Voyetra v24s
i will probably use mine in combination with my musicQuest MQX32m ISA card to give me a total of 2 in; 6 out; i could also add the 2portSE for another 2 ports out output to get hte max of 8 which is why i didnt grab a second one i already bought ab unch of things :D

francois K himself emailed me to thank me for posting the v4.11 of the program
he was a voyetra user

Dude do you have the 4.11 link again? I need to get that BAD. I did buy both off reverb! AMAZING! I will for sure give you a big up. Check twitter now :)
I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a CGA/EGA type monitor in good shape and give a heads up if I see anything.

All my best,

awesome ;) thanks Brian!
all the best to you aswell.. u seem to be 100% set to rip up all 8 x 16  = 128 midi channels by using both interfaces at once..

the link to download the v4.11 is here:


wow i just got a huge bump ijn traffic too. 89 guests viewing right now :o

Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 7:14 PM
 we;ll have to exchange tips once we get up to speed on 4.11 i havent spent as much time with it as i should ive been planning things out airplane view style + not actually creating for awhile now..

the best feature for me is the way that u can very quickly set each row to loop indefinately no mater how many steps it is.. so like in ableton live the same way that u can have these intersecting cyclical patterns randomly coming together ... fuckin sweet

i need to learn to use the step sequence function asap in seq+

It’s the greatest thing ever. Don’t connect a mouse. Use cursor keys and ins/del

   Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 8:24 PM
Yea I had the demo of it back in 1991 came with my sound blaster card?!!
I didn't know anything sbout music then tho
I was only 14 and hadn't taken piano like you!!!
I was a hiphop head
I remember opening midi files with it but I never figured out how it worked

ok this is ridiculous
but i just awoke to getting a msg from the guy, Tom, who has the v24s
he says that the REVERB.COM  listing that i referred you to last night
WAS THE SAME ONE that you already bought by paypalling him
so in essence u have bought the same v24s twice..

except hes talking about sending you the interface that was FOR ME
because u bought the reverb listing
im kind of pissed because he didnt tell me he had them listed publicly
i had no way to know that the listing was by him i thought that listting was
by a different seller

im all stressed out now thinking hes going to be sending you both the interfaces
now as one of them was promised to me ..... hell both of them were promised to me
and if im the one who gets screwed here when i linked u with my score
well this is just TOTALLY WRONG

im trying to write the guy hes not responding
im getting stressed out

i dont understand why he would leave the items up on when he was offering
them to me

i thought it was a completely different seller
im trying to get in touch with the guy to work this out
but he seems to be acting as thought hes obligated to send u both

Hey Chris,

I just talked to him on the phone. All good, no big deal. Send him the money for the one interface and he’ll send it to you. He’s sending me the other.


I should have had u PayPal me directly
I will never make that mistake again

My communication with him has deteriorated
The only way I'm going to get that interface is if u buy it and send it to me

Is he refunding you for your overpayment

Yes and waiting for yours.

why would u tell the guy that u hardly know me?

PLEASE Tell me how much money u sent the guy
and what was refunded
so i know whats happened here
he offered BOTH INTERFACES to me at 40$ for one.. and 50$ for the other
and then i had u send him 110$ US for BOTH INTERFACES
one being sent to me
one bejgn sent to YOU
and i was additionally going to send him extra money BECAUSE I FELT HE DESERVED MORE $$ FOR THE INTERFACES

Send him 75$ and please don’t email me like this, I don’t do this kind of drama.

you definately arent a friend
take care man

i know u are going to buy them both now..
life has taught me a valuable lesson yet again
dont trust people to be good natured + good willed
he offered me both interfaces
40$ for one
50$ for the other
an incredibly low price - so much so that i felt bad and offered to give him more money
the price was so low that i easily got u to pay for both of our interfaces without u batting an eye
because the price was only 110$ us because he asked asuch a low price
i even offered to send him MORE MONEY because I FELT BAD that he wasnt getting paid
enough to part with his vintage items

i shared my score with u
and u turn around and act like im the one causing kiddy drama?

i kow this is because tom didnt want to send the item to canada and ffill out the extra postal forms huge pain in the ass
go ahead and buy both interfaces and screw me over

the KARMA belongs to both of you
I was acting in GOOD WILL + GOOD NATURE which is how i always am
im shocked + stunned by both of you

Hey Chris,

I really don't understand the drama! I paypalled that guy 112$ when you told me. You showed me more interfaces on reverb and never told me it was the same guy, I bought em' it was a mixup no one is trying to do anything nefarious!

He refunded me my 112$ (for double payment) if you PayPal him 75$ he'll send you one, if's on you man!


i told you my communication with him has deteriorated
hes blocked me on facebook
paying him is NOT AN OPTION FOR ME atthis point
because i (ACTING ON YOUR BEHALF) said i would call the police
i sent u the transcript of everyhting that was said by me to him + vice versa
i sent it to him aswell
u both have the transcript of everything that was said
im not hiding anything
i am shaking + close to tears upset
i lost my girlfriend 3-4 days ago and now ive been screwed over on something that was very important to me

gods watchin you Brian
watchin you profit off the goodwill of your fans
and being curt + short

after i school u on what it is + how it works
u turn around and tell me "its on you"?
i got u an item that was NOT ABLE TO BE FOUND ON EBAY or ANYWHERE ELSE
an unbelievably rare + hard to find item

u got no soul
and u are very selfish
if this is really how u are gonna let things end

i hope u feel really proud showin off to the world when u are using MY V24s

i dont "Do" drama like this either..
unless im talking to inbred americans who cant fill out a fucking shipping form

Dear Chris,

You don’t need Facebook to send Tom 75$. I just talked to him on the phone and he said he told you to pay him 75$ and he’ll refund me and send it to you. He also said to do it within 24 hours. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

So, yes, ball is in your court. If you pay him, he’ll send you the interface, if not he won’t.
Hope it works out and all my best,

im aware u really dont understand,
i can tell by your responses to me that u didnt read the conversation i forwarded to you

if you would read the conversation u could see that he offered me both interfaces
the first for $40
the second for $50
which is why i had u send him 110$
all the details are in that conversation of anything + everything i said to him
why dont u take a look ? open the attachment in gmail + press left +right arrow keys to move thru the
screenshots - its very easy to read that way

i had located the rare item, thanks to tom stepping forward to me privately on facebook
i could have kept them both for myself + tried to sell them as rare to make a profit..
obviously thats NOT WHY IM DOING ANY OF THIS

i got you to pay a premium over the 50$ that he asked me for it, FOR THE FACT THAT I LOCATED THE ITEM
that is COMMONPLACE in such a transaction; between friends
and i still gave u a VERY FAIR price for an item that cannot be found for sale ANYWHERE
i could have bought the item and sold it on my own website for like 400$ and said Oooh this is so rare
who wants it?? think about it bro..
if i was selfish + greedy theres alot of shit i could be doing OTHER THAN spending my time using my brainpower to write
i do so out of COMPASSION + LOVE for my fellow humans on the planet at my own COST + EXPENSE of my own time
i havent worked the last 2 years ive been woring fulltime on my site - it wouldnt exist if i hadnt made that type of sacrifice in
order to make it happen

i shared with you openly just as i share with anyone on my site!!!

nevertheless i have now paid the 75$ via paypal

if the man had any honor he would have honoured our original agreement over the reverb listings
im surprised u cant tell that im the guy whos 100% here in both dealing with him and with you
and im the one whos been wronged here
i was supposed to get an interface for little $$ because i was sharing my score with you dude
and now ive had to pay 100$ out of pocket to get it instead.. even tho ive given up the 2nd interface to u
which iw as going to keep for myself -

u dont have the patience or desire to understand this
or to be my friend
so whatever..
it is what it is

i sent him the money

i guess i wont be sharing any more secrets with anyne after this

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Re: conversaton with _BT
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 01:55:12 PM »
moral of the story - dont be stupid as i was. to trust someone you have never met... based on their marketted appearance or facebook profile pic....... unlike me, u should be a shrewd business dude,  what have i learned from this?

a) never have someone paypal someone else any money if you are involved in the transaction, instead have them paypal you and then YOU pay for the item; that way YOU are the buyer + YOU are in control of the details of the transaction and u also are PROTECTED by paypal or reverb or ebay or whatever site is doing the listing.
***** this is quite possible the biggest bonehead move of my life ! for real... ***** i dont kno wwhat i was thinking to give him the guys email directly.. im such a moron in hindsight looking back at htis wow.. i asked for it i guess but stll i wouldnt have done that if i was the buyer.. not a chance *****

b) dont give your secrest out to people unneccessarily... i was just trying to be nice.. i could have kept those items to myself and none of this would have ever happened.

c) if someone is short with you it means they really dont value u as a friend; so really dont go out of your way to do ANYTHING for someone like that; save your time + effort for genuine people - dont trust people with "cool guy images" and "one word responses"

id love to hear anyone elses thoughts on the above conversation + events that happened
id like to know if anyone else can see how cold this guy was to me, after i school him on the info + hook him up  - he doesnt even bother to try to make sure everything goes down well for me! "you are on your own!" what a guy!! dont trust anyone these days people! people ARE NOT your friend..
even tho they call u DUDE and say ROCKIN! INSANE !~ and all this other crap they are not your friend and they are ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES.. its a hard knock life.

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Re: a conversation with _BT aka Brian Transeau (beware this guy is shady!)
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2018, 07:51:34 AM »
im surprised at the amount of views this thread has got in a short time period..

im also surprised that bt has NO CONSCIENCE at all