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akai s5000 (1999)
« on: May 23, 2017, 09:57:14 AM »

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Re: akai s5000 (1999)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 01:46:14 PM »

New Features - OS Upgrade V2.0
New MULTI page layout
New playback indicator to show which parts/programs are playing in a multi
New SOLO/MUTE indicator for parts
New KEYGROUP ZONES page layouts
New playback indicator for keygroup zones
New KEYSPAN layout
MIDI song file player
Mono Legato play mode
Emu EIV SCSI disk support
Roland CD-ROM support
User settings may be saved to FlashROM and/or disk
Floppy disk format
FAT32 disk format
"OFF Threshold" parameter in RECORD
Swap Left/Right function for keygroup zones
Copy/Paste Keygroup allows copying and pasting of keygroups between programs
Keygroup Crossfade parameter added in EDIT PROGRAM
Multi Mute via Program/Bank change
Support for the new USB card (IB-S56USB) and ak.sys. software
New in V2.10
Save speed increased (i.e. faster) by 20-30%
Improvements to CD-ROM/removable cartridge swapping
Improvements to MIDI song file player and Setlist
Improvements to Emu disk compatibility - can now read 'SoundSprint' folders
Improvements to Roland disk compatibility
Alphabetical data sorting
Many improvements to enhance functionality and new features in ak.sys. V1.50
More SysEx support
Faster screen redrawing
Improved Voice Stealing
Improved display of long sample names in keygroup zones and keyspan pages
It is now possible to see the record meters during recording
S5000 Professional Stereo Digital Sampler
The unique user interface and its intuitive use of icons, graphics, pop-up windows and drag down menus makes navigation quick and easy.
Extensive filtering functions offer 26 types of resonant 4-pole and 2- pole lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters and many more.
18-bit A-D converters with 64 x oversampling 5th order Delta Sigma.
20-bit D-A converters with 128 x oversampling Delta Sigma on all outputs.
Stereo, phase coherent time-stretch algorithms from Akai's own powerful DD1500 DAW allows pitch shifting and tempo matching.
3-band digital off-line EQ with variable gain, frequency and Q for each band.
'QUICKLOAD' allows you to load sounds directly into parts for quick and easy assembly of complex multitimbral setups.
'Virtual Sampling' functions allows playback of long samples direct from disk.
64 or 128 voice polyphony allows complex multitimbral operation and layering.
The DOS disk format and .wav sample format allows you to hook your sampler's disk drive directly to a PC for easy access to unlimited sounds.
The outputs can be configured as stereo pairs, individual mono outputs or any combination.
Reads Akai S1000 and S3000 series sound library.
Folder-based disk functions makes it simple to organize sound library.
The 16 function keys put parameters at your fingertips - faster than a touch screen and with the reliability and tactile feedback which only real physical keys can offer.
The 'WINDOW' key hides lesser used functions keeping screens clear and uncluttered but offers more editing power available at the touch of a button.
Audition samples directly from hard disk.
Powerful expansion options
Up to 256MB of RAM using standard off-the-shelf SIMMS (check the specs page)
SampleVerbII (EB20) 20-bit 4-Channel Multi-effects Processor
VOX64 Voice Expansion Board
IB-S508P 8-Output Expansion Board
IB-1616A adatâ„¢ optical I/O
Note: The 'S5000' model comes standard with with 64-voices and 8 outputs. The 'S5000 Studio' model is fitted with the VOX64 and IB-S508P 8-Output Expansion Board.

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