Author Topic: Ableton Live has both ReWire Master & Slave capability as of v1.5+ (Mar 2002)  (Read 1895 times)

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Live Owners Manual Addendum (Version 1.5.1) (content has been highlighted, edited + additional comments injected)
1. ReWire Master and Slave Functionality
1.1. Rules of the Game

Live v1.5+ can act as both a ReWire master and slave.

(versions below v1.5 cannot. Live v1.0 can only act as a rewire host. So to use v1.0 with a DAW such as Cubase, Protools, Logic etc, you would sync it via midi MTC and hardwire the analog outputs to your daw instead using physical wires from your audio interface to a seperate multi channel recording interface within the same computer or on an adjacent pc or mac)

Common ReWire master applications are Steinberg Cubase, Emagic Logic Audio, MOTU Digital Performer, and Cycling 74 Max/MSP. Common ReWire slave applications are Propellerheads Rebirth, Propellerheads Reason, and Max/MSP.

Live will run in ReWire slave mode if it detects a running ReWire master application at startup time. Therefore,
always start the ReWire master application first, then start Live. Likewise, you will first have to quit Live, then
the ReWire master application.

Users of Steinberg Cubase: please activate at least one ReWire channel (from the Panels dropdown select "ReWire" and activate one green light, usually for Master L + Master R) prior to launching Live. Live will not launch in ReWire slave mode, otherwise!

Live's operation in ReWire slave mode differs from the usual operation in some regards:

- Live will not have direct access to the audio interfaces; audio input / output is handled by the ReWire
master application. No audio input will be available to Live.

- The sample rate is determined by the host application rather than by Live. Please see the following chapter
for details.

- External synchronisation will be disabled (synchronise the ReWire master application instead).
Live will not send sync, or controller messages to the MIDI output.
Controlling Live via MIDI will still be possible.

- Live will not act as a ReWire master application. For instance, you cannot run Rebirth as a ReWire slave of
Live while Live is running as a ReWire slave of Cubase.

You can, however, run both Live and Rebirth as ReWire slaves of Cubase at the same time!.
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