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geeThree Sweet Multiport (2003)
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:22:18 PM »

Sweet Multiport
Add the convenience of ports at your fingertips. The Sweet Multiport installs in the second bay of your G3 or G4.

Ports at your Fingertips

    2 FireWire ports (powered)
    1 USB port (powered)
    5-in-1 memory card reader
    - CompactFlash
    - IBM Microdrive
    - Memory Stick
    - Secure Digital
    - MultiMediaCard
    (note: QuickSilver supports only CF and Microdrive)
    Additional ports on PCI card
    2 FireWire ports
    2 USB ports

System requirements:

    OS X, 10.1 or later, OS 9.1 or later
    G4 “Mirror Drive Door” system
    - empty 5.25” front drive bay
    G4 “QuickSilver” system
    - empty 3.5” front drive bay
    G4 “PCI” or “AGP” system
    - empty 3.5” front drive bay
    G3 “Blue & White” system
    - empty 3.5” front drive bay
    Empty PCI slot


    Works in OS 9 and OS X
    No software drivers required
    Memory card reader compatible with iPhoto


    Sweet Multiport front panel card
    Sweet Multiport PCI card
    Sweet Multiport inter-connect cable
    Mounting bracket and screws
    Front faceplate
    FirzWire and USB cables
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