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Cubase SX, Cubase SL, Cubase SE, Cubase LE Comparison Chart
« on: December 14, 2014, 03:02:08 AM »
Cubase SX, Cubase SL, Cubase SE, Cubase LE Comparison Chart

Cubase LE, SE, SL, SX Feature Comparison

Feature Cubase LE* Cubase SE  Cubase SL Cubase SX 
Simultaneous playback of hundreds of audio tracks 48 48 yes yes 
Unlimited number of MIDI tracks up to 64 yes yes yes 
Physical Inputs/Outputs 128 256 
Group channels 128 256 
FX Send channels 64 
FX Return Channels yes yes 
VST Instrument Slots 16 32 64 
MIDI insert plugins 
Rewire 2 support yes yes yes yes 
Number of mixer views 
Automation modes touch fader touch fader touch fader touch fader, x-over, autolatch, trim, overwrite 
Cubase VST 2.3 audio engine (with full plug-in delay compensation) yes yes yes 
Dual processor support (incl. Hyperthreading) yes yes yes 
Multi processor support (incl. DualCore and >2 phys. CPU) yes yes 
Surround: True multichannel audio path yes 
24-bit/96 kHz recording yes yes yes yes 
32-bit floating point audio resolution yes yes yes 
Unlimited Undo and Redo functions last 10 steps last 10 steps yes yes 
Offline Process History single undo for built-in audio processes for built-in audio processes and all plug-ins 
Cubase VST System Link yes yes yes yes 
Configurable Toolbar & Track Controls yes yes 
VST Connections Window yes yes yes 
Studio Connections RECALL + AUDIO yes 
External FX yes 
External Instruments yes 
Workspaces (virtual desktops) yes yes 
Color-coding for tracks and mixer channels yes yes 
Project Browser yes yes 
Video Thumbnail track and preview yes yes yes yes 
Recording Modes: Mix, Overwrite, Normal, Merge, Stacked excl. stacked excl. stacked yes yes 
Editors: Key, List, Basic Score Editor yes yes yes yes 
Volume Envelopes yes yes 
Drum Editor yes yes yes 
Logical Editor yes yes 
Inplace Editor (MIDI Editing in Project Window) yes 
Extended Track Inspector (shows VSTi channel for MIDI Tracks) yes yes yes 
MIDI Devices (Device Maps and Editors) yes 
Professional Score layout and printing functions yes 
MIDI Step Recording yes yes yes 
Play Order Track yes yes 
Audio/Tempo analysis and Audio/Groove analysis yes yes yes yes 
Slice & Stretch for audio loops, automatic tempo matching yes yes yes yes 
Cubase Audio Warp (Realtime Timestretching + PitchShifting) yes yes 
Cubase Time Warp Tool yes yes 
Spectral Analysis yes 
Statistics functions yes 
Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching algorithm 3 modes 3 modes 4 modes 4 Modi + MPEX 
Dithering yes Apogee UV22 Apogee UV22 Apogee UV22/ UV22HR 
User-definable macros yes yes 
Pool import/export yes yes 
Track Archives yes yes 
Extended Freeze for Cubase VST Instruments and Audio Tracks yes yes 
Freeze Play Parameters yes yes 
Hardware Controller Support Houston, Generic, Tascam, US-428/224, Mackie Universal + HUI only Houston, Generic + Tascam US-428/224 only yes yes 
Supports LTB for high-precision MIDI Timing (w/ Midex 8) yes yes yes yes 
MTC/MMC support send MIDI clock+receive MTC send MIDI Clock yes yes 
CD audio grabbing yes yes yes yes 
Full MP3 Fraunhofer Encoding available as update available as update available as update yes 
Windows Media WMA Pro surround encoding yes 
Support for Steinberg Dolby Digital and DTS Encoders yes 
Number of VST MIDI effects plug-ins included 14 14 16 
Number of VST audio effects plug-ins included 21 24 25 34 
Number of VST instruments included 

Revolution Audio Prices


NA (only as hardware bundle - please call) $149 $399 $849
BUY NOW ONLINE Cubase LE Cubase SE 1.0 Cubase SL 3 Cubase SX 3

Free Shipping in Canada for Cubase SL and Cubase SX

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How Do I decide which version of Cubase to Purchase?

Cubase LE, Cubase SE, Cubase SL, Cubase SX...Cubase...Cubase...CUBASE! The choice of which Cubase to purchase has to do with price and features. These are the main points for most Cubase buyers below:

Cubase SX 3

With its enormous functional depth, Steinberg’s Cubase SX3 offers creatively inspiring tools for every level and task in music composition and production. Developed to meet the highest demands of professional musicians, composers, engineers and producers, Cubase SX3 provides over 70 new features including Audio Warp real-time time-stretching, the innovative Play Order track, Inplace editing and much, much more. Cubase SX 3 is pro level software out performs and out functions nearly ever other recording software on the block. Cubase SX 3 also gives a variety of file formats for exporting, needed if working along side of other computer based studios not using Cubase. Cubase SX 3 is also the one to purchase if you are getting into surround sound mixing, which is not part of Cubase SL. Look also at the different of VST instrument and effects slots in the chart above and make your decision between SL and SX with that in mind also. If you are want a pro studio without limitations and if you are getting paid clients, this is the Cubase to purchase.

Cubase SL 3

Cubase SL 3 is a fully-equipped music production system aimed at budget-conscious audio professionals. The new version 3.0 takes music production to a new level by adding more than 50 new features. Cubase SL 3 is typically more than most bands and home studios need. It has all the current cool Cubase features (like Audio warp, tempo track, play order track) and saves the home user a few dollars. If you don't mind a few limitations in the number of instrument and effect slots and will not be doing surround sound mixing, consider Cubase SL 3 and spend the extra money on a UAD-1 card or another microphone.

Cubase SE

Cubase SE is ideal for anyone working on a tight budget but who can’t do without professional technologies in their home recording, project or pre-production environment. Cubase SE features plenty of options without the big price tag. Cubase SE has 48 tracks of audio and unlimted midi tracks (although only 16 VST instrument slots) and so this is good value (much better than Pro Tools LE at 32 tracks). Cubase SE is a good place to start because it helps you focus on the basics of software recording without all the extra features. You will want to purchase some VST software instruments to go with it if you want to use MIDI (a nice little package is the Steinberg Virtual Instrument Collection.)

Cubase LE

This version of Cubase is pretty great because it comes free with many hardware interfaces including the Presonus Firewire, Firepod and Inspire as well as the Focusrite Saffire. Cubae LE is close to the same features of SE, and so someone wanted to go pro or to use different file formats would find themselves limited. 48 tracks is plenty, but you can only do up to 4 or 8 simultaneous recording of tracks depending on the version you get with your interface.