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MIDI the absolute basics (1992, article)
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Software Sequencers — What's Available For Your Computer?

Nowadays there is quite a bewildering choice of sequencing software available for nearly every type of computer. Given that most sequencers offer the standard features described in the main text, criteria for selection, of a first sequencing package at any rate, is more likely to hinge on a few key points, such as number of available tracks, how the material is displayed and whether it can be printed out as a musical score. Some of the more popular packages are now available for several different computers, and some recent developments in this area now include file compatibility across different platforms — a very useful feature, which means that song files created on one type of computer can be loaded into a different type which runs its own version of the same sequencing software. Sequencing software covers an extremely wide price range. Generally you pay for what you get, and with the more expensive packages you get more advanced features and also the ability to perform certain functions in rather greater depth. 'Cut down' versions of some of the popular, but higher priced packages exist. These will provide all the basic features and, in most cases, will allow you to reach a fairly high working level. I am thinking particularly of educational use, where a 'cut down' version of a particular package may be more than sufficient, and well within the limits of budget. Obviously, it is impossible to list here every single sequencer currently on the market, but I have selected some of the more popular packages which exist for several types of computer.

N = Standard musical notation display
P = Score writing/printing facility
£ = Currently retailing at less than £100

C-Lab: Notator (N/P)
C-Lab: Notator Alpha — Cut down version; 16 tracks available (N/P)
C-Lab: Creator
Steinberg: Cubase 3.0 (N/P)
Steinberg: Cubeat
Steinberg: Cubase Lite (New Product) — Cut down version; 12 tracks available (N/P/£)
Dr T's: Tiger Cub — 12 tracks available (N/£)

C-Lab: Notator Logic (New Product) (N/P)
Opcode: Vision
Opcode: EZ Vision — 16-tracks, cut down version.
Mark of the Unicorn: Performer (N)
Steinberg: Cubase 1.8 (N)
Dr T's: Beyond 2.0
Passport: Master Tracks Pro 5
Passport: Trax (£)

Steinberg: Cubase Windows (New Product)
Voyetra: Sequencer Plus V.4 (Also "Gold" Version).
Voyetra: Sequencer Plus Junior (£)
Dr T's: Prism (£)

Steinberg: Pro 24 (N)
Dr T's: KCS Level II 3.5 (N)
Dr T's: Tiger Cub — 12 tracks (N/£)