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Author Topic: Popular Software versions (advertisement, Oct 1992)  (Read 776 times)

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Popular Software versions (advertisement, Oct 1992)
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:37:41 PM »

programs mentioned:

Cubase 3.0 ST/TT,
Atari Falcon030 computer + Atari SM146 Monitor
Cubeat 2.0ST (Atari)
Notator/Unitor Pac + Unitor 2 SMPTE/EBU synchroniser/MIDI Expander(Atari),
Notator 3.15

Cubase v1.83 (Mac Version),
Cubase Audio (MAC) *NEW*,  OCTOBER 1992
quantise recorded sound - interesting? In Cubase Audio, what you do with MIDI you can do with digitized sound. Each audio recording can be used and re-used, whole or in part, anywhere in a song. Manipulate audio events from Cubase Audio's famed arrange window and editor modules. Requires Mac IIci or above, 4 MB RAM, Hard Disk, Digidesign AudioMedia card or Digidesign SoundTools/ProTools

IBM/PC Windows
Cubase Windows + Midiman MM401 Interface Card
The 1st graphic-oriented realtime sequencer for IBM PC's and compatibles running under Microsoft Windows o/s. The same razor sharp 384ppqn resolution as the Atari platform and the same great list of editor modules including Key Edit, Grid Edit, Drum Edit, And Logical Edit. A print module will be added next year.

The mm401 has set a new standard in MIDI interface performance for IBM PCs + Compatibles. Its Fully mpu-401 compatible and works at any bus speed.

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