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Seck 1882 (1986)
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:33:04 AM »
Seck 1882

When it comes to compact mixers packed with facilities, the Seck 1882 is amongst the top contenders. Seck have now expanded their range with the introduction of the new 1282 mixer which is orientated more towards 8-track rather than 16-track users. The new mixer comes in the colour of the moment 'black' and is identical in specification to the 1882 except of course that it only has twelve input channels and 8-track monitoring.

However, if your need is for a live sound mixer you'll be pleased to know that the Seck stereo range of mixers has also been extended to meet the demand for 'more' inputs. The new 242 provides twenty-four input channels into two outputs.