Author Topic: Yamaha CBX-D3 (1993?) digital recording processor  (Read 3233 times)

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Yamaha CBX-D3 (1993?) digital recording processor
« on: July 12, 2017, 04:14:19 PM »
yamaha CBX-D3 hard disk recording system supported early versions of steinberg cubase audio (1995?)
2inputs 4 analog outputs + 2(L/R) SPDIF digital output

Four-channel system
The CBX-D5 is a 4-channel system, i.e., 2-channel simultaneous recording and
4-channel playback. Channels can be recorded while other channels playback.
The CBX-D5 needs about 100Mbytes of hard disk space to record 10 minutes of stereo
digital audio (fs = 44.1kHz). The available recording time can be increased by simply
adding more, or larger hard disk drives to the SCSI daisy chain