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Author Topic: m-audio audiophile USB (2003)  (Read 4514 times)

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m-audio audiophile USB (2003)
« on: October 11, 2014, 01:15:58 PM »
originally sold for pIII G3 350Mhz+ PC/Macs

NOTE: To use the Audiophile USB on Mac OS 9, you must also installOpcode’s OMS. This should be done BEFORE running the AudiophileUSB’s Installer program. By installing OMS first, the Installer programwill then be able to place the OMS driver in the proper folder. Then,after running the Installer, you will need to configure OMS. See thesection, “OMS Configuration,” for more information on installing andconfiguring OMS

Audiophile USB is the affordable, no-hassle USB audio and MIDI interface for Mac and PC. The Audiophile USB builds on the success of our popular Audiophile 2496—awarded Best Soundcard by Computer Music magazine—delivering 24-bit/96k quality with great dynamic range and noise specs. That’s because it uses AC-powered components that deliver better fidelity than bus-powered circuitry. The included Mac and PC drivers let you independently scale bit depth and sample rate (up to 96k) to deliver the lowest USB latency anywhere—whether you’re on stage or in the studio.

Audiophile USB Features:

• Simple USB connectivity for audio and MIDI
• 2 pairs of analog line-level audio inputs (1/4" unbalanced or RCA)
• 2 analog line-level audio outputs (RCA) with level control knob
• S/PDIF in and out (coaxial)
• Support AC3 for surround sound setups
• MIDI in and out
• Headphone output (1/4") with level control knob
• High performance 24-bit/96k ADCs (109dB dynamic range)
• High performance 24-bit/96k DACs (107dB dynamic range)
• Low latency
• External power supply allows higher-fidelity AC-powered components

Audiophile USB
Audiophile USB - Front Panel
Audiophile USB - Back Panel
Minimum System Requirements for PC:

Pentium II 350 MHz with 64 MB RAM, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
Minimum System Requirements for MAC:

G3 350 MHz Native USB support and 64 MB RAM, Mac OS 9.x or OS 10.1 or later