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Author Topic: sound diver v3.05 update (December 16th 2002)  (Read 4355 times)

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sound diver v3.05 update (December 16th 2002)
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:07:47 PM »
final update to the PC version of Sound Diver

Changes to SoundSurfer and SoundDiver
(newer changes at the top of this file)...

+ fixed
- not yet fixed

B Bugfix
I Improvement
W Wish or suggestion
F New feature
Q Question
A Answer

AB About window
AD Adaptation
AE Universal Module Adaptation Editor
AL AutoLink
AS Controller Assignments
CP Copy Protection
DM Dependency Management
DW Device window (Memory Manager)
ED Editor
FI Find
FO File operations
GL Globals, others and the rest of the universe
HE Online Help
IN Install
KY Key Commands
LI Library
MI MIDI processing
MO Module
OE Universal Module Object Editor
PR Preferences
SC Scan
SE Setup
SL SoftLink
TT ToolTips
UM Universal Module

Platform indicator:
/Mac Mac version
/Win Windows version
/At  Atari version
(no indicator: affects all platforms)

-- Dec 13 2002 ### SoundDiver 3.0.5
+F MO. New Module TC for t.c. M-One, D-Two, Triple-C, M3000, M-One XL, G-Major. Work for G-Major is still in progress.

+I AD. MKS-70: added a new slider  - VCF key mod depth which was missing, changed the data types for editing to make it easier for those with older roms to negotiate the tone A, tone B "problem". It means it is easy to put an edit onto B, then carry on with A. Thanks to Eric McCay

+F AD. New (well, quite old) Adaptation for Technics WSA-1. Thanks to Helfried Wildenhain.

+F AD. New Adaptation for Behringer V-AMP 2. Thanks to Sorin Dinculescu

+B AD. Updated versions of the SD adaptions for microQ and Q. Many thanks to Achim Gratz.
New features:

Multi Instrument Edit buffers have been divided into 16 Edit buffers for
just the multi instruments and 32 edit buffers for the drum map
instruments. Drum map instrument sounds can now be edited without
switching the Q into multimode.

Requesting Global Data will reset the Q back to single mode, while
editing multis and multi instrument sounds will switch it into
multimode. On the microQ the function to switch between modes is
currently not implemented, so once the microQ switches to multimode
(when requesting or editing a multi) there's no way back from within SD.

Fixed bugs vs. previous versions:

Some dependency stuff and dummy bank layout for multi editor.

Autolink with Logic should now work provided the MIDI channels in Logic
and Special Parameters in SD match. However, I can't test this as I
don't have Logic. I have also no idea how this match I'm talking about
has to be achieved from within Logic, so please don't ask me.

Envelope 3 trigger mode did not update for microQ. That was an odd one
as the definition was correct. I deleted the element and inserted a new
one with identical definition and that fixed it. I just hope there's not
more stuff like that.

+B MO. PRO: Icon for Proteus MPS was missing.
+F MO. New Module "RS-5" for Roland RS-5 and RS-9
+F AD. New Adaptation for Fender/Rhodes Chroma Polaris.
+B AD. TG500: reverted to old version, as updated version was corrupted.
+F AD. DR-202: now is capable of handling all available kit parameters.
  - Abuses the last kit program (U063) as an edit buffer
  - Global effects parameters (reverb/delay/flange types, levels, etc.)
  -Delay/Reverb send, Flange send, Decay, Cutoff, Resonance, Pitch adjustment for each kit voice
  -Buttons to audition the "roll" sound for each kit voice in addition to the "play"
   Many thanks to Will McAveney
+F AD. New Adaptation for Yamaha G50. Many thanks to Will McAveney
+I AD. microQ: now supports OS 2.14. Thanks to ASSI
+F AD. New Adaptation for Waldorf rackAttack. Thanks to ASSI
+B MO. SY77: No banks were displayed for SY99.
+B MO. Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 3: fixed lots of bugs (used wrong source code for 3.0.5b4).
+F MO. XV: support for Roland XV-5050, Fantom and XV-2020 added
+F MO. XV: support for SRX board 5 "Supreme Dance" added
+B AD. Bug fixes in microQ adaptation:
   - editing sounds in multimode did not work because any attempt to use the Multi Instrument Edit buffers switched off Multi Mode
   - R6 fix for dependent sounds of a drum map was incomplete
   - increased timeout value to minimize ocurrency of re-transmits
+B MO. Virus: numerous bug fixes:
09/02/2002 Release 5

-   SDV-BUG-0000038
   Wrong Text in Modwheel/Pedal Assign in Global Section
   Modwheel, Pedal1/Pedal2 now show up with the real values.

-   SDV-BUG-0000034
   tooltip glitch, jumps around (eq Gain)

08/19/2002 Release 4

-   SDV-BUG-015
   refreshed bitmaps to get rid off graphical bugs

-   SDV-BUG-014
   -Delay/rev > Mode: entries are truncated
   Entries are fully shown now.

   -Bender scale should be exponential / linear instead of exp/lin (in case it fits in)
   fits in (by 1 pixel ;-)

-   SDV-BUG-016
   - eqLow / eqHigh Frequencies will be sent in wrong manner.
   64 values, but should send values up to 127

   the knob now shows the correct frequency to the value (and is sending
   correct values to the virus) bit 0 is the one to ignore

-   SDV-BUG-007
   eqGain dB values in tooltip

-   SDV-BUG-005
   Unison Pan is now also available when filter routing is set
   to "filter split mode" (yeah).
   "Could Unison Pan be either permanently available,"
   "or perhaps enabled automatically when Split mode is selected?"

-   SDV-BUG-002
   eq knobs show the actual frequencies in the tooltip now.

-   changed the most value/destination names without

-   SDV-BUG-006
   cutoff1/2 is not affected by filterlink, both can now
   be moved separately, even if filterlink is active

-   SDV-BUG-011
   "Initialize" selected from editor window did result in
   wrong display of waveforms in osc1/osc2
   Corrected that.

-   SDV-BUG-003
   B.C. wrote:
      "Please could you reverse the Pitch Bend Up - Down windows so that"
      "they read Down - Up? :)
   Parameters Pitchbend up/down in Commonpanel (single edit) read now

-   SDV-BUG-010:
   Initpatch showed up with osc1: "----" osc2: "Wave15" which was an
   internal savepos not calculated. it now calculates
   also the correct waveform display
-   Virus Rack XL: Ringmod was not visible because of wrong position
   of delay/reverb panel

-- July 4 2002 ### SoundDiver 3.0.5b4
+F AD. K1: Modifications in Single Edit ( Key Scaling, Velocity Curve, Wave on/off) and in Multi Edit ( Midi Mode)
+B MO. WS: adjustment of parameter "Delay/Flanger->Delay" corrected
+B MO. WS: wavesteps with a single step: loop didn't work; now correctd
+B MO. WS: display of "Mix Env" corrected ( had been displaced)
+F MO. D50: Multi Expansion support added
+B MO. D50: parameter "Partial Balance" in Upper and Lower Tone had reverse action -> corrected
+F AD. SC-55: Part Edit with new layout
+F MO. MW, MWII: interpolated waves can be used to create and edit wave entries
+B MO. MW, MWII: Wave Edit: equal x-position of time domain and frequency domain
+B MO. MW, MWII: problem: If you try to edit a Multi stored in a library waves were displayed instead of sounds; now corrected
+B MO. SY77: info line output of the parameter "AWM filter" and the 2nd operator input corrected
+B MO. SY77: alignment of Drum Editor elements corrected
+B MO. SY77: receive samples: several items were ignored; additional latency added at the end of each sample transmit process
+F MO. SY77: import of TXW-, Wav- and Aiff- files added
+B MO. SY77: send data didn't work properly ( "...busy..." displayed); order of keystrokes and page change commands changed
+B MO. SY77: after transmitting samples were no longer audible; now referencing waveforms are transmited in addition to waves
+B MO. SY77: Sample Edit: parameter Pitch ( 0 ... 5376*2, Offset -5376), when changing OriKey: Pitch = 5376 ( corresponds to 0)
+F MO. SY77: Wave Loop Start now editable
+B AD. TG100: checksum calculation corrected
+B MO. U20: Drum Edit: keys readjusted
+F MO. PRO: new modell: ProteusMPS
+B MO. VM7000: text ressources corrected
+B MO. 01W: auto link didn't work properly; corrected

-- July 2 2002
+F MO. New Module for Jomox AiRBase 99

+F AD. Andromeda adaptation improved. Many thanks to Cyril Blanc
    - Mixes and all the different parameters are displaying OK
    - You can display the 2 internal factory banks
    - You can display the 8 banks of the external card

+I New version of 01v Adaptation:
---------------- data format of Setup and User Remote has changed -----------------------
- New complete editor for user remote (caution: data format has changed)
- Editor for System setup (recall safe, oscillator, remote faders ----  caution: maybe  data format has changed )
- extended editor for Scene-settings (not fully implemented -> some things are not possible yet)

+I New version of DEP-5 Adaptation:
- new edit buffer concept: each algorithm has it's own edit buffer
- factory preset library (many thanx to colin shapiro)

+I New version of PC-1600 Adaptation vers 1.2 by Claude Voit 12.15.2000
- Librarian for presets,scenes,globals
- Editor for scenes
- Editor for globals (with the 384 entries in the midimap pfuuu....)
- In the current state of Sound Diver a preset editor cannot be implemented
Note: backup your preferences before replacing your old pc-1600.ada file

+I AD. Help files updates: Quadraverb-GT, Quadraverb 2, Quadraverb plus,
  DX11, DX21/27/100, DX7IIE!, Function Junction/Plus, TX81Z, MIDIVERB III

+F AD. New librarian adaptation for Johnson J-Station. Many thannks to Dr. Hilmar Mengis

+F AD. New adaptation for Roland M-OC1. Many thanks to Siegfried Friedrich

+I AD. MicroQ adaptation updated for OS 2.14. Thanks to Don Gothard.
  1. The LFO1,2,3  Sync Buttons function correctly
  2. LFO fade parameters work correctly
  3. Filter Routings were backwards - fixed
  4. Removed Ext params from Osc FM Sources.

+I AD. New version of MKS-80 adaptation, with a look-alike MPG-80 editor. Many thanks to Bert Keizer.

+I AD. SY85. Some improvements. Many thanks to Martin Zuther.
- wrong numbering scheme of Performance banks, so library entries had wrong bank number
- Sequencer Setup had wrong type name
- Bank numbering of Voices and Performances changed to A1-H8

+F MO. New Modules "NordLead2" and "NordLead3" for Clavia Nord Lead 1, 2, 3 (keyboard and rack models, all software versions).

+F AD. New Adaptation for Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn. Many thanks to Roger Linn.

+F AD. New librarian Adaptation "FinalizerPlus" for t.c. Finalizer Plus.

+F AD. new Adaptation POCKETDIAL for Doepfer Pocket Dial.

+F AD. New Adaptation for Johnson J-Station. Many thanks to Hilmar Mengis

-- May 28 2002
+F MO. Virus: new version which supports virus|c, virus|kc, virus|indigo 2 and virus|rack XL

-- Apr 26 2002
+B MO. Unitor8: Crash when editing SMPTE start time by double-clicking

-- Apr 22 2002
+B MO. K2000: Dependencies between Master object and used programs were not shown correctly.
+B MO. K2000: Resonance range of up to 48dB was not reachable for K2600 (only 24dB as in K2500 and K2000).

-- Apr 15 2002
+I MI/Win. On Windows NT/2000/XP, the default buffer size is now 1 KB, to prevent extremely long pauses while waiting for replies.

-- Apr 8 2002
+B MI/Win. Scanning could hang SoundDiver with certain MIDI drivers on Windows NT/2000/XP.
+B MI/Win. Timeouts were too short on Windows NT/2000/XP.

-- Apr 4 2002
+B KY. Key Commands "Show data type 2" ... "Show data type 10" instead changed to the previous or next device.

-- Mar 10 2002
+B UM. Scanning did not work at all with some Adaptations if more than 255 adaptation files are in the Diver folder.

-- Mar 9 2002
+F New Module for Korg KARMA

-- Jan 23 2002
+I FO/Mac. SYX files with file type 'sysX' are now recognized.

-- Jan 12 2002
+I MO. Updated online help for DP4, DX7 and MR modules.

-- Jan 06 2002
+F AD. New editor-only adaptation for t.c. Finalizer Plus. Many thanks to Bert Keizer

-- Dec 19 2001
+B MO/Win. MR: Note display for LFO sync parameter etc. was garbled in Windows version
+B MO/Win. DP4: Note display for delay time was garbled in Windows version

-- Dec 16 2001
+I MO. Virus: now display names of ROM banks (and provides them with AutoLink) even if they are not received.

-- Dec 8 2001
+B MO. MR: corrected parameter change message for RAM bank 002
+B MO. MR: now scans Fizmo too
+I MO. MR: changed help file to Mac character set; minor edits
+F MO. Triton: now supports bank dumps. Can be switched off in special parameters ("Single dump"), as some Windows MIDI interfaces can't handle such long dump messages.
+F MO. New Module for Korg Triton Le.

-- Nov 28 2001
+B  MO. XG: Bass/Treble Eq range +63/-64 in multipart and drums.
+F  MO. Triton: Triton /Tritonrack-Pcg-files now can be imported.

-- Nov 22 2001
+B MO. Virus: if you changed the single used in a multi in the multi editor; it would send the new
single to the multi single edit buffer, and then send the param change. This would select the single from the Virus instead of the one from SoundDiver. The order has now been changed, so selecting a new single in the multi editor will send the new single from SoundDiver to the multi single edit buffer of the Virus after the param change. So the final single in the edit buffer will be the one from SoundDiver.
+B MO. Virus: fixed spelling for category "Pluck"

-- Nov 21 2001
+F MO. Virus: Support the new banks E-H
+B MO. Virus: Added the missing groove delays to the virus rack.
+B MO. Virus: Fixed the bank b switching to bank a problem.

-- Nov 13 2001
+I MO. KMX: added custom icons
+I AD. DR-770: added custom icon
+I AD. SE-1, ATC-1: improved custom icons

-- Oct 31 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.5b3
+F MO. Zentera: Support for ZenAmp.
+I MO. XV: some AutoLink fixes; some cosmetic changes: unused parts are now hidden in Performance editor.
+I MO. XV: Experience boards removed
+B MO. XV: various smaller fixes and improvements
+B MO. XV: problems when requesting Patches/Rhythms for Parts fixed
+F MO. XV: Keyboard in Rhythm editor now can be used to play notes
+F MO. XV: improved online help
+B MO. T1: incremented wait-time between sending a program change and requesting an entry. This fixes the problem of getting occasionally the wrong Program/Combi when requesting single entries.
+B MO. T1: switches for effects on/off now do work
+B MO. T1: module now puts the T1 into the appropriate mode when clicking onto an edit buffer. This results in correct Autolink name providing.
+B MO. T1: various graphical fixes
+B MO. Triton: EXB programs revised.
+B MO. Triton: MOSS program send revised.
+F MO. Triton: Triton Rack now works (only) with OS 1.11 correctly due to bugs in former Operating Sytems.
+B AD. DR-202: While edits made to kits via the adaptation are dumped to the DR-202, the adaptation constantly switched to the wrong patch, totally concealing the fact that the edit had been made. Many thanks to Will McAveney
+F AD. DR-202: The Bass voice (which is a kit parameter), volume and pan can now be changed. Many thanks to Will McAveney
+F AD. DR-202: Added a button underneath each kit voice (other than the bass, which is typically on a different MIDI channel) to audition each individual sound. Many thanks to Will McAveney
+F AD: New Adaptation for Boss DR-770.

-- Oct 11 2001
+B MO. VZ: "fixed frequency" should work now

-- Oct 3 2001
+B MO. JV: Requesting Patches from Preset Bank D was not possible for
           models JV-90 and JV-1000.
+B MO. JV1080: Models with keyboard (XP-...): The initialization data for
               Performances has been changed so that part 1 has the TX switch
               enabled. This lets you initialize a Performance in SD without
               the keyboard losing its Master Keyboard functionality, which
               was the case up to now since all Tx switches were set to OFF,
               effectively disabling sending (note/controller) MIDI data from
               the device. (I hope this does not break any workflow setup
               for anyone...?)

-- Aug 15 2001
+B MO. Triton: Triton keyboard models did not have the "Master Keyboard" switch.
+B AD. JD-990: only the first 4 LFO wave forms were accessible. Other wave forms were displayed incorrectly.
+B MO. CZ: long pauses when editing or sending dumps.

-- July 30 2001
+F MO. JV: Added support for SR-JV80-19 House Expansion Board.
+F MO. JV1080: Added support for SR-JV80-19 House Expansion Board.

-- September 19 2001
+B MO. K2000: Master Parameter Editor showed K2500 logo if edited device was K2600.
+B MO. K2000: Removed Output Parameters from Master Parameters for K2600 (these only exist in K2500s and K2000s)
+B MO. K2000: Master Parameter "Drum Channel" is now correctly called "KB3 Channel" if edited device is a K2600
+B MO. K2000: In KDFX V2 FX algorithms, there are new parameter types, which are now supported. Previously, trying to edit FX Presets using algorithms with these parameter types lead to error alert messages.
+B MO. K2000: In the Quick Access bank, accidentally some Keymap ROM names were shown for K2600.
+B MO. K2000: For devices with installed KDS option, the settings "KDS In1"..."KDS In8" are now available for the Keymap Playback Mode parameter of Program Layers.

-- July 23 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.5b2
+B AD. Nord 1 v2: User Patches bank had "Editable" flags set. This prevented Audition from working.
+B MO. XV: fixed some Autoplay bugs
+F MO. XV: added support for expansion JV-19 "House"
+F MO. XV: added support for expansion SRX-03 "Studio SRX" and SRX-04
"Symphonique Strings"
+F MO. XV: added support for multi-partial Patches (XV-5080 only)
+B MO. CS6:   Now correct voicedisplay in drumeditor.

-- July 19 2001
+B MO. New version of the Virus module:
  * The Virus rack OS isn't recognized.
  * The Virus A unison has a max. of 12 Voices (instead of 16 voices)
  * Delay Color is bipolar (-64 - +63) This bug exists for all Virus types!
   * If T=0 (Infinite) the level of the sustain phase stays the same
   * Envelope T parameter
         If T=0 (Infinite) the level of the sustain phase stays the same
         If T= positive, the level increases to maximum. The speed depends on T (T=1 very slow, T=63 very fast).
         Imagine the graphical representation as follows:
         The env. Node T only moves on the X axis. Higher absolute values move the mode closer to the decay node.
         If T=negative, the level decreases to minimum. The speed depends on T (T=-1 very slow, T=-64 very fast)
         In case T is not zero, the sustain phase starts with a maximum level (T>0) or with a a level of zero (T<0)
   * Virus A      Delay ON/OFF   The delay can't be switched off. The popup should be translucent and set to DELAY
   * Virus A      All four control smooth modes are implemented into the Virus A (OS2.8) although they are not documented:
   * Virus A      To Effects is available in OS2.8
   *   Libraries   The names of the two sound categories can be copied to the library comment using "item2raw"
   * Fixed   Autolink name providing
   * Fixed   Delay in Multi Editor   Display of delay time doesn't adjust
   * Fixed   Outputs in Multi Editor   out 5/6 and aux sends can't be choosen in the multi editor of the virus a module
   * OSC Wave selection: Use the KNOB for WaveSel and you can select waves. Use the drop down box (little bit up to the right) and it will always jump back to "sine".
   * Controller Assignments did not work in Multi Editor

-- July 18 2001
+F AD. New Adaptation for Tascam M-3700. Many thanks to Marci Santi.

-- July 13 2001
+B AD. SY55TG55: transmitting Internal Multis did not work.

-- July 11 2001
+I MI. When requesting one entry which takes longer than 1 second, in some cases a confusing message "Transmitting MIDI data" appeared. Now the correct message "Requesting data" appears.

-- July 5 2001 ### Unitor8 Control 3.0.5
+F MI/Win. Added support for possible future Unitor Family products (regarding All Ports handling).

-- July 3 2001
+F AD. New Adaptation for Roland A-70, including full editing. Many thanks to Rainer Harz.
+B MO. Virus: multi mode Single edit buffers were not available as a destination -> dragging Singles to them and Audition in Multi mode were not possible.

-- July 2 2001
+B MO. XV: System settings for XV-88 should now work, resulting in much better functionality
+B MO. XV: Thru-Channel should now bet set correctly when editing a Performance
+F MO. XV: System-EQ for XV-5080 added

-- June 28 2001
+I HE/AL. Triton: added some info about AutoLink name providing
+B MO. K2000 Editing old format programs (format 2 - the ones without the impact envelope control parameters) didn't work.
+B MO. K2000 Dependencies of programs to keymaps were not shown correctly in old format programs (format 2). The first layer's keymap was shown as a KDFX studio item number.
+B MO. Unitor8 Control: When scanning for a Unitor8/AMT8/MT4, after the device(s) have been installed, an error message occured when trying to request the memory contents.
+I MI/Win. Unitor8 Control now always uses a fixed MIDI input buffer length of 1 KB. This prevents long delays while scanning on Windows NT/2000.
-- June 26 2001
+B M: VM7000: Redraw of EQ graphs did not work when processing incoming parameter changes.

-- June 22 2001
+F PR. New switch "Release MIDI ports while in background". This allows you to use SoundDiver together with other MIDI programs if the MIDI driver is not multi-client capable. This however requires that the other MIDI program(s) have the same feature.

-- June 20 2001
+B  MO. Triton: received EXB program dumps were processed incorrectly.

-- June 19 2001
+B AD. Spectrum Synth: fixed some bugs, designed for firmware version 1.24. Thanks to Keto.

-- June 18 2001
+B ED. Crash possible when clicking in device parameter box in editor window.
+B MO. TD8, TD10, TD10TDW1: Tool Tips and Controller Assignment drag-and-drop did not work with some parameters in Drum Kit editor.

-- June 6 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.5b1
+B KY/Win. MIDI Key Remote did not work at all... Note: Poly Pressure is still not supported (the same bug exists in Logic Audio...)
+I SC. Scanning now does not hang any more when a device constantly sends out channel messages (e.g. Roland VM-7x00 mixers sending out Poly Pressure for the meter bridge).
+B MO. Many bugfixes and improvements in XV module.

-- June 5 2001
+B MO/SC. VM7000: VM-7200 was detected as a VM-7100
+I HE. VM7000: added online help for VM-C7100 and VM-C7200
+I MO. SE70: updated to 3.0 look
+F AD. New librarian adaptation for Alesis A6 Andromeda. Due to lack of documentation, Multi names are still displayed incorrectly, and no dependencies are defined.

-- May 30 2001
+B AD. DR-5: Scan did not work properly; Patch names could not be typed in; Removed option to set Drum sounds on non-drum tracks, and vice versa. This prevents hanging notes as the drum pads do not send Midi note off; Names only for ROM patches have been added; Some cosmetic changes.
+B AD. Updated Nova II Keyboard, Nova, Supernova II Keyboard, Supernova II Rack, Supernova.ADA

-- May 29 2001
+I MO. XV: lots of improvements; online help added.
+B AS. Drag-and-drop assignments: in some editors for some parameters, parameter name of resulting controller assignment was wrong (e.g. in Pro2000 Preset editor).

-- May 28 2001
+I AD. PCM 90: AutoLink name providing added. Thanks to H.Kukuk and M.Culmey

-- May 22 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.4 Release
+B MO/Win. DMPro: Program selection flip menu in Drum Kit editor always showed the 128 Acoustic Bass Drum programs. Bug was introduced in version 3.0.3b5
+F MO. Triton:   full support for TRITON Rack implemented   
+F MO. Triton:   Additional Switch for MOSS-Board, in case automatic recognition does not work.
+F MO. Triton:   support for 7 PCM Expansionboards implemented
+F MO. Triton:   AutoLink Help added
+B MO. Triton: Timbre copy improved
+B MO. Triton:   General MIDI Voice corrected

-- May 21 2001
+B GL/Mac. Updater gave SoundDiver program file wrong icon.
+B MO/Win. DX7: Garbage algorithm display on Windows.
+B MO. Pro2000: wrong display of modulation sources in Multisetup editor.
+B MO. CZ, Trinity, KT, JV1080, JV, MC505, T1: wrong display of several flip menus.
+B MO. Sirius, Polymorph: wrong display of LFO wave form flip menus.
+B MO. EX5: wrong display of modulation sources in Performance editor.
+B MO. VZ: wrong display of tracking curve.
+B MO. T1: Crash when clicking effect parameter in Program editor.
+B GL. Tempo setting stored in preferences file was not set up when loading prefs file.

-- May 18 2001
+B MO. CS6: fix for different voice names for S30/S80 did not work.
+B AS. Crash when displaying a MIDI message which is longer than 200 characters (about 70 bytes).
+B IN/Win. Wrong display of 3-byte manufacturer names. Bug was introduced in version 3.0.3

-- May 14 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.3 Release
+B GL/Mac. Autostore dialog: only one message line was displayed.
+I AD. Minor improvements for Nova, Nova II Keyboard, Supernova, Supernova II Keyboard and Supernova II Rack.
+B GL/AE. Some flip menus caused a hang when opened (e.g. Adaptation editor manufacturer name). Bug was introduced in 3.0.3b6
+I GL/Mac. Multi-column flip menus: display is initially scrolled so that current value is in the same horizontal position as the clicked object.
+I AE. Manufacturer flip menu now only shows up to 50 subsequent manufacturer IDs which are currently unassigned. This makes the flip menu much shorter.
+I GL. Display of 3-byte manufacturer ID names is now faster.
+B MO. Pro2000: When an editor window was already open when starting the program, an "Illegal IINDEX" message was displayed when this item was requested.
+F AD. New Adaptation for Quantec 2402 Yardstick (from the Quantec website; custom icon added)
+F AD. New Adaptation for Roland FC-200.
+F AD. New Adaptation for Behringer Virtualizer DSP1000. Thanks to GŸnter Feierabend. Currently only remote control without SysEx, as Behringer is not able to provide information.

-- May 11 2001
+B AD. Nova, Supernova: custom icons were missing.

-- May 10 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.3b6
+B MO. K2000: Fixed several display problems in modulation source flip menus
+B MO. XV3080: Various fixes, (partial) overview for Patches.
  Warning! Patch structure for XV-5080 still a bit uncertain.
+B GL. If "Scan for devices at startup" is enabled, and a device or editor window is open in the current screenset, after startup outgoing MIDI data could go to the wrong MIDI output until changing to another device.

-- May 9 2001
+B MO/Win. K2000: some graphics were inverted.
+B GL. In some situations, multi-column flip menus were only partially visible on the screen (e.g. K2000 modulation sources)
+I GL/Mac. Some tweaks in French translation of menu items
+I AD. Nova, Supernova: updated to latest firmware version, added English on-line help. Thanks to Murray Webster.

-- May 5 2001
+B AE/OE/Mac. Multi-line edit (Text object value text, default names): line height was too high by one, making it impossible to edit the last lines.
+B ED. Redraw of certain parameter groups caused garbled background in certain cases if flicker-free redraw is enabled. Examples: FS1R Performance FSEQ part select, K2000 VAST Algorithm select

-- May 4 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.3b5
+I MO. MW/MWII: Import of Wave Wavetable files now converts all Wave ROM Waves correctly.
+B MO. XV3080: requesting Patches from XV-5080 should work now.

-- May 3 2001
+I XV3080: now with init values and diverse fixes.
+B AD. MicroQ:
   -Osc 1+2 Shape showed wrong values because the *off* setting was not implemented - fixed
   -Standard Mod Matrix: wrong parameters in the source & destination lists - fixed
   -FX1: FX type chooser list corrected (FX 1 has no delay)
   -FX1: Delay parameters removed (FX 1 has no delay)
   -FX2: FX type chooser list corrected (wrong order)
   -Fast Mod Matrix: wrong parameter (Routing) in the destination list - fixed
   -Modifier Matrix: wrong parameters in Source 1 list - fixed
   -Modifier Matrix: wrong parameters in Source 2 list - fixed
   -Modifier Matrix: wrong parameters in Type list - fixed
  - All parameters in the Standard Mod Matrix had wrong memory offseta-fixed.
  - memory location of FX2 Mix was set to wrong memory byte (was 129 now 145)
  Fixes as of Feb 28, 2001 from Dr. Thomas Kerschbaum <>
  - the scann function
  - the global parameter set.
+B MO. 01W: support for X5D was missing (we assumed that it reacts identical to X5DR, but this is not the case for the Scan reply).

-- May 2 2001
+B MO. CS6: automatic rechannelizing in Performance editor was done with MIDI channel off by 1.
+B MO. CS6: rechannelizing is now already done when changing edit buffer, not only when clicking a parameter.
+I MO. DMPro: Program selection flip menu in Drum Kit editor now only shows the 128 programs of the current bank.

-- May 1 2001
+F AE. New name format "ASCII Hex ASCII" (required for Eventide devices).

-- April 30 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.3b4
+F MO. New Module XV3080 for Roland XV-88, XV-3080 and XV-5080. Not yet finished and pre-beta.
+F AD. New Adaptation for Boss VF-1. Thanks to Salva VP

-- April 27 2001
+B MO. K5000: Copying Harmonic Content tables did not work.
+B MO. Virus: Importing data from old Virus adaptation did not work (garbage data was generated).
+F AD. New Adaptation for Octave Plateau Voyetra 8. Software Rev. 4 required.
+B GL. Very slow and sometimes wrong conversion of value entered in text input field (e.g. Universal Module Object editor minimum/maximum).
+B AE. Wrong display of name offset in data type section.

-- April 26 2001
+B PR. If no preferences exist, device window columns had width 0%.
+I PR. If no preferences exist, handling of over wide entry names is now "Adjust width scaling" by default.
+B GL. Fixed some bad translations in French localization.
+F MO. MW, MWII: can now import Wavetable files from the Waldorf WAVE (*.WTB). This creates a library containing up to 64 Waves and one Wavetable.
As SoundDiver's import function does not support the creation of dependencies, you have to copy the entries manually. The Wavetable is prepared to hold the user Waves from the first user memory location.

-- April 25 2001
+B MO. U20: Surfing Card Sound Patches would not sound the correct Timbres (though
            displayed correctly in MM).
+B MO. U20: Surfing Card Keyboard Patches would not install the correct Chord Sets
            (though displayed correctly in MM).

-- April 24 2001 ### SoundDiver zenTera 3.0.3 Release Candidate
+B AL/Win. Wrong display of AutoLink mode in sequencer window.
+I GL. Numerous grammar and syntax fixes in English text resources. Thanks to Jeff Bohnhoff.
+B GL/Win. Language of online help was depending on locale setting of Windows operating system, not on language set in SoundDiver.
+F HE. First French online help file: for Hughes & Kettner zenTera. More will follow only if people are found who are willing to translate - our French distributor already had a lot of work with the localization of the program itself.

-- April 23 2001
+B PR/Win. In AutoLink mode, switch "Synchronize screensets" was not visible. Bug was introduced in version 3.0.

-- April 12 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.3b3
+I SC/Win. Scanning on Windows is now faster, especially on Windows NT/2000 if a large input buffer size is set.
+F MI/SC/Win. Non-Emagic MIDI out ports with a name containing the word "All" or "all" now are never opened. This prevents duplicate recognized devices with multi-port MIDI interfaces which have such a port, e.g. MotU MTP and MIDI Express.

-- April 11 2001
+I AD. VG-8 & VG8S-1: can now request data.
+B MO. N. Performances can be put into libraries now.
+F MO. N. ROM-Programs and -Combis can be requested now. N model must be in Multi mode on Channel 1 for this to work though.
+F MO. CS6:   different Voicenames for S80/S30

-- April 9 2001
+F AD. New Adaptation for Lexicon PCM 91.
+F AD. New Adaptations for Novation Supernova II Keyboard, Supernova II Rack and Nova II Keyboard, all with full editing. Many thanks to Murray Webster.
+B AD. VL70-m: fixed some bugs.
+I AD. Added photo icons for Oberheim OB-Mx, E-mu PRO/CUSSION and Yamaha ProR3

-- April 03 2001
+B MO. EX5: EX5 and EX7 didn't show Master Keyboard switch in parameter box although they have keyboards.

-- March 26 2001
+I FO. Loading a SoundDiver library resulted in an empty library if SoundDiver crashed while writing the library. Now at least all entries are loaded which could be written to the file.
+B GL. With some modules (e.g. zenTera), copying entries which don't have an editable name (e.g. zenTera Midimap and System settings) to a library resulted in garbage names in the library entry.
+F PR/DW. New option "Over wide entry names" handles display of entry names in device windows which don't fit in the column width:
    "Show clipped" -- the name is cut off at the right border. This is the behavior before version 3.0.1
    "Show with condensed font" -- the name is shown in a condensed font. This is the behavior of versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2. Condensed text is not well readable with all font/size combinations.
    "Auto adjust width scaling" -- the column width is increased until the text fits
+F PR/DW. New option "Entry name width scaling" (default: 100) allows you to modify the width of device window columns. This value is automatically increased if option "Over wide entry names" is set to "Auto adjust width scaling".

-- March 15 2001
+I GL. Recalling a screenset which contains device or editor windows which have the "Window Link" option enabled will display these windows with the currently active device or edit buffer.
+B MO. Pro2000: Autolink didn't work correctly with Banks other than the user preset bank.

-- March 14 2001
+F PR. Remembering entry names after deleting them can now be switched off. When unchecking "Remember entry names", names of unknnown entries are hidden. They are memorized until quitting SoundDiver.

-- March 10 2001
+F MO. Virus: can now convert Single and Multi entries from old Virus adaptation.
+B TT/Mac. Graphic garbage when opening a flip menu while a tooltip is displayed.

-- March 5 2001
+I MI/Mac. Added a warning message about unreliable MIDI input on serial ports with Mac OS 9.
+B FO. When a Module tried to import an alien file, but no library entries have been created (e.g. because the import file was empty or there was an error), a crash could occur.

-- March 1 2001
+F MO. New Module for Hughes & Kettner zenTera
+B FO/Mac. SYX files were only recognized if their file type is 'BULK'; Standard MIDI files were only recognized if their file type is 'Midi'. Bug was introduced in version 3.0.

-- February 28 2001 ### SoundDiver Virus 3.0.2 CD release
+B IN. In some OEM versions, model list in install window had two entries for every model.

-- February 21 2001
+B ED. Rotary knobs and sliders were displayed incorrectly if the value range is 65000 and more.
+F GL. SoundDiver is now localized to French (only the program file - the Modules which contain custom text and the online help default to English).

-- February 16 2001 ### SoundDiver OEM 3.0.2 Windows
+B GL/Win. In some flip menus, text of selected value was not visible, e.g. Trinity sample waveform.
+B PR/Win. Setting 2.0 look in preferences was ignored at startup.
+B PR. Setting 2.0 look in preferences was ignored when loading preferences with "File > Open".
+B GL/Win. OEM versions: as soon "Don't show this at startup" is unchecked, choosing "Upgrade info" in the Help menu did no more open the OEM upgrade screen.

-- February 15 2001
+I AD. MicroQ: added icon

-- February 12 2001 ### SoundDiver V-AMP 3.0.2
+F MO. New Module for Behringer V-AMP.
+B HE/Mac. Opening the help window with key command opened it non-floating. Bug was introduced in version 3.0.2
+B GL/Mac. While SoundDiver is active the Apple menu did not show icons.
+B HE/IN. Help buttons in Install window did not work in OEM versions.

-- February 10 2001
+B MO. JV1080: Techno expansion board Patches: Missing one to last entry
               "Trilly" added.
+B MO. JV1080: Rhythm banks don't show correctly when only them are to be
               displayed and "Presets" display is turned on.
               ** Please test memory manager functionality and display incl.
               ** send and request jobs for all models supported by the
               ** JV1080 module!!!!!

-- February 09 2001
+B MWII/Win. Crash when switching Additive Synthesis mode in Wave editor.

-- February 08 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.2 OEM versions
+I GL. In an out of memory situation when trying to draw a PNG image, there is now an error message.

-- February 07 2001
+F MO. Pro2000: Module was not handling cmdWait commands from the device correctly.
+I AD. AXON NGC 77: look adapted to SoundDiver 3.0
+I GL. When importing a MIDI file containing a firmware upgrade (e.g. for the Unitor8) in the full version, there is no more message "move to library or transmit?" which does not make sense here.

-- February 05 2001
+F MO. Pro2000: Envelope redraw was flickering when rate parameter (only in time-based mode) was changed by dragging a point.
+F MO. Pro2000: Pasting of library entries originating from pre-OS 1.21 devices to post-OS 1.21 devices led to corrupted data. This affected Presets and Multi Setups.
+F MO. Pro2000: Tool tip text wasn't correct for Beats Parameters (in OS 2.xx Multi Setups)

-- February 2 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.2
+B GL/Win. Return key did not work in text edit.
+B GL/Win. Inserting text in multi-line text edit did not work.
+B GL/Win. The last line in multi-line text edit was not displayed.
+B AE/OE/Win. Wrong redraw when scrolling Adaptation editor or Object editor vertically.
+B GL/Win. After opening the help window, the next window was opened as a floating window.

-- February 1 2001
+F MO. Pro2000: Removed Beats item. The Beats parameters can now be found (for 2.xx OSes) in the Multisetup editor.
+F MO. Pro2000: Dependencies between Program Map Item and Preset Items were not taken into account.
+I GL. Updated SysEx manufacturer ID list to as of MMA TSBB #25 (revised Jan 15, 2001).
+B GL/Mac. Operating the default button in the AutoStore dialog with Return or Enter key did not work (only a mouse click worked). Bug was introduced in the transition to PowerPC code (3.0b1).
+B GL. Shortcuts of menu items "Open Sequencer" and "Open Help" in Windows menu were displayed incorrectly.

-- January 31 2001
+B GL/Mac. On most systems older than Mac OS 8.5, starting SoundDiver resulted in a message "The application "Sound Diver 3.0" could not be opened because "InterfaceLib--xxx" could not be found." (with xxx various names, depending on how old the system is). Minimum system is now 7.5.3 which you can download for free from Apple's web site and which works with all old PowerMac computers and clones.

-- January 23 2001
+B MI/Mac. As the gPort Extension does not work as expected (it does not make the Mac OS report an existing Modem Port), and also older versions of the Stealth Extension have the same problem on Mac OS 9.0.4, the Modem Port is now always displayed as present, even if there is none (according to the Mac OS). If no preferences exist, the Modem and/or Printer ports are activated if they are present (according to the Mac OS).
+B FO. "Save Library for Logic Song": displayed a file select box, although it should automatically save the library to a specific location
+B GL. OEM versions: as soon "Don't show this at startup" is unchecked, choosing "Upgrade info" in the Apple / Help menu did no more open the OEM upgrade screen.
+B FO. Removed temporary write file name feature from Feb 25 2000, as it caused all kinds of trouble.
+B FO. "Save Library for Logic Song": library window stayed open, but library was not the active one -> menu item
File > Close Library" closed wrong (or no) library until clicked into window.

-- January 22 2001
+F MO. Pro2000: Audition Riff menu for XL-1 only contained one entry.
+F MO. Pro2000: Arpeggiator pattern menu for ROM patterns didn't show the pattern names for the XL-1 ROM.
+I MO. Pro2000: Additional "GROUP" button for Preset layers enables simultaneous editing of parameters from different layers.

-- January 19 2001
+B AS. Creating an assignment by drag and drop from an active fader box edit window to an inactive edit window caused MIDI output of the assignment's controlled parameter go to the wrong output until another window is activated.

-- January 17 2001
+B AS. Possible hang at start if "Check device connections at startup" is enabled and there is a fader box is in the setup.
+B MI/Mac. Emagic USB interfaces not recognized on fast Mac models (>= 500 MHz; in Communication prefs, there is only a "ok" below USB, but no green dots).

-- January 12 2001 ### SoundDiver 3.0.1 Mac
+B MO. CS6:   Now 553 instead of 479 Waves for Drumvoices
+B MO. CS6: Performance: Thru Channel is no more 128 for Receive Channel=off
+I MO. N: Added German online help
+F MO. Triton: now supports Triton-Rack, but currently not yet its additional features.

-- January 12 2001
+B MO. Triton: Module now communicates with Triton pro and Triton proX.

-- January 10 2001
+B MO. Triton: some help topics were missing.

-- January 9 2001
+B ED/Mac. Menu item "View > New window" was always disabled, even if a parameter group is selected.
+B ED. Menu item "View > New window" resulted in an editor with "(Data unknown)" if there is only one view (no overview/detail views) of the editor.

-- January 7 2001
+B AD. MKS-7. HPF parameter in Chord editor sent wrong message. Thanks to Eric McCay.

-- January 5 2001
+I GL. Updated all copyright notices to "..-2001".
+B MO. Trinity: fixed some details in online help.
+I GL. Holding Control down while using the x/y gadget scrolls slowlier. Required for nice animation in our new marketing video...

-- January 4 2001
+B MO. QS. Message asking for NanoXXX model when scanning for Quadrasynth+ or other models which don't reply correctly to Universal Device Inquiry message.

-- January 03 2001
+F MO. Pro2000: Additional ROM Preset bank names (e.g. Protozoa) were not shown in memory manager.

-- December 22 2000 ### SoundDiver 3.0.1b2
+B SC. Some devices which support Universal Device Inquiry (e.g. SAC-2k) were not found by scan function when connected to USB.

-- December 21 2000
+B MI/Win. A loopback test with a Unitor8 or AMT8 connected to a COM port reported that the MIDI interface does not work reliable.
+B CP/Win. Fixed a crash in CD authorization with certain CD drives.

-- December 20 2000
+B MO. VM7000: Channel names were not memorized when copied to a Library.

-- December 18 2000
+F PR. Editor labelling fore/background colors can now also be modified.

-- December 17 2000
+B AD. Peavey Sp. Analog Filter: scaling and format of some parameters was wrong.

-- December 15 2000
+B DW. Graphic garbage when drawing banks which don't display a selection bar
+I DW. Clicking the line numbering of a bank with only one line now selects the entire bank instead of starting the rubber band.
+I AD. 02R: extended number of scenes to 96 which are supported by 02R firmware 2.0.

+I SE/DW. Parameter "Preserve Thru out/ch" removed from OEM versions, as it is useless here.
+I GL. In OEM versions for effects devices, MIDI Thru and AutoPlay are always disabled.

-- December 14 2000
+F MO. Pro2000: Now also tested with XL-1.
+B MO. Pro2000: Filter type "AceOfBass" was missing.
+F MO. Pro2000: Now officially supporting B-3, Virtuoso 2000 and Proteus 2000. Should support XL-1, Mo-Phatt and Planet Earth as well, but this could not be tested yet. Also supports OS versions 1.21 and the (non-free) 2.21. This includes editors for arpeggiator patterns and beats.
+B MO. Pro2000: AutoPlay didn't work in Multisetup Editor. Note: AutoPlay now transmits on channels 1..16 when mixer settings for channel 1A..16A are changed, and always on channel 1 for channels 1B to 16B.

-- December 13 2000
+B GL. In some adaptations (e.g. SY55TG55), some switches were invisible. Bug introduced in version 3.0b1
+B GL/MI. In certain cases, the first requests after program launch were transmitted to the wrong output. Bug was introduced with 3.0.1b1

-- December 11 2000 ### SoundDiver 3.0.1 Demo
+B GL/Win. Progress bar was sometimes shown too late.
+B GL/Win. Status line was sometimes not restored to old text.
+B GL/Win. After showing condensed text in Device window, text remained in light grey instead of black. Bug was introduced in 3.0.1b1.
+I GL. Less error messages when a device could not be initalized (because Module or Adaptation could not be loaded, or out of memory).
+B DW/Win. Demo version: redraw was sometimes missing when selecting/deselecting entries in the device window.

-- December 10 2000
+I MO. MS2000: German online help added.
+F AD. New Adaptation for Boss DR-202. Many thanks to Thomas Siebert. Kits have to be transmitted actively from the front panel.
+F AD. New Adaptation for Korg K1r, a variation of the K1 Adaptation. Many thanks to Thomas Siebert. Kits have to be transmitted actively from the front panel.
+I AD. Nord 1 V2: fixed name length
+B AD. t.c. 2290: fixed key code bug in Setup editor
+B AD. t.c. 2290: added pause bytes to requests
+B AD. t.c. M5000: fixed bug in AutoLink name providing
+B AD. GR-50: fixed fundamental bug
+I AD. GR-50: added AutoLink name providing for Timbres

-- December 9 2000
+B AD. SC-55: Data for Part 15 was not transferred correctly (wrong transmission format). Thanks to Arnaud Le Boulanger

-- December 8 2000
+I MI. No more superfluous MIDI messages at startup.

-- December 6 2000
+B LI. Title name entered when inserting a new title was ignored
+B LI/Win. Display of selected library title was black on dark grey.

-- December 5 2000
+F AD. new Adaptation for Waldorf MicroQ. Many thanks to Micheal Goins (
+I AD. Q Adaptation updated. Many thanks to Micheal Goins (
+I PR. Look switchable between 2.0 and 3.0 now also in OEM versions.

-- December 4 2000
+B AS. Crash possible when processing incoming controller message

-- December 1 2000 ### SoundDiver 3.0.1b1
+B AS. Crash possible when trying to transmit a fader feedback for a Controller Assignment which contains illegal Controller Box reference.
+I DW. Entry names are shown in condensed font if they don't fit. This minimizes cut-off text.
+B AE. "Export names" crashed.
+I GL/Win. Condensed and extended text face is now supported on Windows.

-- November 30 2000
+B GL/Mac. On some systems, starting SoundDiver resulted in a message "The application "Sound Diver 3.0" could not be opened because "InterfaceLib--LMGetUnitTableEntryCount" could not be found."
+B MO. CS6: CS6x, S30 and S80 could not be defined as a master keyboard.

-- November 28 2000
+B GL/Mac. SoundDiver JV/XP: could not start on NuBus PowerMacs of if "NameRegistryLib", "NavigationLib", "AppearanceLib", "DragLib", "WindowsLib", "Contextua Menus" or "InternetConfigLib" are missing.
+B MO. FS1R: Pitch Mod was not available in certain modes.

-- November 22 2000
+F MO. SY77: can now import *.Txx and *.Jxx files from SY77 floppy disks. Only the Voices are imported however.

-- November 20 2000
+B AS. Sometimes wrong redraw in destination parameter when defining a Controller Assignment with a patch cord. Note: as the interface to modules has slightly changed, also update Modules K2000, SY77 and Uni
+B AS. After editing with an SAC-2k or Motormix, the display refreshed only when another redraw on the computer screen was done.
+B AS. After creating Controller Assignment with patch cord from inactive controller box window, message "Illegal IINDEX" possible when trying to display ToolTip

-- November 18 2000
+F MO. JV, JV1080: Added support for SR-JV80-18 Latin Expansion Board.
+F PR. New page "Color Settings" in preferences. Allows to adjust diverse colors used in SoundDiver. A "Reset" button re-establishes the factory settings.

-- November 17 2000
+B DW/Win. Graphic artefacts when selecting entries with the rubber band.

-- November 16 2000
+B MO/Win. KT: Import MIDI File: no *.MID files were visible. Workaround: enter "*.MID" in the file name entry. Bug was introduced in 3.0.
+B MO/Win. MW, MWII, K5000: Import Sample File: no files were visible. Workaround: enter "*.WAV" or "*.AIF" in the file name entry. Bug was introduced in 3.0.
+B MO/Win. MW, MWII, K5000: Crash possible when importing a sample. Bug was introduced in 3.0.
+I GL. Lengthy functions which show a progress bar (e.g. resampling) are now much faster.
+B FO/Win. Saving files in SoundDiver JV/XP always resulted in error message "file not found" (because the temporary file name contained a / which is not a valid file name character in Windows).
+B MO. 01W: drum editing didn't work for 05RW, X3, X3R, X2, X5, X5DR
+B MO. 01W: missing/wrong LFO waveforms for X3, X3R, X2, X5, X5DR
+B MO. 01W: missing "Parallel 3" effect routing for X3, X3R, X2, X5, X5DR
+B MO. 01W: missing "Serial S." and "Parallel S." effect routings for X3, X3R, X2
+B MO: 01W: various graphical fixes
+F MO: 01W: support for N264/N364
+I MO. Unitor8: when checking model of connected interface results in different model, now also the device's name is updated.

-- November 15 2000
+F MO. VM7000: now also supports VM-C7100 and VM-C7200. Up to two processors can be connected to each console.

-- November 14 2000
+B MO. Unitor8: Initializing the Global Setup renders some features of the Unitor8/AMT8 unusable: sending to cable 0 (all outputs) is not possible, and AMT does not work. To fix this problem, use the fixed version of Unitor8 Control or the Unitor8 module and re-initialize the Global Setup.

-- November 13 2000
+B SC/Win. Crash when trying to scan all models, but Diver folder does not contain any modules.

-- November 9 2000
+I PR/Win. "Reopen Libraries": if a Library is located in a sub-folder of the folder where the SoundDiver application is located, the path is now saved as a relative path. This allows you to move the entire SoundDiver folder to a different location. (This problem did not exist on Mac.)

-- November 6 2000
+B GL. Flip menus with numbers in parameter columns (e.g. port number of MIDI patchbay): value display was cut off partially.
+B SE/Mac. List view: port name partially cut off sometimes.
+I TT. No more tool tips ("Off") for demo version screen set buttons.
+B GL/Win. Graphic garbage when editing numeric values in a parameter column.
+I GL/Mac. Check boxes are now displayed using the Mac OS (if Appearance Manager is available). The look depends on the currently selected Appearance Theme.
+I DW/Mac. Dependency list no more flickers when redrawing parameter column if the Special device parameters area is disclosed

-- November 3 2000
+B MI. When no device is active (i.e. empty setup), the loopback test reported an error - because the test was performed with output port "Modem All" and input port "any".
+B MO. VM7000: error message "Text not found 'ni'".

-- November 2 2000
+B GL/Mac. Version 3.0: SoundDiver could not be started if "Internet Config Extension" is not installed.
  Newer versions: choosing the menu items "Emagic Web Site" or "SoundDiver Updates" caused a crash if "Internet Config Extension" is not installed.
  Now you get an error message.

-- November 1 2000
+B GL. Memory leak (icon cache was not released) when deleting a device.
+B MO. Unitor8: when an MT4 is swappd with a Unitor8 or AMT8 on the USB bus, the Universal module changed the model, but not the icon.
+I MO. Unitor8: model and icon are now also updated when exchanging a Unitor8 with an AMT8 or vice versa.

-- October 31 2000
+B MO. MW, MWII, K5000: error message "Something strange has happened" when trying to import sample files which have more than 32767 samples.
+I AS. Moved the "Learn Message" button up, right to the Controller Assignment Set number.
+I AS. Controller Assignment Set number now has a label "Set"
+I CP/Mac. "Continue" button removed from "Please insert CD to authorize" dialog, as it did not do anything. The dialog is dismissed by simply inserting the CD.
+I AS. "Learn Message" recognized an encoder (mode = relative instead of scaled) for some Roland modulation levers (e.g. D-50), because they send value 0 twice when released.
+B SE/DV/MO. "Build Library", "Save as..." and "Export..." with any option except "All entries" could result in an empty library with 01W, CZ, MW, MWII, PRO, Prophecy, U20, Ultrapro and WS Modules.

-- October 30 2000
+B MI. Hang when SoundDiver tries to transmit an entry to a currently inactive device which is supported by an Adaptation and which is connected to a MIDI patchbay supported by SoundDiver, so that the patchbay has to be reprogrammed.
+B MI. When SoundDiver has to transmit entries of different devices in the same task (e.g. by switching to a screenset which has several editor windows open), it was possible that the dump was sent before all MIDI patchbays have been reprogrammed to build a communication line to the device.

-- October 27 2000
+I CP/Mac. Inserted CDs are now recognized correctly in the "Please insert CD to authorize" dialog.
+I CP/Mac. When inserting the wrong CD in the "Please insert CD to authorize" dialog, it is now automatically ejected.
+I OE/Mac. Text/Box object text can now be edited multi-line.
+I GL/Mac. If a text edit dialog is at least two lines high, it is shown with multi-line and automatic word wrapping.
+I UM. In Layout mode with "Snap to grid" enabled, grid is now shown using dots, not lines.

-- October 24 2000
+I GL/Mac. Switched to CodeWarrior 6 compiler, resulting in faster code.

-- October 20 2000
+B GL. Redraw in secondary editor windows did not work in certain cases.

-- October 19 2000 ### SoundDiver 3.0 CD Release