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lars behrenroth (Mac Intel /w Logic Pro)
« on: July 21, 2017, 06:51:38 AM »

electrix eq killer x2

Studio Equipment

iMac 27” 2.93 Ghz Intel Quad Core i7
Apple 24” Monitor
2 x Macbook Pro 15” (one is 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, the other I forgot) I keep these around to work on older tunes done on older versions of Logic.
1 G-Drive 2TB
2 x G-Drive 3TB (one only for back up of my internal and mobile drives)
1 G-Drive 4TB
2 mobile Seagate 500GB (one for all my music to DJ and one with sample libs etc to produce on the road)
Tascam US-1800 Audio / MIDI Interface
Tascam DA-20MKII DAT
JBL LSR 4328P Monitor Speakers
M-Audio SBX10 Subwoofer
Mackie 802-VLZ3 & CAD Audio 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

MXL 2001 (this is my main mic and the one I use when I record my Deeper Shades Of House radio show)
MXL Cr-24 Black

Kurzweil K1000 (which I mainly use as midi keyboard)
Maschine Studio
I also own a Roland JV2080, EMU ESI-32, Novation BassStation and a 32 channel Mitec console (the exact one on which Knee Deep mixed their legendary Afro Medusa “Pasilda” remix) but all that has been boxed up since our last move 4 years ago


Logic Pro 9
Bias Peak 7

NI Komplete 7 w/ several expansion packs
Rob Papen Albino 3
Muon Tau
Arturia Arp 2600 V
Arturia CS-80V
Arturia Minimoog V
Arturia Moog Modular V2
IK Samplemoog
Izotope Iris
D-16 Drumazon
NI Kore (the only reason why I’m still running Logic 9, it’s not supported in the newest Mac OS and I have too * many trax unfinished where I used this)
Korg Legacy Collection (including M1, MonoPoly, MS-20, Polysix & WaveStation)
Xfer Records Cthulhu
Novation BassStation
Maschine 2.0
FX Plugins:

Izotope Nectar
Waves Collection
For my live broadcasts I use

Ustream Producer Pro
Logitech C920 Cam
Logitech Broadcaster Cam
DJ Set Up:

Macbook Pro 13” w/ Traktor Scratch Pro
Traktor Audio 10
NI Kontrol X1
Vestax R-1 Premium
2 Electrix EQ-Killer
Pioneer EFX 500
2 Technics SL-1200MK2
2 CDJ-900
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