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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:21:48 PM »

Main Workstation

ADAM P22-A active nearfield monitors
Omnirax ProStation workdesk with 4 equipment bays
Omnirax Pro316 and Pro20 slanted rack systems
QuikLok 699 triple-tier keyboard stands and various double-tiers
Alesis RA-100 amplifiers (2 units) with Alesis Monitor Ones and Monitor Twos
Mackie HR824 active reference monitors
Power Macintosh beige G3 300MHz serial port minitower running 90's MIDI software and RedMoon's maxWerk
Opcode Studio 4 interfaces.
Anatek 8-Way StudioMerge and MIDI Solutions QuadraMerges
MIDI input and alternative MIDI controllers

Hardware MIDI Sequencers
genoQs Machines Nemo, Black Sea edition
genoQs Machines Octopus, desktop and flight case models
Manikin Electronics Schrittmacher (2 units)
Roland MC-80EX with hard drive and GS sounds
Sequentix Cirklon (2 units)
Yamaha QY100
Yamaha QY700 (2 units)
Yamaha RM1x
Anatek Wind Machine with Yamaha BC2 (2 systems)
E-mu Launch Pad
Interactive Light Dimension Beam (3 units)
used with Anatek Pocket Transpose & Mappers
Keyfax Phatboy controller
Korg KAOSS v.1 and KP2 multi-effects/controller pads
Kurzweil ExpressionMate ribbon controller
Oberheim Cyclone arpeggiator
Oberheim Drummer pattern/fill generator
Oberheim Strummer guitar simulator
Peavey PC-1600x fader box (2 units)
Roland HPD-10 HandSonic Percussion Pad
Roland HPD-15 HandSonic Percussion Pad
Starr Labs VRX-II black guitar controller with trigger bars
Starr Labs VRX-III blue guitar controller with string triggers
Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller
uberHamster-Pro Kung Fu master MIDI timing source
uber Hamster

Synths and modules

Access Virus C Indigo2
Access Virus C Indigo2 limited edition "Redback"
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Alesis A6 Andromeda (2 units)
Alesis Ion
Alesis Micron
Alesis QuadraSynth Plus (2 units), all Quadra- and Q-Cards
Alesis QSR
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Big Briar signed early Etherwave theremin with CV-out and Moog TB-15 amplifier
Big Briar 91C concert theremin, black finish with gold-plated antennae and smoked plexiglass speaker
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion synth
Clavia Nord Electro2 rack
Clavia Nord Lead 1: 12 voices, Clavia library cards
Clavia Nord Lead 2X keyboard and rack
Clavia Nord Lead 3 keyboard and rack
Dave Smith Instruments desktop Evolver
Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Rack
Elektron MachineDrum
Elektron SidStation
E-mu Procussion
E-mu Morpheus Z-Plane Synth, all E-mu PCM/library cards
E-mu MPS Plus Orchestral KB, all E-mu library cards
E-mu Orbit V2 the Dance Planet
E-mu Planet Earth (2 units)
E-mu Planet Phatt
E-mu Turbo rack shell with 4 synth & World ROMs
E-mu UltraProteus, all E-mu PCM/library cards
E-mu Vintage Keys Plus
Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synth with regulator fix
FutureRetro 777 monophonic analog synth
JoMoX Airbase99 analog drum synth (2 units)
Jomox SunSyn MkII, black case & metallic knobs (2 units)
Kawai K5000S, memory-expanded with Kawaii sound library
Korg Electribe-A
Korg Electribe-R
Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000BR
Korg 03R/W (2 units), all Korg PCM/library card sets
Korg Prophecy Solo Synth
Korg WD-X Wavedrum Percussion Synthesizer
Korg Wavestation A/D (2 units), all Korg PCM/library card sets
Korg Wavestation EX
Korg Wavestation SR (2 units), all Korg SR-PCM card sets
Korg X5DR module
Korg Z1-EX with Korg memory card
Kurzweil Micro-Piano
Manikin Electronics Memotron, charcoal Limited Edition
Modulus Electronics Monowave (2): #12 & #30 of 30 units made
Moog Music customized Signature v.3 Minimoog Voyager (KB)
(not for the faint-hearted!)
Moog Music Anniversary v.3 Minimoog Voyager (KB)
Blue meanie

Moog Music Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions
Novation A-Station (2 units)
Novation BassStation II
Novation BassStation Keyboard
Novation BassStation Rack
Novation DrumStation v.2
Novation K-Station
Novation Mininova
Novation SuperBassStation
Novation Supernova II Pro/X Rack (48 voices)
Novation Supernova II Pro/X Keyboard (48 voices)
Novation X-station25
Oberheim Matrix 1000 (3 units)
Oberheim Xpander (2 units, latest updates, 1 with external audio input mod)
Quasimidi Polymorph morph-sequencing synth
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 rhythm synth with expansions
Roland D-550 L.A. Synthesizer (2 units) with PG-1000 Programmer
Roland JD-800 with all 8 Roland PCM/library card sets
Roland JD-990 with Vintage Synth expansion board
Roland JP-8000
Roland JP-8080 with memory card
Roland MC-505 Groovebox with memory card
Roland SC-880 Sound Canvas (2 units)
Roland SH-32 Wave Synthesizer
Roland U-220 with all 15 Roland PCM cards
Roland V-Synth XT
Roland XV-5080, SRX expanded x4
Spectral Audio Neptune II
Spectral Audio Syntrack
Studio Electronics ATC-1 with cartridge selector and 4 filters
Studio Electronics CODE-8 polysynth: four filter sets, OD, op amps
Studio Electronics SE-1x (2 units)
Vermona Drm1 MkII and MkIII: chrome knobs, wood sides
Viscount "Oberheim" OB12
Waldorf Blofeld keyboard (black)
Waldorf Micro-Q (blue)
Waldorf Microwave 1, v2.0 (2 units)
Waldorf MicroWave II
Waldorf Microwave XT
Waldorf MicroWave XTk
Waldorf Pulse Monosynth: 7 Pulse units and 1 Pulse Plus
Waldorf Q (32 voices): blue with wood ends
Waldorf Q+, Phoenix edition
Yamaha AN1x
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha Motif Rack XS
Yamaha VL-70m with Patchman TURBO-VL ROM upgrade
Effects and special-purpose processors

Akai Headrush looper pedal
Alesis Ineko Desktop Effects Processor
Alesis Quadraverb 2 (version 2) multi-effects (2 units)
Alesis Wedge desktop reverb (2 units)
Antares Systems ATR-1 Auto-Tune Intonation Processor
BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer
Boomerang III Looper
Boss GT-Pro guitar effects
Boss SE-70 multi-effects (2 units)
Boss SX-700 multi-effects
Boss VF-1 multi-effects
dbx 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp with Digital Out
dbx 1066 compressor/limiter/gate
dbx 1086 mic processor with analog and digital I/O
Digitech Studio Vocalist v.2 with digital I/O
D-TAR Solstice ultra-hi-Z stereo preamp
Electrix FilterFactory analog filter
Electrix Mo-FX time synchronized effects
Electrix Repeater loop/phrase Sampler
Electrix Warp Factory vocoder
Electro-Harmonix 2880 Looper with foot controller
Empirical Labs EL8SX Distressors with British mod
Empirical Labs Fatso, Jr.
Eventide Eclipse
Eventide H3000 D/SE/B+ harmonizer
Eventide H7600 harmonizer
Eventide Princeton Reverb 2016
FMR Audio RNC--Really Nice Compressor
Korg KAOSS KP2 multi-effects pad (also listed as a MIDI controller)
Lexicon JamMan Digital Delay/Looper with full 32s. memory
Lexicon LXP-1 and LXP-5 effects
Lexicon MPX1 Multi-Effects
Lexicon MPX-550 Multi-Effects (2 units)
Lexicon MRC Controller
Lexicon Vortex multi-effects with a custom-built desktop controller
Moog Music MoogerFoogers (with custom black-finished wood):
CP-251 Control Processor
MF-101 Lowpass Filter
MF-102 Ring Modulator
MF-103 Phaser
MF-104 Analog Delay
MF 104SD Super Delay
MF-105 MuRF Multiple Resonance Filter Array
MF-105b Bass MuRF
MF-107 Freqbox
MF-108m ClusterFlux
VX-351 Voyager CV Expander
Mutronics Mutator with MIDI board
Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro with 198s. memory and foot controller
Radial PZ-Pre 2-Channel Instrument Preamp (2)
Roger Linn Designs AdrenaLinn III (2)
Roland RC-300 Loopstation
Sangean ATS 909 AM/FM/SW radio with Rec/Line output
Sherman Filterbank 2 analog filter unit
Sony HR-MP5 multi-effects
T.C. Electronic Ditto Looper
T.C. Electronic Finalizer 96K mastering processor
T.C. Electronic FireworX multi-effects
T.C. Electronic G-Force
T.C. Electronic G-Major
T.C. Electronic M-One dual effects processor
T.C. Electronic D-Two multitap rhythm delay
T.C. Electronic Triple-C stereo compressor
Recording equipment

Akai DPS24 MkII workstation with SCSI backup system
Alesis Masterlink
Ashly LX-308B stereo mixer (level translator)
Audio-Technica AT4050 and AT4033 large-diaphragm condenser mics
Marantz CDR420 HD/CD Recorder
Roland VS-1880's (3), 2FX cards each and CDRW-II
Tascam DA-30 and DA-30MkII DAT decks
Tascam 122mkIII high-performance stereo cassette
Tascam 202mkII dual cassette dubbing deck
HHb CDR-800 compact disc recorder
HHb CDR-830 Plus compact disc recorder
Composing Corner - Collected components

Apple Powerbooks: 300MHz G3 "Wallstreet", OS 8.6
Opcode Studio 2, 3, 4, and 5LX MIDI interfaces
various late-edition Roland GS-series modules
Roland Fantom XR, fully expanded
Original "maxWerk" composing/arranging software described below
Other studio equipment

Amplifiers/Portable PA by AER, Fishman and Yamaha
Array Instruments Array Mbiras--Meet Cikira's Mbiras here!
Godin Guitars Multiac 11-string fretless MultiOud and fretted Inuk
Hammond-Suzuki Melodions: 44, 44HP, & BB Bass
Korg Wavedrums: Oriental & Global
Roland PMA-5 Personal Music Assistant with power supply
Room listening system:
Behringer RX1602 Euro-Rack sub-mixers
Mackie LM-3204 mixers with Expander
Mackie MS 1202 VLZ & VLZ3 sub-mixers
Mackie 1604 VLZ3 fed by sub-mixers and playback equipment
Open phones: Beyer DT990 Pro, Sennheiser HD580 and HD650
Sealed phones: AKG 270S, AT M40 and M50, Beyer DT770, Sony MDR-7506
Alesis RA-100 #2 with Alesis Monitor Two's
Anatek Pocket Products galore, 5 Ensoniq MIDI-bugs
Yamaha Tenori-On/W
and Wally the authentic Norwegian rack troll
Most-used software (various synth editors not listed)

Interactive MIDI

RedMoon's maxWerk: a 16-track composing/arranging program by Amanda Pehlke, written in Cycling '74's MAX graphic programming environment and featuring realtime keyboard and fader box control.
Sequencing (MIDI features only)

Opcode--Vision and Studio Vision Pro, integrating with Galaxy Plus Editors
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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
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