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freemidi 1.24 (may 1995?)
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:36:21 PM »
Dear FreeMIDI User,

Please read the following bullet points for information on this version of FreeMIDI that may not be included in any of your user's manuals. FreeMIDI 1.24 includes FreeMIDI Setup Version 1.24 and PatchList Manager Version 1.23.  There have been no changes to Patch List Manager since version 1.23.


There are now a number of factory default patch lists that come with FreeMIDI.  This means that when you add a supported device into your FreeMIDI Configuration it may already have a patch list containing the names of the factory default patches in that unit.  To see if a device is supported, add it into your FreeMIDI Configuration using Auto Config, Quick Setup or the Create Device command and enable Popup PatchLists.  If the device is supported,  a patch list other than the default (Patch-1, Patch-2, etc.) appears when you press the device icon.

This default patch list can be loaded into PatchList Manager to be used or edited by adding the device into your PatchList Manager file, selecting it in the FreeMIDI Devices window and then choosing Load FreeMIDI Patch Lists from the mini-menu.  Once you load a FreeMIDI patch list in this way you can make changes to it and then re-assign it to any channel or channels of a device.

Some patch lists contain a MIDI Message (see PatchList Manager section below for more information on MIDI Messages) to be sent first whenever patches are selected from the patch list.  An example of how this can be useful is the Yamaha TG77 patch list. The TG77 uses a MIDI program change message as a bank select message.  If you send the TG77 a program change message with a value between 117- 127, you are telling it that the next program change message should select a program from a specific bank.  If you want to remove this MIDI Message, load the patch list into PatchList Manager (see above paragraph), open its Patch List window and choose Set MIDI Message... from the mini-menu.  A dialog appears and you can delete the MIDI Message.


Choosing New from the File menu now opens the Update Interfaces dialog instead of the FreeMIDI Preferences dialog.  This allows you to add or scan for interfaces that are connected to the Macintosh before creating a Configuration file.

For interfaces that do not support multiple MIDI cables, the single port that appears in FreeMIDI Setup is now labeled with an equals (=) sign instead of the number 1.


• There is now a "Set bank select number" mini-menu command in PatchList Manager for setting the bank select number of a patch list within a folder.

• There is now a "Set MIDI Message" command in every patch list window's mini-menu.  Use this to open the Set MIDI Message dialog and enter any MIDI Message to be transmitted when choosing patches from that patch list.  This is useful for devices that support non-standard methods of changing the current bank.

• Mini-menus for the Patch Lists, FreeMIDI Devices, and individual patch list windows now also appear as main menus depending on which window is active. 

• Individual patch list windows have additional columns for bank select, program change and display numbers.

• There is now a Set Channel Mask... command in the PatchLists window menus for setting on which channels a patch list or folder appears.

• The Choose Devices... command in the FreeMIDI Devices window now automates the process of configuring supported devices.  The Configure Devices... command has been removed.

• There are now three Show commands in individual patch list window menus for hiding or displaying every patch's bank select number, program change number, and ASCII string.  Once displayed, any of these items can be edited by clicking their fields and typing.


Version 1.24 --
FreeMIDI System Extension 1.24 fixes a potential crashing bug found in Version 1.23, which could occur on smaller-screen Macs when displaying large pop-up patch lists for a device that has many banks, such as an E-Mu Morpheus patch list on a PowerBook screen.

Errors were fixed in a number of default patch lists including the Roland JV-1080, JV-35, and JV-50, the Korg X5, M1, M1R, Wavestation SR, Wavestation EX and Wavestation A/D, and the Kurzweil PC-88.