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Author Topic: midiwarez software links  (Read 1714 times)

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midiwarez software links
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:39:33 PM »

        - This series takes you through the basics of midi.</font></p>
      <p><font color="#000000" size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Ahead
- Nero Burning ROM, CD recording software.

        Aldo's VST Plugins
        - Free VST Plugins.

        Ams-Neve - Manufacture of professional
        audio equipment.

        Amulet Audio Software - VST to DirectX

        Antares Systems - Auto-Tune

        Arboretum Systems - Real-time
        effects processing software for Macintosh.

        Arno van Goch
        - Creator of Epsilon Wavesample editor for the Ensoniq EPS 16+/ASR-10.

        At Work Software
        - Makes editors/librarians for Kurzweil keyboards.

        Audio Architect - Modular
        Software Synthesiser.

        Audiograbber - CD to
        mp3 ripper Audio Tips, Help
        Files and patches for giga sampler

        Audio Simulation - Developer
        of AudioSim and DreamStation.

        AudioWorks - Makes Sound2Midi,
        a realtime audio to MIDI conversion program.

        AuReality Software
        - Developer of Building Blocks and QuadraSynth Editor.

        Behringer - High end and reference
        class studio equipment.

        BIAS - Digital editing and processing

        BitHeadz, Inc. - Producers of Retro
        AS-1, Unity DS-1, Osmosis, and others.

        BSI - BSIWaveStation : Automation
        software for radio broadcasting.

        Cakewalk Music Software - Software
        for recording, editing, and playing music &amp; sound.

        Canam Computers - Quartz Audio
        Master and DirectX Plugins.

        CERL Sound Group -
        Lime Music Notation Software for Windows 95, 98, and NT.

        Chord Wizard - Tools
        for players of stringed instruments.

        Circle Square Software - Makers
        of Wavesurgeon

        Climax Software
- Developers of 3D-Audio software.

        C-Mexx Software
        Developers of C-Console.

        Coda Music Technology - Finale
        : Music notation software.

        Sound Files
- Download Logic Guides etc.

        Compulite - 3d Lighting CAD Programs
        (CompuCAD and others).

        Creamw@re - Developers of Pulsar.

        Cubase VST - news, tips, and tricks
        reference page, for this aweful sequencer.

        DARTECH - DART Pro and CD Recorder.

        Datasonics - Music Master
        Sequencing, Notation and Audio Software.

        db audioware -
        Dave Brown's free and shareware DirectX and VST audio plugins.

        Digidesign - Protools 24.

        Digital Audio Copy - Creator of WinDAC
        : A digital audio copy utility.

        Digital Audio Labs - Professional
        Audio Hardware for the PC.

        Dimension Arc Software
        - Developers of Revolve and Remorph (addons for Rebirth).

        DJPower International LLC - Products
        specifically designed for DJ's.

        d-lusion interactive media
        - Developers of DrumStation, Rubberduck and others.

- Home of A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes.

        Echo Corporation - The makers
        of Layla, Gina, and Darla Multitrack Recorders.

        Emagic - Creators of Logic Audio Platinum.

        ENSONIQ Corporation - Producers
        of Synthesizers and Synth Modules.

        Epiphone - Maker of Fine Stringed
        Musical Instruments

        Fairlight ESP Pty Ltd. - Digital
        audio and radio broadcast products.

        FMJSoft - Creators of Awave file
        format converter, editor and player.

        Gadget Labs - Producers of WaveWARM,
        WaveZIP and pro audio recording gear.

        Golden Hawk Technology - CD Recording
        Software (CDRWIN).

        Harmony central - The Internet
        Resource for Musicians.

        Image-Line - Makers of Fruity

        Innovative Quality Software - Makers
        of SAW (Software Audio Workshop).

        James J. Clark
        - Developer of Cyclonix Vocoder.

        Joerg W. Panzer - AkAbak : a simulation
        program for designing Loudspeakers.

        Justonic Tuning Inc. - Creators
        of Justonic Pitch Palette.

        Kelly Industries - Digital
        Audio Plug-ins.

        Roger Linn Design - Creator
        of the first programmable sampled-sound drum machine.

        Linn designLucid
- Digital I/O cards.

        MAZ Sound Tools - Makers of Virtual

        Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. - Digital
        Audio hardware and Software developers.

        Stats Page
- Stats and quates from #midiwarez efnet

        Mixman - Software for creating music
        from sound samples.

        Moog - The GrandDaddy of all Synthesizer

        MTL Software -
        Developer of Everest MA-1 Patch Editor for the Kurzweil M-1

        Native Instruments -
        Creators of Reaktor.

        NemeSys Music Technology, Inc.
        - GigaSampler : Hard drive-based sampler.

        NewTech Infosystems Inc. - Makers
        of CD-R Burning software.

        Obsidian Software - Software
        for the Creamw@re Pulsar.

        Opcode Systems - Developers of Software,
        Plugins and Hardware for the Audio Industry.

        Padus Incorporated - Creators of DiscJuggler&REG;,CD
        duplication software.

        Perceptive Solutions Ltd. -
        Making Waves.

        Perpetual Music, Inc. - Sounder
        : Visual software to create ambient musical environments.

        PG Music Software - Developers of
        Band in a Box and Power Tracks Pro Audio.

        Pilchner Schoustal Architectural
        Acoustics Inc.
- Developers of Acoustic-X.

        Polyhedric Software-Tommy
- Mellosoftron : a virtual sampler.

        Prassi Software USA, Inc. - Developers
        of CD and DVD recording applications.

        Propellerhead Software - Developers
        of ReCycle and Rebirth.

        Prosoniq - Effects and some very
        powerful audio processing software.

        QSound Labs - 3D audio technology.

        Rail Jon Roget Software
        - Maker of SAW EDL Investigator.

        Replay Technologies, Inc. - Developers
        of CD Looper, DeComposer and others.

        Roland - Manufacturer and distributor
        of electronic musical instruments.

        Ross Bencina - Developer of Audiomulch
        : Interactive Music Studio.

        Rouge music - The internet's
        most active musical equipment dealer.

        RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. - Providing
        innovative AcousticTools&REG;

        SBLIVE - All things SBlive including
        exclusive drivers.

        Seer Systems - Producer of Reality
        and SurReal.

        SEK'D Digital Audio - Developers of
        Samplitude, Red Roaster, and Digital SoundCards.

        SIA Software Company, Inc. - Professional
        Audio Testing and Measurement Products.

        Sibelius - Score publishing

        Signum Software - Creators of the
        Signum 1100 DX Digital Sampler software.

        Software Technology Ltd.
        - Vaz Modular by Martin Fay.

        Sonic control - Online webzine
        for musicians, composers, recording and production enthusiasts.

        Solid state logic - Manufacturer
        of automated mixing consoles and digital post-production systems.

        Sonic Foundry - Developers
        of Sound Forge, ACID, CD Architect, Soft Encode and Vegas.

        Sonic state - Synths, Digital
        Audio, Classifieds and Chat.

        Sonic Timeworks - DirectX

        Sonorus - DAW hardware.

        Soundscape Digital Technology
        - Manufacturer of professional Digital Audio Recording Equipment.

        Sound Quest Inc. - Developers of
        Infinity, MidiQuest and SQ Midi tools

        Square Circle Software - Maker
        of Wavesurgeon : A breakbeat (drum loop) tool.

        Steinberg - no need for a description

        Synoptic - Makers of Probe and
        Virtual Waves.

        Synthzone - A Synthesizer &amp; electronic
        music production resource for the masses.

        Syntrillium Software
        - Producers of Cool Edit Pro.

        TC|WORKS GMBH - Plug-Ins for Pro
        Tools, PC DirectX/VST, Mac VST &amp; Soundscape.

        Telos Systems, Inc. - Audioactive
        Production Studio Pro.

        TerraTec - Best known for thier
        EWS line of Sound Cards.

        Tracer Technologies - Diamond
        Cut noise reduction tools

        Voyetra Turtle Beach Inc. - Music
        Software and Audio Hardware.

        Waldorf - Maker of fine Synthesizers.

        Waves Inc. - Audio-processing solutions
        for Digital Audio Workstations</font> </p>