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Author Topic: Midiman Midisport USB 1x1 (1999)  (Read 3153 times)

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Midiman Midisport USB 1x1 (1999)
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:31:37 AM »

USB MIDISPORT original msrp: $79.95

The overwhelming response which made the Midisport 2x2 the world's most  popular USB MIDI interface has inspired the creation of an entire Midisport line designed to meet the varying needs of today's music makers.  With the most dependable drivers on the market,  Midiman brings more and more people every day to the power and convenience that USB (Universal Serial Bus) has to offer. Whether you use a Macintosh or a PC, whether you need a simple 1x1 or several hundred MIDI channels, Midiman is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions available.
USB is a standard interface port utilized by desktop and laptop computers, in particular the most recent generation of PC's and Macs, including the iMac, G3 and G4.
Installation is a breeze, with no computer disassembly, no jumpers to set, no IRQs or DMA channels to configure.  Find out what all the buzz is about.  Join the rest of the world and see why we'll always be the first name in MIDI.

• 1-in 1-out MIDI Interface (16x16 MIDI channels).
• High-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Apple computers.
• MIDI-activity indicators for each port.
• Includes OMS drivers for Mac OS 8.6.
• Self-powered -- requires no external power supply.
• Comes with 6' USB cable.
• Windows 98 compatible -- true Plug-and-Play.
• Installation requires no IRQ, I/O Address or DMA channel setup.
• Extremely compact size.
• Lifetime Warranty.
Requirements: WINDOWS 98 or MAC OS 8.6