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m-audio firewire 410 (2003) 4 in/10 out firewire mobile recording interface



The Firewire 410 is compatible with every version of M-powered Pro tools, including the firsts version 6.8 which runs on panther 10.3.x on a powermac g4/g5. makes a good choice for portable mac laptops with firewire.

--- Quote ---FireWire 410 is a FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that has it all—power, flexibility, compact size and low price. Its 4-in/10-out configuration with preamps is perfect for personal recording, routing discrete outputs to a mixer, or directly driving a surround sound system. The on-board ASIO 2-compliant mixer and software control panel provide total routing flexibility—including monitoring with external effects. You also get ultra-low latency software monitoring and zero latency hardware direct monitoring—and two headphone outs with independent level controls let you collaborate with a partner anywhere, anytime. FireWire 410 can even be completely bus-powered for total mobile operation*.

FireWire 410 Features:

> 2 x8 24-bit analog I/O
> 192kHz output (output 1 and 2 only; 96kHz on others); 96kHz input
> digital I/O w/ S/PIDF, AC3 and DTS (coax and optical)
> 1 x 1 MIDI I/O
> powered via DC supply or FireWire bus*
> dual mic/instruments preamps w/ gain control (66dB available gain) and phantom power
> 2 headphone outs w/ individual level controls
> low-latency software monitoring; zero-latency direct hardware monitoring
> analog outs can directly drive up to 7.1 surround
> software-assigned level controller for tactile control of all input and output levels
> 2 convenient high-speed FireWire ports
* requires 6-pin FireWire port

Includes Maximum Audio Tools containing a great collection of software so you can make music immediately.

--- Quote ---Firewire 410 Brief Specifications
Sample rates: from 32kHz to 96kHz, plus 192kHz playback only to output channels 1/2 and headphones.
Analogue inputs: two, balanced XLR with switchable global +48V phantom power, or unbalanced TS quarter-inch jack instrument, both using mic preamp with up to 66dB gain plus optional 20dB pad, or unbalanced line-level TS jack at fixed -10dBV sensitivity.
Analogue outputs: eight unbalanced TS quarter-inch jacks at -10dBV level (can directly drive up to 7.1 surround), two headphone outputs with individual level controls.
Digital I/O: S/PDIF in and out on phono co-axial and Toslink optical supporting AC3 and DTS formats.
MIDI: In and Out.
Connection to computer: two six-pin Firewire ports.
Frequency response: 20Hz to 40kHz, +0/-1dB.
Signal-to-noise ratio: -104dB
Dynamic range: 108dBA
THD + noise: 0.00281% at 0dBFS.
Dimensions: 9.25 x 7 x 1.9 inches.
Weight: 2.95lbs.
--- End quote ---

The FireWire 410 Control Panel provides complete control over audio routing/monitoring, level controller assignment and more.

Minimum System Requirements for PC:
Pentium III 500 MHz, Windows 2000/XP, 128MB RAM, DirectX 8.1 or higher

Minimum System Requirements for MAC:
G3 500MHz w/ OS 9.2 or greater, 128MB RAM; G4 500MHz w/ OS 10.1.5 or greater, 256MB RAM
--- End quote ---


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