Author Topic: windows 7 desktop not refreshing (solved!)  (Read 2908 times)

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windows 7 desktop not refreshing (solved!)
« on: August 16, 2014, 08:08:44 PM »
there are many different fixes posted online for this annoying nuisance of a problem.

i will share quickly what worked for me:
simply click "my computer" and check for any network connections that have an X to indicate they are no longer properly connected.. and right click + remove these connections

reboot and your desktop should function properly again.

feel free to post alternative fixes for this bug!

another possible cause/fix is having your UAC (User Account Control) set to "NEVER"
click start -> type "user", then click on "user accounts" then at the bottom of the list click "Change User Account Control Settings" and move this slider to any option other then the very bottom
and reboot and the problem should go away.