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m-audio firewire 1814 (2004) /w ADAT in/out



--- Quote ---18 x 14 FireWire audio interface
8 x 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs (1/4” TS)
4 x 24-bit/96kHz analog outputs (1/4' TRS/TS)
2 x 4 24-bit/192kHz analog I/O capability
8 x 8 ADAT Lightpipe I/O
digital S/PDIF (coaxial) I/O w/ 2-channel PCM
digital out also supports pass-through of AC-3/DTS surround-encoded content
dual mic/instrument preamps (Neutrik XLR/ 1/4” TS) with
• input level controls
• 20dB pad
• phantom power
• signal LEDs
two independently assignable headphone outputs with individual level controls (1/4" TRS)
flexible software-controlled mixing of hardware and software I/O
aux sends on all channels and aux output assign allows for dedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects
user-assignable front-panel level control (output, input, software return, aux send)
near zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
low-latency ASIO software direct monitoring
momentary switch for A/B cueing two software-assignable headphone sources or switching ASIO monitoring on/off
1 x 1 16-channel MIDI I/O
wordclock (BNC) for sync to external devices
power on/off switch with indicator LED
powered via FireWire bus* or included DC power adapter
two convenient high-bandwidth FireWire ports
rugged steel construction
includes Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software, so you can make music right away
* requires 6-pin connection

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--- Quote ---Thanks. As I wrote I know that this outdated M-Audio interface is not supported on Mac OSX I am using (Yosemite 10.10.4). I am aware that FireWire OSX 1.10.5 is 10 years old and it won't work properly today. I am dealing with it and this isn't workaround. So my last chance is users, who can send me M-Audio Firewire 1814 control panel preset file, because I can't change settings on "output" and "hardware" preferences. Please, is there anyone that could help?
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nico the only one who can help you, is you! by using the device within its original intended requirements.
as you can see from the date of this review:
which was in 2004 (almost 14 years ago).. when apple was still using PowerPC processors! take a peek here to put things in perspective...
this is from the old m-audio website back when Avid owned M-audio, as you can see the device you have is compatible with M-powered 7 on the PowerPC platform aswell.

 if your current software + mac are compatible with 10.6 you could repartition your drive and install snow leopard then you could use the device properly. you would be limited also to using other software, majority of which was released during snow leopards prominence (Aug 2009 - July 2012) any + all software in that range will be compatible with your device + 10.6 installation. either that or you need to think about selling the 1814 and buying a more modern interface with more driver support.

heres a link to 3rd party driver package to enable m-audio firewire devices on el capitain+

--- Quote ---OS X El Capitan (10.11) and Yosemite (10.10) (macOS Sierra support "in the works") installable driver package for :
FireWire Solo
ProFire Lightbridge
ProjectMix I/O
Firewire 1814
FireWire 410
FireWire Audiophile

I have put together a new driver install-package that will install in OS X 10.10 and 10.11 (El Capitan) with no issues. M-Audio app (in system preferences panel) is still not working, though the driver works perfectly fine and can be controlled by Apple's "Audio Midi Setup" app. Please test it and give your feedbacks.
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