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Author Topic: Magnetic Music Texture for Amiga  (Read 1154 times)

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Magnetic Music Texture for Amiga
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:32:51 PM »
was available for Amiga
required a mpu-401 breakout box + mif-amg host adapter
referenced: http://www.memphisamigagroup.net/magazines/1987/11/
More impressive though was Magnetic Music's demonstration of Roger Powell's (formerly with Todd Rundgren's Utopia) newly enhanced Texture 2.4, a multi-tasking songwriting tool for professional musicians (it requires the Roland MPU-401 midi and MIF-AMG adaptor).

Texture - MIDI music software

TEXTURE is the first truly professional MIDI music software system for the Amiga computer. With features like Real Time Recording, sophisticated editing, a simple Menu/Keystroke driven interface, record buffer, the Undo function and Full Real Time interaction, TEXTURE turns ideas in your head into complete songs faster than any other sequencer available.

The basic idea behind TEXTURE is that notes are recorded into patterns and patterns are assembled into songs. While a pattern is looping you can record on any of it's 24 tracks, and you can copy, block move, transpose, quantize, filter and set changes in tempo, dynamics and articulation without ever stopping!
All in all, TEXTURE is the leader in Professional MIDI Music Production Software.
$199,95 suggested retail
Requiries: 512K RAM
Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface
MIF-AMG adaptor
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