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--- Quote ---FireWire Audiophile is a compact, FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that takes the legacy of M-Audio’s award-winning Audiophile line to the next level. 4 x 6 audio I/O combines with powerful on-board mixing in a mobile package that’s perfect for live performance, home recording, and digital DJ work. Stereo headphone output with A/B switching between assignable sources allows precuing for DJs and mobile musicians—and the assignable aux bus is perfect for creating dedicated headphone mixes and effect sends. You also get zero-latency hardware direct monitoring, ultra-low latency ASIO software direct monitoring, and 1 x 1 MIDI I/O. FireWire Audiophile even has AC-3 and DTS passthrough for surround sound playback.

FireWire 410 Features:

> 4 x 6 24-bit/96kHz I/O
> 2 x 4 analog operation (RCA)
> digital S/PDIF (coaxial) I/O w/ 2-channel PCM
> digital out also supports AC-3/DTS surround sound
> headphone output with dedicated level control
> flexible software-controlled mixing of hardware and software I/O
> aux sends on all channels and aux output assign allows for dedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects
> user-assignable front-panel level control (output, input, software return, aux send)
> zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
> low-latency ASIO software direct monitoring
> momentary switch for A/Bing two software-assignable headphone sources or switching ASIO monitoring on/off
> 1 x 1 16-channel MIDI I/O
> power on/off switch with indicator LED
> powered via FireWire bus* or included DC power supply
> two convenient high-bandwidth FireWire ports
> rugged steel construction

*requires 6-pin connection

FireWire Audiophile > Click To Enlarge

FireWire Audiophile > Click To Enlarge

frequency response:   20Hz-40kHz +/-0.40dB, 96kHz sample rate
dynamic range:   108dB A-weighted
signal-to-noise:   106dB A-weighted
Minimum System Requirements for PC:

Pentium III 500 MHz or higher; 128 MB RAM
Windows 2000 (SP3)/Windows XP (SP1)
DirectX 8.1 or higher
6-pin FireWire port or adapte
Minimum System Requirements for MAC:

Macintosh G3* 500 MHz or higher
w/ OS 9.2.2, 128 MB RAM; G4* 500MHz w/ OS 10.1.5 or OS 10.2.6 or greater,
256 MB RAM (OSX)
* G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported; native FireWire ports required
--- End quote ---


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