Author Topic: OPCODE MIDIport 96 (2000) 6in 6out supports Win98/MacOS9  (Read 693 times)

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OPCODE MIDIport 96 (2000) 6in 6out supports Win98/MacOS9
« on: August 06, 2017, 08:16:15 AM »
seems to have been released to be used with the final releeased version of Studio Vision Pro 4.5
after the gibson-opcode buyout.

Opcode's MIDIport 96
USB 96 Channel MIDI Interface.
The MIDIport 96 is the best MIDI solution for iMacs and G3s and offers truly Plug-and-Play installation on Windows 98 PCs. Opcode's USB interfaces deliver MIDI data with better timing than older serial or parallel methods. We made sure that our USB interfaces support all the MIDI functions users have relied on for years-Sysex, MMC, MIDI Timecode and Beat Clock. And of course, the best OMS compatibility.
Key Features
Cross-platform-works with both Macintosh and Windows 98 computers
Works with all Macintosh OMS & Windows 98 compatible MIDI software
Truly Plug-and-Play installation convenience on Windows 98 PCs
Faster, more accurate MIDI data delivery than old serial or parallel methods
6 MIDI In Ports
6 MIDI Out Ports
Supports 96 MIDI channels
Status LEDs display MIDI activity
MIDI Thruing feature-play your MIDI gear without booting the computer
Add more MIDIports with a USB hub
Sturdy steel, single space rackmount case
Includes a high quality USB cable & power supply
For a limited time includes Free Musicshop sequencer for Mac & Windows
Works well with MIDI Sysex, MMC, MIDI Timecode and Beat Clock
(Some other brands of USB interfaces do not).
    System Requirements:
WINDOWS: USB PCs running Windows 98 Pentium 133 or higher recommended.
Macintosh: iMacs & G3s, Mac O.S. 8.6 or above is required
Older Macs: PPC 603 or above w/ Apple approved USB/PCI card

MIDIport 96 connects any MIDI device, such as a synthesizer or drum machine, to a computer, allowing recording and playback with music software. Multiple MIDIport interfaces can be used on a single computer. MIDIport 96 has 6 MIDI ins and outs, placed conveniently on the back of the unit, for a 96-channel MIDI capacity. It has status LEDs for MIDI activity and includes an external power supply, a six-foot USB cable and a CDROM with Mac and PC software drivers. MIDIport 96 also allows MIDI play-thru while the computer is turned off. The MIDIport 96 works with any OMS compatible Macintosh application such as Opcode�s Studio Vision Pro, Vision DSP and MAX or Digidesign�s Pro Tools software, and any Windows 98 compatible music software such as Opcode�s Musicshop and other sequencers. Version 4.5 of Opcode's Macintosh audio and MIDI recording music software Vision DSP and Studio Vision Pro can be downloaded from the company's Web site by registered users. The upgrade includes several highly requested, ease-of-use features, including compatibility with the new ReWire software-based synthesizer spec, VST plug-in automation and mix console automation among others.

USB PC's running Windows 98, Pentium 133 or higher reccommended
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